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Efficient Ways for Bypassing OPPO's Factory Reset Protection


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

After you hard reset your OPPO smartphone, you must open the FRP lock before using it. If you can't pass the FRP lock, Google will block your device for privacy and security. You can easily pass the OPPO FRP lock with your Google account and password. You will get stuck there if you don't know your account and password. Although it seems like a big problem, there is no need to panic because you can bypass it using other methods.

One of the fastest ways to remove the FRP lock is to use the OPPO FRP code. If you don't want to use this method, you can also use the talkback method to bypass FRP. Both of these methods work perfectly every time, so the choice is up to you. Here, we will give you an easy guide to bypass FRP on your OPPO.

Part 1: What is OPPO FRP Bypass Code?

Factory reset protection is a Google security feature that protects your phone from unauthorized access. The FRP activates when you log in with a Google account on your smartphone. When you reset your device, the FRP asks for Google verification. The FRP lock doesn't allow device access without your Google account and password. You can enter the OPPO FRP bypass code to open the FRP lock on your device without your Google account and password.

Even for smartphones from the same brand, the method to bypass FRP varies for each model. Instead of using complex methods to bypass FRP on your device, you can use the bypass code to remove the lock in seconds. The English OPPO FRP code is *#813#, and the Chinese code is *#812#. You can learn how to use these codes from our step-by-step guide.

Part 2: Efficient Ways to Bypass OPPO FRP

In this part, we will explore three efficient methods to bypass OPPO FRP and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each.

A Comprehensive Comparison of Three Methods to Bypass OPPO FRP

Method Advantages Disadvantages
Wondershare Dr.Fone [Fast & Easy] 1. Efficiency: Wondershare Dr.Fone offers a fast and efficient FRP bypass process, ensuring quick access to your OPPO device.
2. User-Friendly: The software comes with an intuitive interface, making it accessible to both novice and experienced users.
3. Comprehensive Solution: Beyond FRP bypass, Wondershare Dr.Fone provides additional features for data recovery and device optimization.
Cost: While the software may require a purchase, the cost is justified by its effectiveness and additional functionalities.
OPPO Emergency FRP Code 1. Official Solution: This method is officially supported by OPPO, ensuring compatibility and reliability.
2. No Additional Software: The Emergency FRP Code doesn't require third-party software installations, simplifying the process.
1. Limited Accessibility: Obtaining the Emergency FRP Code may involve contacting OPPO support, leading to potential delays.
2. Complexity: The process might be more complex for users unfamiliar with official support channels.
Talkback Method to Bypass No External Software: This method doesn't require additional software installations, making it a straightforward option. 1. Technical Skill Required: The Talkback Method involves navigating through device settings, which might be challenging for users without technical expertise.
2. Time-Consuming: Compared to software solutions, this method may take longer to complete.

1: Recommended: Use a powerful software-Wondershare Dr.Fone [Fast & Easy]

Facing the FRP (Factory Reset Protection) lock on your OPPO phone can be a roadblock, but with the right tools, the process becomes seamless. In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through the easy and effective steps to bypass the FRP lock on your OPPO phone using the reliable Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android).


Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android)

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Step-by-Step Guide to bypassing OPPO Frp Lock

Follow these straightforward steps to bypass the FRP lock on your OPPO phone using Dr.Fone:

  • Step 1. Launch Wondershare Dr.Fone and select Toolbox > Screen Unlock.
  • Step 2. Choose Android and then click Remove Google FRP Lock button on the next page.

select remove google frp lock

  • Step 3. Then you will see various device brands and select OPPO among the options.

select oppo

  • Step 4. Once you have selected the device brand, Dr.Fone will initiate the downloading process of FRP.
  • Step 5. When it finished downloading, please turn off your device and connect it to the computer. Press the Volume Up and Down buttons for about 3 seconds during the connecting process.

connect device to computer

  • Step 6. Wait for a few minutes until the FRP is unlocked.

remove frp

Wondershare Dr.Fone is a reliable software to bypass OPPO FRP with a high success rate. Its easy-to-use feature makes it popular among users. We recommend it as your first choice.
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2: Use OPPO Emergency FRP Code

The OPPO Emergency FRP Code is an alternative method to bypass FRP, relying on a unique code provided by the device manufacturer. After you do a factory reset on your OPPO smartphone, don't rush to set it up. If you set up your device, the FRP lock will appear on the screen. When you go to the language selection screen, tap on the emergency call option to open the dialer. That's where you will be entering the OPPO FRP bypass code. Follow these steps to remove the FRP lock from your smartphone.

bypass code

  • Step 1. Power on your OPPO device after the factory reset.
  • Step 2. Start the device set up and connect it to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Step 3. After you enable the Wi-Fi connection, return to the welcome screen.
  • Step 4. Tap on the “Emergency Call” option at the bottom left of the language selection page.
  • Step 5. Type one of the FRP bypass codes (*#813# or *#812#) on the dialer and tap on the “Dial” button.
  • Step 6. Next, don't do anything and wait for the home screen of your OPPO device to appear. You might see some alerts, but you don't have to touch the screen.
  • Step 7. Once you enter your phone, open “Settings” and go to "About phone".
  • Step 8. Enable Developer options by tapping on the android version between seven to ten times.
  • Step 9. From the Developer Options, enable USB debugging.
  • Step 10. Now, go back to “Settings” and reset your OPPO device from the "Factory Data Reset" option.
  • Step 11. Once the reset is complete, you can set up your device and enter it without FRP.

3: By Talkback Method to Bypass

For those seeking a manual approach, the Talkback Method involves leveraging the accessibility feature on the device. Before using the Talkback method, ensure that your phone has more than 50% battery backup and an internet connection. The Talkback method will not work on devices with the latest Android operating system. Here are the steps to bypass OPPO FRP lock with the Talkback method.

android phone talkback feature

  • Step 1. Power on your OPPO smartphone and hold the volume up + down buttons at the same time to enable the Talkback feature.
  • Step 2. Select “Turn on” to open the Talkback shortcut. Once you enable this feature, you can long press the volume up + down buttons to enable it anytime.
  • Step 3. Now, double tap on the close button on the screen twice.
  • Step 4. Next, draw the letter "L" on the hello screen and double-tap on the "Talkback Settings".
  • Step 5. In the menu, swipe down with two fingers to navigate to the "Braille Keyboard". Double-tap to select it and go to "keyboard settings".
  • Step 6. Now, open the "Talkback Braille Keyboard" and return to the add network screen. Also, turn off the Talkback feature by long pressing the volume down + up buttons together.
  • Step 7. Click on the keyboard icon to open the "Talkback Braille Keyboard" again. Enable accessibility settings and swipe right to enter the "General" option.
  • Step 8. Navigate to "Help & Feedback" from the accessibility menu.
  • Step 9. Tap on the "Control Your Android Device with Switch Access" and tap on the "Play" icon. Next, tap on the three dots in the video corner.
  • Step 10. elect the “Share” option and tap on the three dots next to the Twitter icon this time.
  • Step 11. Go to “Settings” from the “Profile” icon and select "YouTube Terms and Services" from "History & Privacy".
  • Step 12. Next, tap on the "Accept and Continue" option. Select “Next” and tap on "No Thanks" on the next page.

Which Method is Best to Bypass Oppo FRP Lock?

Choosing the right method to bypass OPPO FRP depends on your preferences, technical proficiency, and urgency. Wondershare Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android) offers a swift and user-friendly solution, the OPPO Emergency FRP Code provides an official route, while the Talkback Method caters to those who prefer a manual approach. Consider the advantages and disadvantages outlined above to make an informed decision and regain access to your OPPO device efficiently.

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Part 3: FAQ for Bypassing OPPO FRP (Factory Reset Protection)

Below you'll find answers to some of the most common questions regarding bypassing Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on OPPO devices.

1. What is the FRP skip code for OPPO?

Currently, there is no universally applicable "FRP skip code" for OPPO devices. FRP is a security feature, designed to prevent unauthorized access to your device after a factory reset. If you are the legitimate owner and need to bypass FRP, you may need to contact OPPO customer support or follow authorized methods for FRP bypass, which usually involve verifying your Google account credentials.

2. What is the emergency code for FRP bypass?

There is no official emergency code for bypassing FRP on OPPO or other Android devices. FRP is a critical security feature implemented by device manufacturers to protect users' data. To bypass FRP, you must follow the legitimate procedure provided by OPPO or seek professional assistance.

3. How to remove screen lock in OPPO mobile?

Unlocking your OPPO mobile's screen with Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android) is a seamless solution. Unlike hard resetting, which often leads to FRP lock issues, Dr.Fone provides a faster and safer alternative. This OPPO Unlock Tool swiftly bypasses the lock screen without requiring a password, ensuring a secure and efficient process.

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4. How to remove an admin in OPPO?

To remove an admin, or a device administrator:

  • Step 1. Go to 'Settings' on your OPPO device.
  • Step 2. Scroll down and tap on 'Security'.
  • Step 3. Then, select 'Device Administrators' or 'Device Admin Apps'.
  • Step 4. You will see a list of apps with administrator privileges. Find the admin you want to remove and toggle off its access.
  • Step 5. Confirm by tapping 'Deactivate' when prompted.

5. How to disable OPPO security?

Disabling security features like passwords, PINs, pattern locks, or biometric scans can be done through settings:

  • Step 1. Open 'Settings' and go to 'Security'.
  • Step 2. Tap on 'Passcode', 'Biometrics & Passcode', or a similar option depending on your device model.
  • Step 3. Choose the lock method currently in use and select 'None' or 'Disable'.

Note: Disabling security features makes your device more vulnerable to unauthorized access.


Let's conclude our guide on how to bypass the OPPO FRP lock. You can remove the FRP lock from your OPPO device with various methods. The fastest and easiest way is to use the OPPO FRP code, which lets you bypass the FRP lock within seconds. You can also use the Talkback method if you have an older OPPO device. In addition to the FRP lock, you can bypass the screen lock on any OPPO device with Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android). Dr.Fone enables users to unlock any android device without a password. It is a one-stop solution with features like WhatsApp transfer, data backup and restore, data eraser, and system repair.

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