How to Fix Error 495 While Download/Updating Android Apps

We always like to explore every new feature or the features that already exist on our devices. We have a tendency to be the master of our device and want to know every bit of the handset. Unexpected errors ruin that experience and it is just frustrating to experience these errors. And the worst part is that we have no idea where we are wrong or what we did that led to the error. Same is the case with the error 495 which occurs due to downloading or updating of Android Apps. You may have spent countless hours on the internet to find the right solution for error code 495 but even after following many of the most guaranteed steps sometimes the error still doesn’t go away.

However, this article will provide you various methods to get rid of the Error 495 play store problem that you face and you will not have to depend on any other sources for your solution.

Part 1: Reasons for Google play error 495

Android Apps are most commonly downloaded from the Google Play Store with the help of Wi-Fi or Cellular Data. One may come across many types of errors. Mostly the errors come in during the download or update or installing time. Error 495 occurs when the user isn’t being able to download or install an app over Wi-Fi, but the user is able to do the same thing over cellular data.

Technically speaking, the issue is caused when the connection to the Google Play servers, where the app is hosted, times out. Which is unable to resolve by itself.

Also, there could be another reason that it cannot sync with the servers.

Now that we know the possible reasons for the error 495, let us also know how to get rid of it in the sections below.

Part 2: Clear the Google Service Framework cache to Fix error 495

Step 1:

Go to the “settings” of your device. Once the series of sections comes up, tap on the “APPS” section.

Step 2:

Click on ‘All Apps’ or ‘Swipe to All’ and the open the section named “Google Services Framework App”

fix error 495-clear app cache.


Open “App Details” and the screen shown in the image should come up on your device. As shown in the image, follow the three steps. First, tap on “Force Stop” and then second, tap on the “Clear Data” option and finally go ahead and tap on the “Clear Cache” option.

Following the above steps should solve your problem of Google Play Error 495. And you can enjoy back to using the apps which you couldn’t download or update due to the Error 495.

Part 3: Reset App Preference in Google play Store to Fix error 495


Go to the settings section in your device. It will be differently placed for different devices and different users.

fix error 495-settings


Once the Settings section is open. A lot of further sections will pop up. No find the section named “Application Manager” or “Apps”. After locating it, tap on that section.

fix error 495-application


Now go ahead and tap or slide to a section named “ALL”.


After reaching the “ALL” section tap the touch button to open menu/properties and choose an option named “Reset Apps” or “Reset App Preferences”.

There’s no need to be alarmed because on clicking the reset option, the apps won’t be deleted but it is only going to re-set them. And hence solving the Error 495 created in the Google Play.

fix error 495-application manager

Part 4: Fix Error Code 495 by installing a VPN app

The Error code 495 can be easily removed in another interesting way too. On downloading a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and then operating the play store automatically solves the error 495.


Install Hideman VPN (using any other VPN will also make it work) from Google Play store. (If the error persists for this app too then download it from a different app store or by using a third-party store).


Now open the app and select the United States as the country of connection and press the option named Connect.


Open Google Play Store and Download any app without the Error Code 495 coming in and bothering.

This fix will work for most of the Google Play Errors and not just only The Error Code 495.

Part 5: Remove your Google Account & Reconfigure it to fix error 495

Removing the Google account and re-configuring it is a very common method adopted to get rid of the Error 495. Adopt the following steps to complete this method.


Go to the “Settings” section of your device. Like it was mentioned before, different devices and different users will have the placement of the settings section in a different place.

fix error 495-settings


Go to the accounts section in the settings tab.

fix error 495-accounts


In the accounts section tap on the Google Account part


Inside The Google section, there’ll be an option called “Remove Account”. Tap on that section, to remove your google account.

fix error 495-remove account


Now go ahead and re-enter/ re-register your Google account and check if the Error 495 still persists.

Now you have completed all the steps and your problem should be solved.

Part 6: Fix error code 495 by Removing your Google Play Store Data & Cache

One of the best and most accurate methods in the series of various steps in eradicating the Error Code 495 in Google Play Store is by removing the Google play Store Data and Cache. In order to do so follow the steps mentioned below. After following the steps it is guaranteed that the Error code 495 will be done with and you won’t experience any such problems in the future.


Go to the “Settings” section into your mobile device. The settings can be accessed by scrolling down and pulling down the drop-down menu and most likely the settings app will be on the top-right corner. Otherwise, it will be found after opening the app drawer.

fix error 495-settings


Once after opening the settings section, select the “Installed apps” or the “Apps” section.

fix error 495-installed apps


Find the “Google Play Store” section and select that too.


Tap on the “Clear data” & “Clear Cache”.

fix error 495-clear app cache

Doing the above steps will clear your caches of the Google Play Store. Now you have a new google Play store.

Hence in this article, we got to know about the error 495 and the possible solutions to it as well. Also, this article explains how Error code 495 can be removed by 5 different ways. These are the best ways by which you can remove or get rid of the Error Code 495. In case one of the method fails, use the other one to rectify this recurring error 495 on your Android device.

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