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Android Camera Not Working Unexpected Error? Fix It Now!

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions


For all its glory and goodness, the Android OS often has its users pulling their hair in frustration at just how buggy the OS can be at times. So, if you’re having one of those days today, we are here to help. Camera app is one of the most used apps on smartphones today. People only launch the app when they want to take a photo, for everything else there’s a dedicated photo gallery app. What happens when you launch the camera app only to realize it threw an error and you missed your photo moment? Don’t throw the phone, not yet. Let us help you out.

camera not working error in android

Part I: Why Is Android Camera Not Working?

There are a few reasons why the camera app is not working on your Android device.

Low Memory

Camera app does rely heavily on system resources, so in case you have too many apps open and for some reason the OS is not able to manage the resources appropriately for the camera app to function as it should, you will get a camera error.

Low Storage

The camera app needs storage space to save the photos it takes. So, in case your phone is running low on storage space, the camera app would likely malfunction as it would have no way to store the photos it would be taking.

General Bugs And Glitches

OS bugs and general glitches within the OS and the camera app can cause camera not working issue anytime during everyday operation. This is part and parcel of any technology.

Hardware Issues

In the rarest cases, there might have developed an actual hardware issue with the camera system on your Android phone. The likely culprit is misuse and abuse, such as a dropped phone or maybe the phone was too hot for extended periods of time, causing hardware issues.

Part II: How To Fix Android Camera Not Working Issue?

So, how to get the Android camera not working problem solved? There are a few ways you can try fixing the camera not working issue on your Android device right where you are, without needing to take the device to the manufacturer’s service center.

II.I: Restart The Handset

One of the first things to do any time an app or your phone or tablet does not work like it should, restarting the device refreshes everything just enough to resolve most commonly occurring issues.

restarting android handset

Use the power button on your smartphone to restart your Android handset and see if this resolves the issue.

II.II: Close And Relaunch The Camera App

If the camera app (or any app for that matter) has been in the background for a while and then it is brought to the foreground, there are always chances of it crashing for any reason, or not working as expected. So, closing the app completely and relaunching it is recommended.

Step 1: Launch the app switcher on your specific Android device the way your device manufacturer suggests you to. Usually, it is a swipe up and hold gesture to get into the app switcher.

closing apps in app switcher

Step 2: Next, you can choose to close just the camera app or, better yet, close all apps by tapping the Close All button. Flicking any app upwards (quick upward swipe) is how you close an app. If there is no Close All button anywhere, repeat the gesture for all open apps.

II.III: Check App Permissions

These days, thanks to strides in the privacy initiatives, apps need permissions before they can function the way they do. Most of the times, apps such as camera do have the necessary permissions, but sometimes it is possible that the permissions are set incorrectly. To check if the camera app has the requisite permissions, do the following:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Apps > Camera > Permissions.

camera permissions check android

Step 2: Tap Camera.

set camera permissions android

Step 3: See if the selected option is Allow Only While Using This App. If not, select it.

II.IV: Clear The Camera App Cache

Clearing the camera app cache is sometimes helpful. To do that:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Apps > Camera and tap Storage Usage.

clear camera app cache

Step 2: Tap Clear Cache.

clear camera app cache android

II.V: Clear The Photo Gallery App Cache

The camera app is closely tied to the photo gallery app that comes baked in into Android OS. That is because photos that the camera app takes are stored in the photo gallery app. Consequently, if there were any issues in the photo gallery app, that could lead to the camera app not working on Android problem. Here’s how to clear the photo gallery app cache:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Apps > Photos > Storage Usage.

clear photo gallery app cache

Step 2: Tap Clear Cache.

II.VI: Check For App Updates

This does not happen always, but sometimes, with known bugs and issues, there may be an update released that fixes those bugs and issues that prevent some users from using a given app reliably. Checking for updates is a good step to make sure that your camera app is updated to the latest version possible.

Step 1: Go to Play Store and tap your profile picture on the right.

google play store app updates

Step 2: Tap Manage Apps and Device.

check for app updates play store

Step 3: If there are updates available, Tap Update All to update all apps.

II.VII: Cool The Phone Down

We do not realize the immense power that is packed into the thin smartphone form factor these days. If you have been using the phone to video chat for a while now, you might not realize that the phone has become hot, especially if you are using a desk stand. Same for shooting high-resolution videos; the phone does get quite hot shooting high-resolution videos.

If this is the case, close all apps and let the phone cool down. You might even want to shut the phone off to help cool it faster.

II.VIII: Nudge The Camera System

You may want to tap your camera system (the lenses and surrounding area) gently to see if that gets the camera working. In case it did, this is indicative of a hardware issue, and you should get it checked at the service center at your earliest convenience.

II.IX: Fix Android Camera Not Working Issue In One Click (With Dr.Fone)

Now, if the above fixes have not worked, you might want to repair your Android OS once before you make that appointment with the service centre. And, we have just the app to help you fix your camera not working on Android problem quickly.

Wondershare Dr.Fone is a multi-module app that works on both Windows and macOS and is the only app you will ever need to resolve nearly all of your smartphone and tablet issues that you are likely to encounter. Need to take backups? Dr.Fone Phone Backup has you covered with the ability to take and restore even selective backups, and to any location such as your computer or an external disk as well. Want to transfer WhatsApp chats to a new phone? Use WhatsApp Transfer to do just that! Bought a new phone? Use Phone Transfer to transfer contents from old phone to new, and then use Dr.Fone Data Eraser to securely wipe your old phone before giving it away!

Today, we will use Dr.Fone’s System Repair (Android) module to fix Android camera not working issue quickly.

Download Dr.Fone here.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone app on your PC or Mac.

wondershare drfone on windows

Step 2: Click System Repair module and then Android.

drfone system repair for android

Step 3: For now, don’t bother with the scenarios given and click Start to go to the next screen.

drfone system repair android

Step 4: Your Android device will be detected by Dr.Fone. If anything seems incorrect, use the dropdown options to change it, and click Next.

android system repair drfone

Step 5: Your phone needs to be put into Download mode before it can be repaired. Follow the instructions shown onscreen and click Next.

set phone in download mode

Step 6: Dr.Fone automatically downloads the most recent firmware for your device and when it is ready, waits for your input. Click Fix Now to start the repair process.

fix android camera not working

Step 7: You will need to enter a 6-digit code (digit zero, six times – 000000) to confirm and begin the repair process.

confirm android firmware repair drfone

When the repair is complete, Dr.Fone shows the final screen as below:

fix android camera not working with drfone

safe Downloadsafe & secure


The camera app on your smartphone is one of the most important apps you use. This is not a game; this is an app that makes previous memories possible for you. So, when you get any of those incorrigible errors that are impossible to make sense of, what do you do? This guide gives you 9 fixes to fix Android camera not working error quickly and easily.

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