7 Solutions to Fix Error Code 963 on Google Play

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People are increasingly complaining about Google Play Error Codes which pop-up during downloading, installing or updating an App via Google Play Store. Amongst these, the most recent and common one being Error Code 963.

Google Play Error 963 is a typical error which shows up not only when you try to download and install an App but also during App update.

Error 963 cannot be attributed to a particular App or its update. It is a Google Play Store error and is experienced by Android users across the world.

Error Code 963, just like any other Google Play Store errors, is not something difficult to deal with. It's a minor glitch which can be fixed easily. There is no need to worry or panic if you see Error 963 on Google Play Store preventing your favorite App from downloading or updating.

Read on to find out more about the Google Play Error 963 and best ways to fix it.

Part 1: What is Error Code 963?

Error 963 is a common Google Play Store error which basically hinders Apps from downloading and updating. Many people get worried when Error Code 963 does not let them install new Apps or update existing ones. However, please understand that Google Play Error is not such a big deal as it may sound and can be overcome easily.

Error 963 pop-up message reads as follows: “cannot be downloaded due to an error (963)” as shown in the image below.

cannot download app

A similar message shows up even while you are trying to update an App, as shown in the screenshot below.

can't update app

Error Code 963 is basically an outcome of data crash which mostly is seen in cheaper smartphones. There might another reason for Error 963 preventing Apps from downloading and updating, which is Google Play Store Cache being corrupted. People also speculate SD Card related issues as many-a-times external memory enhancer chips do not support large Apps and their updates. Also, Error 963 is very common with HTC M8 and HTC M9 smartphones.

All these reasons and more can handle with ease and you can continue to use Google play services smoothly. In the following segment, we will discuss various fixes to cure the problem to enable to you download, install and update Apps on your device normally.

Part 2: Easiest solution to fix Error Code 963 on Android

When it comes to the most convenient solution to fix error 963, Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android) cannot be missed. It is the most productive program that covers a wide range of Android issues. It ensures full safety while performing and one can fix the Android issues in a hassle-free way.

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Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android)

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This section will provide you the tutorial guide for how to fix error code 963.

Note: Before moving to solve the error 963, we would like to inform you that the process may result in wiping away your data. And therefore, we suggest you to make backup of your Android device prior to fixing this Google Play error 963.

Phase 1: Connecting and preparing the device

Step 1 – To begin fixing error 963, run Dr.Fone after downloading and installing it on your PC. Now, pick out the ‘System Repair’ tab from the main screen. Thereupon, with the help of a USB cable, make connection between your Android device and PC

fix google play error 963 using repair tool

Step 2 – On the left panel, you’re supposed to choose ‘Android Repair’ and then click the ‘Start’ button.

select the android repair option

Step 3 – On the following screen, you need to choose the appropriate details for your device like the name, brand, model, country/region etc. Later, go for warning confirmation and hit ‘Next’.

device references selected

Phase 2: Taking Android device in Download mode for repairing

Step 1 – It is essential to get your Android phone or tablet entered in Download mode. For this, following are the steps to be taken:

    If the device contains Home button:

  • Turn the device off and then keep holding the ‘Power’, ‘Volume Down’ and ‘Home’ buttons altogether for about 10 seconds. Next, release them all and push the ‘Volume Up’ key. This way, your device will enter the Download mode.
  • fix google play error 963 on android with home key

    If the device contains no Home button:

  • Switch off your phone/tablet and press the ‘Volume Down’, ‘Bixby’ and ‘Power’ buttons for 10 seconds. Leave the buttons and then press the ‘Volume Up’ button for entering download mode.
fix google play error 963 on android without home key

Step 2 – Press the ‘Next’ button and then the program will commence the firmware downloading.

firmware downloaded

Step 3 – Upon successful downloading and verification of the firmware, the process of Android device repairing will begin automatically.

start the fixing process

Step 4 – Within a while, the Google play error 963 will be vanished.

make the fix google play error 963 disappear on android

Part 3: 6 Common Solutions to fix Error Code 963.

fix Error Code 963

Since there is no specific reason for Error Code 963 to occur, similarly there is no one solution to the problem. You may use any one of them below or try them all to never see Error Code 963 on your device.

1. Clear Play Store Cache and Play Store Data

Clearing Google Play Store Cache and Data basically means keeping Google Play Store clean and free from trouble-making data stored in respect of it. It is advisable to carry out this process regularly to prevent Errors like Error Code 963 from occurring.

Follow the steps given below to fix  Error Code 963:

Visit “Settings” and select “Application Manager”.

Application Manager

Now select “All” to see all downloaded and built-in Apps on your device.

Select “Google Play Store” and from the options that appear, tap on “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data”.

Clear Data

Once you are done clearing Google Play Store Cache and Data, try to download, install or update the App facing Google Play Error 963 again.

2. Uninstall updates for Play Store

Uninstalling Google Play Store updates is an easy and quick task. This method is known to have helped many as it brings back the Play Store to its original state, free from all updates.

Visit “Settings” and select “Application Manager”.

select “Application Manager”

Now select “Google Play Store” from “All” Apps.

select “Google Play Store”

In this step, click on “Uninstall Updates” as shown below.

Uninstall Updates

3. Shift the App from SD Card to device’s memory

This method is strictly for certain Apps which cannot be updated because they are stored on an external memory card, i.e., SD Card. Such memory enhancing chips do not support large Apps and due to a shortage of space prevents them from updating. It advisable to move such Apps from the SD Card to the device’s internal memory and then try to update it.

Visit “Settings” and select “Apps”.

select “Apps”

From “All” Apps click on the App which is unable to update.

Now click on “Move to Phone” or “Move to internal storage” and try to download its update again from the Google Play Store.

“Move to internal storage”

Try updating the App now. If the Apps’s update does not download even now, DO NOT worry. There are three more ways to help you.

4. Unmount your external Memory Card

Error Code963 may also occur due to an external memory chip used in your device to enhance its storage capacity. This is very common and can be dealt with by unmounting the SD Card temporarily.

To unmount your SD Card:

Visit “Settings” and keep scrolling downwards.

Now select “Storage”.

From the options that appear, select “Unmount SD Card” as explained in the screenshot below.

select “Unmount SD Card”

Note: If the App or its update downloads successfully now, do not forget to mount the SD Card back.

5. Remove and Re-add your Google account

Deleting and re-adding your Google account in might sound a little tedious but it does not take much of your precious time. Moreover, this technique is very effective when it comes to fixing Error  Code 963.

Carefully follow the steps given below to remove and then re-add your Google account:

Visit “Settings”, under “Accounts” select “Google”.

Select your account and from the “Menu” select “Remove account” as shown below.

select “Remove account”

Once your account is removed, follow the steps given hereunder to add it back again after a few minutes:

Go back to “Accounts” and select “Add Account”.

select “Add Account”

Select “Google” as shown above.

In this step feed in your account details and your Google account will be configured once again.

6. Special technique for HTC users

This technique is specially crafted fro HTC smartphone users who frequently face Google Play Error 963.

Follow the step-by-step instructions given below to uninstall all updates for your HTC One M8 Lock Screen App:

Visit “Settings” and find “HTC Lock Screen” under “Apps”.

Now click on “Force Stop”.

In this step, Click on “Uninstall Updates”.

This remedy is as simple as it sounds and has helped many HTC users to get rid of Error 963.

Google Play Errors are a very common phenomenon these days, especially Error Code 963 which usually occurs in the Google Play Store when we try to download, install or update an App. There is no need to worry if you see Error Code 963 pop-up on your screen as your device and its software are not to be blamed for Error 963 to suddenly surface. It is a random error and can be fixed easily by you. You do not need any technical assistance to deal with the issue. All you need to do is follow the steps introduced in this article to use Google Play Store and its services smoothly.  

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