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6 Solutions to Fix Error 505 in Google Play Store

Aug 12, 2021 • Filed to: Fix Android Mobile Problems • Proven solutions


In case you are receiving the error code 505 while downloading an application from Google play store and have no clue what is it, then this is the right article for you. In this article we are covering the reasons behind the occurrence of Google play error 505. Not only that, we are also providing 6 solutions to fix the error code 505. Usually, this error is seen with Android 5.0 Lollipop version and occurs at the time when you try to install the already downloaded application making it hard to run the app.

Such an error is a kind of permission error. That is, in case you have two similar kinds of applications such as banking apps and both looking for similar kind of permission, causes conflict error named as error 505.

The occurrence chance is more in the old operating systems, 4 KitKat, Android version 4. Let us then proceed to know more about this error 505.

Part 1: Reasons for Google Play error 505

error 505

As per the report by some users, error 505 occurs in certain apps such as Weather App, SBI, ITV, Adobe Air 15, We Chat etc.

To have the right idea about the problem, we have listed all the reasons of it occurrence below:

a. Google play store is not updated or refreshed (Causes the error during the downloading process)

b. Due to installation of an outdated version (In case your Android version is outdated may result in error in the installation process)

c. Cache memory(Is the redundant data occurs due to search history)

d. Application is not compatible with the Android OS (If the app you are downloading is not the updated may cause error)

e. Sync error in Google account(Google Account is not properly synchronized with the data of your device)

f. Adobe air app

g. Data crash (Many time app or Google play store crashed crashes after downloading it, reason may be some bugs, so many apps are open, less memory etc.)

Now that we know the reasons, let us also learn about the solutions that will guide you to resolve the error code 505.

Part 2: 6 Solutions to fix error code 505

Any error that occurs during downloading or installation process not only hinders with the new app but also takes a large amount of our time to solve the issue. To check that, let us go through the 6 solutions one by one.

Solution 1: One click to make error code 505 disappear

The most common cause for error code 505 pop-up is that Android system files that underpin the Google Play module are corrupted. To make error code 505 disappear in this condition, you should have your Android system repaired.

Dr.Fone da Wondershare

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Now, you just need to follow these Android repair steps to fix error code 505:

Note: Android repair needs to flash the system firmware, which may erase existing Android data. To prevent data loss, back up all the important data from Android to PC.

  1. Download the Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android) program, install and launch it. The following interface will pop up.
  2. make error code 505 disappear by android repair
  3. Select the "Android Repair" among the 3 tabs, connect your Android to PC, and click "Start".
  4. select android repair option
  5. Choose the correct device details from each field, confirm them and continue.
  6. select correct device details to fix error code 505
  7. Boot your Android in download mode, then start downloading the firmware of your device.
  8. fix error code 505 in download mode
  9. After the device firmware is downloaded, the tool will start repairing your Android.
  10. fix error code 505 when firmware is downloaded
  11. When your Android is repaired, the error code 505 will disappear.
  12. error code 505 fixed successfully

Solution 2: Check whether Download Manger is ON or not

Many times download manager is set to disable due to which you are not able to download or install the app. So, it is required to make a check whether the download manager is set on or off. So that your installation process will work properly. The process to enable the download manager is as follows.

>Go to Settings

>Select the Application Manger or App (Option depends upon the device)

At the top, an option will appear

>Swipe right till you locate Download manager at top of the screen of the device

>Then Select Enable

Application Manger

Enabling download manager to give permission to the device to start the download or installation process.

Solution 3: Updating to the latest version of OS of your Android device

Working with an old operating system is ok, but many times old version also creates some problem and is the main reason behind the occurrence of any bug or error. So, updating the older version act like a rescue to get rid of any such issue or bug. The Process of updation is quite simple; you just need to follow the below steps and your device is ready to get updated to the latest version. Steps are:

>Go to Settings

>Select about Phone

>Click on System Update

>Check for updates

>Click on Update

>Need to click on Install (if any update is available)


Solution 4: Clearing the cache memory from Google services Framework and Google play store

While browsing data online or through Google play store some cache memory get stored for the fast access to the pages. Below mentioned simple steps will help you in clearing out the cache memory from Google services framework and Google play store.

Process to clear the Cache memory for Google Services Framework

>Go to Settings

>Select Applications

>Click on Manage Applications

>Click to select ‘ALL’

>Click on Google services framework

>Select ‘Clear data and clear cache’

That will remove the cache memory of your Google services framework

Steps to Cache memory of Google Play Store

>Go to Settings


>Manage Applications

>Click to select ‘ALL’

>Select Google Play store

>Clear data and clear cache

It will clear the cache of Google play store

app info

Clearing the cache memory remove the extra temporary memory, thus free up space for the further installation process.

Solution 5: Reinstalling play store Updates

The reason behind the installation error code 505 might be Google play store updates.

Due to continuous updation of new apps and services Google Play store used to be flooded with so many updates or sometimes does not updated properly. That sometimes caused the problem in dealing with app installation. Resolving the issue is important to make your play store ready for future updation and installation.

Google Play store

>Go to Settings

>Visit Application Manager or Apps

>Select Google Play Store

>Click on Uninstalling Updates

>A Message will appear ‘Change play store app to factory version’- Accept it

>Now Open Google play store>It will refresh the updates within 5 to 10 minutes(So you need to keep your internet connection on while Google play store is updating its store for new updates.)

Click on Uninstalling Updates

Solution 6: Third party App

In the case, error 505 occur due to the installation of two or more apps with duplicate permission of data, as many times we use to install two similar kind of app that creates the situation where both seeking out for somewhat similar permissions for the installation. The manual finding is a long and tiring process. Then you can take the assistance of ‘Lucky Patcher App’ to find out which app is creating the conflict. This app will assist you in finding out the duplicity if any and then modifying it. Through this app, once you will find out which particular app is causing the conflict, then you can delete that conflicting app from your phone so that problem of error code 505 gets sort out.

Download link: https://lucky-patcher.netbew.com/

lucky patcher

Note: If still, you are in the state of trouble to solve the issue of error code 505 then Google Play help center is here to look out all troubles related to app store and its service. You can check out the details by visiting the following link:


Or call them at their call center number regarding the issue.

call center number

Not being able to download or install the app is very frustrating and time-consuming also. Therefore, in this article, we went through the reasons behind the occurrence error code 505 as well as resolving the issue by following five effective methods. I hope that you would be able to sort out the error 505 by following above methods thus would be able to install the application without further delay.

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