Complete Review: How To Use Send Anywhere and Its Best Alternative

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Whenever you buy a new smartphone device, you fret about transferring the data of the previous device. If it is an iPhone that you have bought being an Android user in the past, you will seek methods to transfer data. To counter all queries involving how to transfer data properly, a proper file transfer app is necessary.

Send Anywhere app is an excellent source for effective data transfer. While it provides services for data transfer between iPhone and Android, there are many other preferences available to adapt. This article will provide a comprehensive review of Send Anywhere file transfer service. Following this, a proper alternative to this file transfer application will also be offered.

Part 1: Basic Information of Send Anywhere

As we start with the introduction of the Send Anywhere app, get to know more about the platform in this section. We will be providing a comprehensive overview and all the essential information involving this file transfer app. From PC to smartphone transfer, everything is possible with this proficient service.

Introduction To Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere service introduced itself in the market in 2012, and ever since, it has gained immense popularity. While it became one of the most revered transfer services, people found it a go-to service. Send Anywhere for PC has normalized the approach of sending files at a fast speed.

As it displays itself as a robust solution to send data anywhere between devices, this platform has become diversely compatible. You can utilize Send Anywhere for huge data transfers between all forms of devices without breaking a sweat.

sendanywhere official website

Technical Specifications of Send Anywhere

To know more about the expressive functionalities of Send Anywhere app, look through these technical specifications. We have outlined them for you to have a better understanding of the platform before adoption:


  • Windows: Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Mac: macOS 10.10 OR later.
  • Android: Android 4.4 OR later.
  • iOS: iOS 12.0 OR later
  • Amazon Kindle: Android 4.0 OR later.
  • Linux: Debian 8.0 (Jessie)/ Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty)


  • Windows: 107MB
  • Mac: 7MB
  • Android: 59MB
  • iOS: 6MB
  • Amazon Kindle: 6MB
  • Linux: 1MB






Uses 256-bit encryption. Keeps data secure during transfer with encrypted keys.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Send Anywhere

When it comes to using Send Anywhere for PC or other devices, there are multiple advantages and disadvantages associated with it. Reviewing these merits and demerits of the application will help you understand more about it:


  • The platform is straightforward to use, with no particular difficulties involved in its operation.
  • Along with 256-bit encryption during file transfer, it regulates the transfer with a 6-digit key.
  • The process of executing the file transfer is swift, which is comparable with other players in the market.


  • The data and information within the application are deleted if the user deletes their application on the device.
  • Multiple bugs reporting the data transfer have been reported by users.

User’s Comments on Send Anywhere App

“Hands down, the best. Okay, so I’m not the type to write reviews, but this App deserves it 100%. I tried everything- EVERYTHING. I got a new iPad and I wanted to send all my dear videos from iPod to iPad. iCloud sucked, for some reason I couldn’t message them to myself (which I’ve done before for other things), I tried a couple of different Transfer Apps and this one hands down is the best. It was simple, easy, and FAST. I have crappy internet service, so when I saw this App work like the speed of light I was impressed. It’s also fast with MULTIPLE sends. I did all videos. 10-12 and was just as fast as sending one. You want to transfer photos, videos, etc.? GET. THIS. APP.” - CharlyneF

“I tried it once. It didn't work. I attempted a simple file transfer of six .wav audio files from my Android tablet to my Win 10 computer. 7% of the way through, the app failed and crashed. Whatever caused the aborted transfer was never known. All I got was "Error" -- if there were any explanation of what had gone wrong, I would have tried to fix it on my end. But this was a one-and-done.” - User.

Part 2: Application Cases of Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere might have developed your interest in dedicated file transfer between multiple types of devices. While you try to dissect the usability of this file transfer app, you will discover that there are numerous use case scenarios for adopting Send Anywhere app. This part discusses some potential use cases of utilizing this file transfer app for your everyday operations:

  1. iPhone to Android: If you have bought a new iPhone and want to shift your previous data from an Android device you owned, this platform provides you with the required services. Download Send Anywhere from the official application stores of both devices and transfer data quickly.
  2. PC to Smartphone: You might have a crucial file stranded on your PC. Since you cannot take your PC everywhere with you, the file needs to be transferred. In such a case, Send Anywhere for PC comes as a tangible solution to proper file transfer.
  3. iPod to iPad: Developing the perfect music playlist takes a lot of time. Although it might have been done in an iPod, you will need to shift it at some point. If you bought an iPad, data transfer between iPod and iPad is possible with this application.
  4. Send From Web: Being a professional, you might face the urgency of sharing a huge file with your colleagues. To counter this, a data transfer tool like Send Anywhere can help you send a specific file from its web version. It can be sent as a link, directly, or through email.

Part 3: How To Use Send Anywhere for File Transfer

After reviewing the application scenarios for using Send Anywhere, you might require a transition into using the platform. Although you have understood why to Send Anywhere file transfer stands as a great option, the following steps will help you figure out the basic operations.

For File Transfer Through the Web

Step 1: Open the official website of Send Anywhere and proceed to click the “+” icon to initiate sending files to another user.

tap on plus icon

Step 2: As you click the button, you will be led to a new screen for browsing the respective file or files. On adding the files successfully, a list of different options appears at the bottom of the sending menu.

select the transfer method

Step 3: If you consider sending the files directly to any particular user, select the “Direct” option. A QR code and code number will appear on the screen that can be scanned or added on the other device that is nearby. On a successful connection, the files are transferred to the other device.

using the qr method

Step 4: For sending the files as a link, select the "Link" option from the bottom, and a screen appears with a link and a QR code. Scan the QR code or copy the link to share with other users.

share using link option

Step 5: You can email the files to the other user by selecting the "Email" option from the bottom. Type in the details of the recipient and send the files.

proceed with email option

For File Transfer Between Smartphone Devices

Step 1: Launch the application Send Anywhere after downloading it successfully. For example, if we are transferring data from iPhone to Android, tap on "Send" from the bottom and select the respective data that you wish to send.

access the send feature

Step 2: On selecting the required data, tap “Send” to continue on the next screen.

tap on send

Step 3: The next screen displays a QR code and a scanning code for the Android device. You can either scan or type the code manually for sharing the files. Send Anywhere also gives you the option of sharing the link with the “Share Link” button on the same screen.

share file with other device

Part 4: The Best Alternative of Send Anywhere

There's always a limitation of having an internet connection for utilizing the services of Send Anywhere. If you intend to use Send Anywhere for PC, the operations might get complicated if you do not have a proper internet connection. Thus, the need for a better option is always available on the floor. Dr.Fone (iOS/Android) is the perfect solution in such a scenario.

Dr.Fone provides hands-on experience in controlling the data across a smartphone. From managing the devices to transferring data, the platform ensures to provide services to the latest devices in the market.

Key Characteristics To Be Aware of About Dr.Fone

Dr.Fone holds a few features that make it different from any other option in the market. To know more about these prominent features, follow the highlighting points guided below:

  • It provides support to the latest Android and iOS devices, including Android 13 and iOS 16.
  • From transferring files to managing them, Dr.Fone allows you to delete and convert such files to appropriate formats.
  • This service also allows you to transfer data between iOS and iTunes, which is not a normal transfer method.

Steps To Transfer Data From Phone to PC With Dr.Fone

To know how the data is successfully transferred between devices with Dr.Fone, follow the steps guided next:

Step 1: Open Dr.Fone Phone Manager

Download and install Wondershare Dr.Fone on your computer to proceed with the phone management. As you connect your iPhone or Android to the computer, continue to select “Phone Manager” from the list.

choose the phone manager

Step 2: Select the Data Type You Need to Transfer

The device gets detected and is displayed on the home screen of Phone Manager. To continue transferring specific files, you can access any particular data type from the top panel.

device is detected by dr.fone

Step 3: Export Files Easily

On accessing a particular file type, select the files you wish to transfer and click the “Export” button. Select the appropriate option according to your requirements and transfer data successfully.

export the selected files

safe Downloadsafe & secure


This article has explained the Send Anywhere application for PC in detail. Following the details offered in the article, you will have discovered the qualities underlying the product. With all data transfer opportunities available, consider using Send Anywhere for the specific task. However, for more effective results, it is best to try using Dr.Fone – Phone Manager as a better option for data transfer.

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