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The Best Free Hotspot Apps for iOS

James Davis

May 29, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

For iOS users on the go, a reliable internet connection can often be the difference between a frustrating time or a productive one. Whether you're at a conference, in a co-working space, or simply out for a coffee, the ability to create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot from your iPhone is a godsend. This capability allows you to share your mobile data connection with other devices like laptops, tablets, and other smartphones. The App Store is brimming with options, but which free hotspot apps are worth their (lack of) price tag?

In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the best Wi-Fi hotspot apps for iOS, ensuring you're equipped with the tools for seamless internet sharing. After listing the top 10 apps with a breakdown of their features, we'll address common FAQs, delivering a post that's not only informative but also designed to skyrocket your connectivity.

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Part 1. List of Top Free Hotspot Apps for iOS

When it comes to turning your iPhone into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, the App Store harbors a trove of options. We're featuring the most popular and positively reviewed apps to ensure you not only have a secure hotspot but also a smooth internet-sharing experience.

1. PDA Net

PDA Net is a long-established app known for its simplicity and solid performance. Whether you opt for USB tethering or a Wi-Fi connection, PDA Net is there to provide you with fast and reliable internet access. It's a favorite among those who want an app that just works without a fuss.

pad net


  • PDA net is one of the best free hotspot apps for iOS which comes with quick connection mode.
  • There are ways to make the connection networks secure and this is a highlight quality.
  • Tethering can be done in multiple modes through this app.


  • You have an option to hide the fact that you are tethering to keep the carrier at bay about tethering.
  • Tethering over USB and Wi-Fi are both possible.
  • The user friendly interface is a plus to this app.


  • The app may require a jailbreak or some overriding which is a con as compared to alternatives.
  • The app is free only for a limited period after which a nominal amount is to be charged.
  • Under the USB mode, the users need a desktop client.

User Reviews/ Comments:

  • I'm in Canada. We don't need any of that stuff on our iPhones. I can plug my iPhone into my MBP; connect it by Bluetooth or by creating a Wi-Fi network from my phone.
  • It should also be noted that PDANet only requires the desktop client if you are electing to use it in USB mode. Wi-Fi tethering does not require it.

2. Wi-Fi Fast Connect Hotspot Locator

If you're constantly on the move, Wi-Fi Fast Connect Hotspot Locator can save the day. This app scours the area for Wi-Fi networks, filtering out the slow connections to ensure you latch onto the best possible hotspot. The app's intuitive interface and automatic connection feature make it a valuable travel companion.

Wifi fast connect hotspot locator


  • This free hotspot app for iOS helps the user discover the closest hotspots in a swift search.
  • The search options accommodate options like addresses, postcodes and names etc.
  • This hot spot app works both offline and online.


  • The hotspots are displayed in an easy to grasp map.
  • Auto-connect option is available by registering the device.
  • Users can connect to sky sports with cloud hotspot to stay updated.


  • Slow speeds can be experienced in many regions.
  • The auto-connect option is limited and varies with a change in location.

User Reviews/ Comments:

  • Even with zero signal and roaming off it willdisplay a map.
  • It froze and didn'tshow accurate results.
  • It works but athousand milesaway.

3. VPN in Touch

VPN in Touch marries the advantage of a VPN service with hotspot capabilities. This app not only establishes a secure hotspot but also encrypts your internet connection, ensuring your data remains private, even on public networks. It's the perfect app for security-conscious travelers.

vpn in touch


  • This app claims to offer the most secure VPN mobile service.
  • The free hotspot app for iOS has an extremely focused security regulation system which ensures secure transactions on public hotspots.
  • The users can conceal their own identity when accessing this VPN and its servers.


  • The app has a data compression feature algorithm which is claimed to reduce the data usage of an individual.
  • An ad blocking feature which allows you to block any ads even on social media engines is a plus.
  • The app is backed with good support system for all users.


  • Many useful features are included as ‘in-app purchases’ and this is a limitation.
  • The app is bugged which makes it hard to get to the servers.
  • The functioning of the app may slow down the device.

User Reviews/ Comments:

  • Seems to be an easy to use VPN without all the “unnecessary” fancy stuff. It's easy enough to use and no complicated crap to learn.
  • Get this app! I love this app!! I can get on Snapchat at school; well I can get on any app now.
  • This app used to work flawlessly to connect to their UK servers on both my iPad as well as using this company's service on my Mac laptop. But for the past 2-3 months, the service has been unpredictable and unreliable.

4. MyWi Wi-Fi Tethering

MyWi is a feature-rich app that goes beyond standard hotspot functionality. Its standout features include the ability to share Bluetooth and USB connections, customizable channel broadcasts, and on-demand network visibility settings, letting you control who can see and use your hotspot.

mywi wifi tethering


  • MyWi is a free hotspot app for iOS users who want to convert their phone/ iPads into a hotspot with a click of a finger.
  • There is also a showcase of the bandwidth usage all through the period of tethering making it easy to keep track.
  • The native routing in the app provides for battery conservation with a fast functioning speed.


  • The app entails a 40bit/ 104bit WEP ensuring that no outsider can access the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • There are options to enable both- the USB or the Bluetooth tethering.
  • There is no need to create an adhoc network on the laptop when this app is in play.


  • This free hotspot app for iOS consumes a lot of the battery power.
  • AT&T (etc. networks) do not offer tethering, which is why this app may run only with jailbreak.
  • This base version lacks the superiority of the premium version which is charged.

User Reviews/ Comments:

  • I personally rarely tether, but I'm really happy that I'll have access to this software when I need it. Especially during the winter months.
  • I tested the software with both an iPod touch and with a Mac mini. The Wi-Fi hotspot worked very well in each instance, providing smooth data reception.
  • This application is a battery vampire. It's beyond a battery vampire. It's a battery Dracula. A battery bloodsucking monster.

5. Optimum Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder

Cablevision's Optimum Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder is tailored for users in specified service areas. If you're an Optimum customer, this app is your key to thousands of free Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation. It's not only convenient for browsing but also for reducing your data usage.

optimum wifi hotspot finder


  • This app enables the Optimum customers to locate any Optimum Wi-Fi hotspot in the area irrespective of whether they are connected to the internet or not.
  • This free hotspot app for iOS carries out quick searches for hotspots and provides the results in a mapped view.
  • The design of the display and app has been made to give the consumers a brilliant experience.


  • There is an option to save favorite locations, eliminating need for searches in most frequented places.
  • The app also carries a history to provide the consumers with a fuller and more customized experience.
  • The users are provided with the exact direction to the closest possible hotspot.


  • This free hotspot app for iOS is useful only to the optimum clientele.
  • Logging into the hotspots though rarely, but is at times troublesome.
  • Record of some bugs causing kink in smooth functioning.

User Reviews/ Comments:

  • Ppl w/neg reviews....READ and educate urself on how to work the app, have some patience and learn. I had many of the same problems mentioned BUT actually clicked on the "help" button or "FAQ".
  • Totally Useless!! I got this app thinking I could identify optimum hotspots sign on to them locally & save some data. Whoa- My bad!!!
  • My husband n I together barely use one gig buzz we are using optimums wi-fi hotspots! There really so many everywhere we go we have our phones set to pick it up rite up!

6. iTether

iTether is your solution for internet sharing without any monthly subscription fees. Users have praised iTether for its stability and ease of use, making it a viable option for anyone seeking a well-integrated hotspot app without the hassle of recurring costs.



  • This particularfree hotspot app for iOScreated for the sole purpose of creating the iDevices into modems.
  • The app is available on the official website of the company itself and not the iTunes.
  • The upgrades in the app are free.


  • The app does not require for the device to be jail-broken; thanks to the HTML5 code the app uses.
  • The app displayed high standard and quality performance.
  • Good security wall for those using this application for tethering.


  • Battery consumption when the app is running may be high.
  • If the official carrier restricts tethering, the app may be a total waste of time.
  • Though seemingly worth it, hidden costs are involved.

User Reviews/ Comments:

  • If you're on AT&T and on a tiered plan, I highly doubt they will do anything about it.
  • Huh...now I'm especially surprised this hasn't happened more often. Maybe over the next year or two as developers figure out how to use HTML5 better.
  • Wow, this is brilliant if it actually works! Amazing that they were able to think of this.

7. iPhone Modem

iPhone Modem boasts an extremely straightforward interface and is focused on providing internet to other devices. The app supports both USB and Bluetooth connections and can handle incoming connections as well, giving your iPhone the versatility you need in staying connected.

iphone modem


  • This free hotspot app for iOS application is small in size and does not occupy a lot of space on the device.
  • This free hotspot app for iOS is very easy to use and is very quick in delivering.
  • Cydia makes this application available for all jail-broken iPhone users.


  • The app makes it possible for users to tether their iPhone with their Mac with ease.
  • The hotspot thus created can be used by multiple devices at once.
  • Wi-Fi security is used to ensure safety of the user’s data.


  • It is required for users to have this iPhone modem app on mobile devices and a second helper app on the Mac or PC to run.
  • The app will only work for Jailbroken devices, which is a definite negative for most iOS users.
  • Many parts are for paid users only.

User Reviews/ Comments:

  • Thus, you can have internet access anywhere your iPhone does.
  • The iPhone will consider it to be a "Socks Proxy" and will effectively share the Internet Connection.
  • iPhoneModem is an application for the iPhone that aims at making it really easy to use the iPhone's Internet connection on your computer.

8. Free Wi-Fi Finder

Designed to alleviate the daunting issue of data depletion, Free Wi-Fi Finder pinpoints the locations of the nearest free Wi-Fi hotspots. This app doesn't create hotspots itself, but its database is continuously updated, meaning you're always aware of the best places to get Wi-Fi without spending a cent.

free wifi finder


  • The developers of this free hotspot app for iOS claim to provide the users with Wi-Fi internet hotspots.
  • The app is stated to work both online and offline.
  • It uses the phone’s GPS signals and network triangulation to locate nearest free Wi-Fi.


  • Uses the current location to detect the nearing signals.
  • The Wi-Fi can be filtered by location.
  • The info is updated on regular basis so that the hotspot data is up-to-date.


  • The app is found be a little slow at times.
  • The pins on the map are recorded to be unreliable at many instances.

User Reviews/ Comments:

  • I read a review in the NY Times and decided to test this app in my neighborhood before venturing abroad (which I do often). Big disappointment!
  • The developers have their hearts in the right places, although their attention to detail is often lacking.
  • Works great if you don't need it. Basically you need either a cell connection or a Wi-Fi connection to have this app work.

9. Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

An app that does what it says on the tin, Free Wi-Fi Hotspots, takes the guesswork out of finding free Wi-Fi. It's user-friendly and offers crowd-sourced information, ensuring the location and quality of the hotspots are verified by the community.

free wifi hotspots


  • The first version of this free hotspot app for iOS was last updated in July 2013 and this is one which lets you discover hotspot networks nearby.
  • The size of the app is about 5.1 MB.
  • The app is compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


  • The countries covered under the app are numerous and the number touches to around 50.
  • The user interface is simple to operate and easy enough for beginners.
  • The hotspots are depicted on a map for easier navigation and quicker access.


  • The productivity of the app is not uniform across all regions.
  • Presence of bugs hampers the functioning and this is another negative.
  • No updates have been made since launch and this is the biggest drawback.

User Reviews/ Comments:

  • I'm going to Florida and on the whole car ride there I want free wifi everywhere.
  • Hope it works!
  • Still trying. Still waiting.

10. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a versatile solution for those looking to both secure their connections and share their data at the same time. In addition to creating hotspots, the app provides a VPN service that can be used on multiple devices, making it excellent for families or small groups.

hotspot shield


  • This is a kind of a free hotspot app for iOS which works as a VPN proxy by letting you access some banned sites.
  • It shields your hotspot or wifi when accessing sites like Facebook and guarantees security.
  • It enables you to hide your IP address and identity from online tracers


  • The best thing about it is that it provided you security to access the internet.
  • It detects and blocks malware and fraudulent sites in real time
  • This app works in a large number of companies and this is a plus too.


  • It can work slow and sluggishly at times.
  • It crashes on many occasions

User Reviews/ Comments:

  • Freeze, crash, burn. App crashes almost every time I launch it.
  • This is one of the best VPN service on iOS platform....trial for 15 days for free ...great app !
  • Keep giving this best service always

FAQs about Hotspot Apps for iOS

We've answered some of the common questions users might have when exploring hotspot apps for their iOS devices.

Q1: Are These Hotspot Apps Secure?

Generally, these hotspot apps are as secure as your iOS device's built-in hotspot. They provide a WPA2-PSK encrypted network, considered secure for personal usage. However, always be cautious when using public hotspots and consider using a VPN for extra security.

Q2: What Kind of Data Plans are Needed for Hotspot Apps?

The data plan you'll need depends on your usage. If you intend to share your hotspot regularly, a larger data plan is advisable. Video streaming and large file downloads can quickly eat through your data, so be mindful of your usage habits.

Q3: Can I use a Hotspot App without an Internet Plan?

No, you need an active data plan from your carrier to use these hotspot apps. They function by sharing your mobile data connection, so you will need to have an internet plan that supports it.

Q4: Do Hotspot Apps Affect Battery Life?

Like any app that uses your phone's resources, hotspot apps can contribute to battery drain. The degree of impact will vary depending on how intensively the hotspot is used and the model and age of your iPhone.


Explore free hotspot apps for iOS to boost your connectivity wherever your iPhone goes. Choose the app that fits your needs and preferences, ensuring to follow good security practices when sharing your network. For added convenience and control, manage these apps with Dr.Fone iOS Manager on PC.

Staying online is crucial in our daily lives, with a fast Wi-Fi connection just a few taps away, offering a modern convenience that's hard to overlook. Whether you're a traveling professional or a work-from-home warrior, a powerful hotspot app can enhance your digital life.

Explore your options to find the perfect hotspot app that works seamlessly with your iOS device. In today's fast-paced connectivity world, a savvy free hotspot app can significantly impact.

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