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8 Tips to Fix Android File Transfer on Mac Not Working

Alice MJ

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Manage Device Data • Proven solutions

Android File Transfer not working issue is a pretty common scenario with a majority of Android phone users. The problems vary from "Could not connect to the device" or "Fail to connect Android Mac". Try connecting or restarting your device to "No Android device found". Please connect your Android device with a USB cable to "get started" or "Can't access device storage". And you can also see "Could not copy the file" error while using Android File Transfer.

android file transfer not working

In this article, we are going to introduce the top 7 tips to fix Android File Transfer not connecting/working issue.

Part 1: What Might Be Causing Android File Transfer Not Working?

There are various reasons why your Android device is not able to transfer data. Though Android File Transfer is an effective application for transferring data, the restrictions limit the activities. Mac doesn't support media transfer protocol (MTP) for transferring files from Android to Mac. So, it is essential to install Android File Transfer on your Mac to transfer files from Android to Mac. When Android File Transfer could not connect to the device, you might find that Android File Transfer is not working properly.

Here are the common reasons leading to unresponsive Android File Transfer on your Mac:

  • A defective USB cable or damaged Mac USB port could be the culprit.
  • Hardware errors can occur in both computers and Android devices
  • The proper operation may be disrupted by third-party software.
  • The computer is not running the latest version of the software.
  • The system on Android phones may not be the most up-to-date version.
  • You have installed Samsung Kies or Samsung Smart Switch on your Mac.
  • The file transfer feature is not enabled on your Android mobile/tablet.
  • Your Android device or Mac computer is not compatible with Android File Transfer.

Now that you've known what's causing Android File Transfer not working issue, it's now time understand 8 proven tips for fixing this issue. Let's explore.

Part 2: 7 General Tips for Fixing Android File Transfer Not Working

If Android File Transfer's no Android device found the issue is bothering you, then we have good news for you. In this portion of the article, we have picked the top 7 tips for you to let Android File Transfer work perfectly. When Android File Transfer misses your expectations in sharing files, you can also find other trustworthy programs offering the same services. This part of the article covers solutions for Android File Transfer could not connect to the device. So, you can seamlessly enjoy transferring data to any device.

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Let's go through them one by one.

Method 1. Check your USB cable

Always ensure that the original USB cable provided with your Android device or a genuine and compatible one is used to establish the connection. When the USB cable is at fault, you won't be able to connect the Mac and your Android device properly. It will deter the data transfer, no matter what software you use to facilitate the process. If your USB cable is damaged or doesn't support the device or Mac, then replace it ASAP.

  • Try a different USB cable.
  • Connect Android to another PC and check USB port on phone.
  • On Android, turn-on ‘USB debugging’ and select MTP mode (for LG it can be PTP).

Fixed Android File Transfer Mac Not Working-Debugging USB

Method 2. Enable file transfer on your Android device

In case Android File Transfer cannot connect to the device, even after replacing the faulty USB cable. The file transfer settings might be preventing the connection between your Mac and Android device. You can fix this by allowing file transfer.

After connecting your Android phone to your Mac computer, unlock your phone. You can see a popup window and tap the USB connectivity option from the notification bar. Here, you need to click on the 'File transfers' option. It will enable the file transfer option on your device.

turn on file transfer on android

Method 3. Update Android OS on device

At times, the older version of Android OS is not compatible with Android File Transfer software on your Mac. As a result, the Mac PC could not connect to your device through Android File Transfer. To establish a connection between your mobile device and Mac computer, it becomes paramount to update the Android OS. You can check for an updated version of the Android OS on your device by browsing to 'Settings'. Then scroll the Settings menu down and tap on 'About Phone'. Now hit on System Update/Software Update option from the list of options available.

update android OS

  • Upload/update operating system of your Android device to latest version. (Note: Sometimes, the updates are visible on the notification bar as well.)
  • Restart your mobile before trying to establish the connection.

Fixed Android File Transfer Mac Not Working-Android Troubleshooting

Method 4. Mac Troubleshooting

To explore any wrong with PC first be sure that Mac OS X 10.5 or later is in use, and that Android 3.0 or later is being used.

  • Restart your computer.
  • Ensure ‘Android File Transfer’ app is open.

Fixed Android File Transfer Mac Not Working-Mac Troubleshooting

Method 5. Uninstall Samsung Kies/Smart Switch

If your Android device is a Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+/S7/S8/S5/S6/S4/Note 8 or Note 5, that you could not connect through Android File Transfer. The reason may be Samsung Kies or Samsung Smart Switch application installed on your device or Mac computer. These apps are not compatible with Android File Transfer, so you need to get rid of them first. Uninstall them and then try connecting and transferring data.

On your Mac computer, download the installer and then go to the 'Uninstall' option within it. The application will be instantly uninstalled from your Mac.

uninstall samsung kies

Method 6. Reinstall Android File Transfer

When Android File Transfer cannot connect to the device, you need to check whether the Android File Transfer is of the latest version or is not corrupted. Older or corrupted versions of software applications usually hamper the performance, which is usual for Android File Transfer as well. In this scenario, you can reinstall the software and then try to connect the Android device with the Mac computer. Reinstalling a fresh version of software fixes most of the related issues.

Method 7. USB Debugging activation

To allow data transfer between your Android device and a computer, allowing USB debugging is essential. Unless you enable this feature, the computer can't detect your Android device. As a result, Android File Transfer cannot connect your Android phone and Mac computer and initiate data transfer. Here is the quickest way to do so.

1. Browse to 'Settings' on your Android phone, then tap on 'About Phone' and scroll down to Build Number. Now, hit on the 'Buil Number' approximately 7 times, and you'll then be able to access 'Developer Options'.

turn on develop options

2. Next, get into the 'Developer Options'. Ensure that 'USB Debugging' has been selected over here. Retry if it doesn't work once. When the 'USB Debugging' option is enabled, you can see your device is detected by the Mac system.

turn on USB debugging

Part 3: The Best Alternative to Android File Transfer

If troubleshooting above for these issues doesn’t work, it may be time to consider an alternative solution. This is where Wondershare Dr.Fone comes in handy. If all else fails, the Phone Manager feature of this program is a reliable solution. It's the perfect alternative when Android File Transfer fails to connect to your device. With Dr.Fone, you can transfer media files between Android devices and computers, export, add, and delete them in batches. You can even transfer data between iTunes and Android devices, and manage your Android device on your computer. In this guide, we'll show you how to connect your Android device to a Mac, including how to connect Samsung to Mac.

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Wondershare Dr.Fone is fully compatible with Android OS 2.1 or later and supports both Windows and Mac computers. So if you're struggling with connectivity issues, give Dr.Fone a try – it's a powerful and reliable tool that can help you get your files transferred quickly and easily.

Let's now understand the step-by-step tutorial on how to transfer files from Mac to your Android device using Wondershare Dr.Fone.

Step 1: Head to the official website of Dr.Fone and download the Wondershare Dr.Fone tool. Install and launch the tool on your PC. Tap on the "My Device" tab from the left side menu bar. To connect your Android device to your Mac computer, use an authentic USB cable or choose a wireless connection through Wi-Fi.

connect android phone to computer

Step 2: You're now required to navigate to the desired data type that you wish to transfer from your Mac to Android. Make use of the buttons in the navigation bar at the top. For instance, tap on 'Photos'.

select data types

Step 3: Now, hit the 'Add' icon available and then choose the 'Add File/Add Folder' option from the drop-down menu depending upon your requirements. Then, locate the desired photos on your mac that you wish to transfer to an Android device.

transfer files from computer to android

Step 4: Lastly, hit on 'Open', once you' remade your selection. Your transfer will then be initiated. After the process completes, repeat the process for all other data types that you wish to transfer.

transfer files from computer to android

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Although transferring files from smartphone to another Android phone or to PC is invariably a simple task but if somehow you are stuck up in some troublesome situation. Fortunately, solutions are there but since the problem erupts just out of sheer bad luck so you have only to check what’s the probable cause. Sometimes system security of your device doesn’t accept files transfer via USB cable. The error message like "Fail to connect Android Mac" may thus be seen. In such situation, you will need to enable to allow security mechanism of your phone to accept the transfer of Android files to PC (Mac) via USB.

If you're seeking to move files around, using Android File Transfer isn't the most efficient option. Fortunately, there are numerous third-party applications available that can help resolve any issues with Android File Transfer Mac not functioning. Wondershare Dr.Fone is a highly recommended tool for file transfer from any Android phone to a Windows or Mac computer.

Alice MJ

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