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Complete Guide For OPPO A53 Hard Reset

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions

You can do a hard reset if you want to unlock your OPPO A53 without a password. The OPPO A53 hard reset is also the best solution if your device works slower or you want to free up storage space. Another situation where a hard reset helps you the most is when you want to sell your smartphone. You can wipe all data and settings from the device and restore its software to its original state.

You can factory reset your smartphone in various ways, but if you want to delete your data permanently, use Dr.Fone - Data Eraser. It is the most efficient and safest tool to hard reset your device. With Dr.Fone, you can back up the data you want to keep in your smartphone and restore it after the reset. Here is the guide to hard reset OPPO A53 with the five easiest methods.

Part 1: Why You Need OPPO A53 Hard Reset?

1: When You Want to Sell it or give it to Others

If you want to sell your smartphone, you need to delete all your data and settings for privacy and security. A hard reset is the fastest way to erase everything from your OPPO A53. It will delete all your accounts, images, videos, contacts, personalization, and system updates. This way, you will hand a phone with an original software build to the next person. When you hard reset OPPO A53 to give it to others, you can back up all your data on the cloud. Or, you can transfer your data to a new device with a third-party tool.

2: Constant Crashes (like stuck screen)

If your OPPO A53 frequently crashes when you open apps or stream videos, a hard reset can solve this problem. When your phone's screen gets stuck for some seconds and does it repeatedly, it is due to some software-based problems. It can also be a problem with the latest system update. With an OPPO A53 hard reset, you can delete all updates and bugs in your phone's android system. Although it erases all your data, it also solves problems like constant crashes.

3: Free up More Storage

If you have been using your OPPO A53 for some time, your phone's storage might run out. A hard reset is the best way to free up more storage in your phone. Your phone's storage contains your data, like contacts, images, and files. It also houses system and app updates. In addition to that, your phone's storage also builds up junk files. You don't have to erase all your data to free up storage. You can back up your data on the cloud and do an OPPO A53 hard reset. It will delete all the unwanted data from your device. After that, you can restore the data you want.

4: Device Functions Abnormally Slow

If your OPPO A53 works slower, you can do a hard reset and optimize its operating speed. When your phone works slower, it takes time to open apps or files. It also worsens your gaming experience and troubles you while streaming videos. The only way to fix your phone's working problems is a hard reset. As you can't figure out what's making your device slower, a hard reset can revert your phone's software to its factory build. This way, you can remove any hidden problem in your phone's android system.

Part 2: Good Ways to Hard Reset OPPO A53

1: Hard Reset from Settings

You can easily hard reset your OPPO A53 from settings without a third-party tool or a complex procedure. If you are resetting your device because you forgot its password, then this method is not for you. Hard resetting from settings requires your phone's lock screen password. If you know the password, then you can go to the factory reset option in settings and do a hard reset. It will erase all your data and settings. When you restart your phone after the reset, you will have to open the FRP lock with your Google account and password. Here are the steps for an OPPO A53 hard reset.

oppo a53 settings screen

  • Log out of your Google account from your OPPO A53 to remove the FRP lock and charge it for at least a 50% battery backup.
  • Open "Settings" and go to "Additional Settings."
  • Tap on the "Backup and Restore" option to back up your data on cloud storage.
  • Now, go to the "Factory Data Reset" option and select "Erase All Data."
  • Confirm your choice and enter your phone's password for verification.
  • Wait for the system to reset your device. Your phone will reboot automatically once the process ends.

2: Enter Recovery Mode (without password)

Now, let's talk about how to do an OPPO A53 hard reset without a password. If you forgot your phone's password, you could unlock your device with a hard reset. But you can't reset your device from the factory data reset without its lock screen password. The best way is to enter recovery mode and do a hard reset. You can use this method if your device is constantly rebooting. It can also fix the random system and app failure problems. You can also solve screen stuck and app freezing issues with a hard reset. Follow these steps to reset your OPPO A53 through recovery mode.

volume power buttons

  • Power off your OPPO A53 with the power button, and make sure you have 50% battery backup.
  • Press and hold power + volume up buttons at the same time till you see the OPPO logo.
  • Once the logo appears, release the power button and keep pressing the volume up button till you enter recovery mode.
  • Now, scroll to the "Wipe data/Factory Reset" option using the volume keys. Select it by pressing the power button.
  • Now select "Yes" and the "Delete All User Data" option with the power button.
  • After the reset is complete, select the "Reboot Device Now" option and wait for your phone to restart.

3: Use Android Multi Tools (for free)

You can hard reset OPPO A53 without a password with Android Multi Tools. It is a small software that you can download for free. Android Multi Tools offers various solutions, including screen unlock, face unlock, Gmail Reset, Wipe data, and system check. You can easily do a hard reset and bypass FRP lock with Android Multi Tools. You can get the tool by searching its name on any web browser. After you download and install it on your PC, you can follow these steps to hard reset your OPPO A53.

android multi tools main screen

  • Open Android Multi Tools on your PC.
  • Now, connect your phone to the PC using a USB cable.
  • Open settings and go to developer options. Next, enable USB debugging on your phone.
  • Next, the android boot mode will appear on your phone's screen.
  • Select the fifth "Wipe Data" option and press enter to start the hard reset.
  • Your phone will reboot after the reset ends.

4: Google Find My Device (just erase all data)

You can use Google Find My Device to hard reset your OPPO A53 without a USB connection. It is the best way to erase all data from your phone if it gets stolen. If you lose your device, you can remotely reset it to make sure unauthorized people can't access your data. Although it looks like a simple solution, you can't recover your data after you use Google Find My Device for a hard reset. You also need your Google account and password to use this method. After the reset, you also have to open the FRP lock. Here are the steps to hard reset OPPO A53 with Find My Device.

google find my device web home page

  • Open any internet browser on your PC and search for "Google Find My Device."
  • Go to the website and connect your phone to the internet.
  • Wait for Google to find your device, and select the "Erase Device" option on the left side.
  • You must provide your Google account and password to verify your identity.
  • After verification, wait for Google to erase all data from your device. Reboot your device when the process ends. The device will unlock without any password or PIN.

5: Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (completely delete data)

Suppose you want a safe and efficient tool to hard reset your OPPO A53. In that case, you can use Dr.Fone - Data Eraser to permanently erase your data and settings. When your phone is working slower or constantly crashing or getting stuck, it is mainly due to software issues or low storage. With Dr.Fone, you can back up all the data you want and erase everything to remove unwanted files and bugs from your device. In addition to hard reset, you can use Dr.Fone to remove screen locks, do system repairs, transfer WhatsApp, backup and restore data, and open virtual location. Here are the steps to hard reset OPPO A53 with Dr.Fone - Data Eraser.

style arrow up

Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (Android)

Fully Erase Your Oppo A53!

  • Simple, click-through process.
  • Wipe your Android completely and permanently.
  • Erase photos, contacts, messages, call logs, and all private data.
  • Supports all Android devices available in the market.
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  • Download and install Wondershare Dr.Fone on your computer or laptop. Open the application and select the "Data Eraser" tab on the main screen.

drfone home screen

  • Now, enable USB debugging on your OPPO A53 and connect it to your PC with a USB cable.

connect your device

  • Dr.Fone will recognize your smartphone and open the "Erase All Data" screen after you connect your phone. Click on the "Start" option to continue.

start erasing all data

  • Type the code you see on screen for confirmation. Click on "Erase Now", and Dr. Fone will start erasing data from your device.

erase data confirmation

  • After erasing all your phone's data, Dr.Fone will ask you to tap on the "Factory Reset" option on your smartphone. It will erase all settings and complete the factory reset.

data erased

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These are the most efficient ways to hard reset OPPO A53. You can do a factory reset from settings, but it requires your phone's password. You can do a hard reset from recovery mode or use Android multi-tools. All these methods work, but if you want a safe way to erase all data from your device, Dr.Fone - Data Eraser is your pick. The fact that you can back up your data before you erase everything makes Dr.Fone the best choice. It also keeps your phone's software and warranties safe. Dr.Fone is a one-step solution for smartphones.

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