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Phone managers took the world by storm with their impressive abilities to control all the data and consistency of a device. MoboRobo, an Android data manager, was one such option for old Android users, which helped them unlock things that a normal manager can never do. Although many people questioned if "is MoboRobo safe," some things required attention.

In this article, we will go through a comprehensive overview of MoboRobo, followed by its ability to manage Android devices. By the end of the discussion, you will know about this phone manager and some alternatives to help you select one phone manager for yourself.

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Part 1: Overview of MoboRobo

MoboRobo has a simple, sleek, and effective design on itself, making it a great Android phone manager to work with. It was developed to provide Android users with a platform that can allow them to manage their Android devices. Although an Android user might complain about having new designs and procedures for this, the MoboRobo app still has something left in itself.

moborobo for android interface

There are some effective features that make the tool a specialty to work with. To know more about them, the following discussion highlights the important and effective features of the MoboRobo manager:

1. Managing Contacts within the Android

This platform provides you the autonomy to manage contacts through the platform without going through the Android device. Rather than confusing yourself in transferring contacts from iOS to Android, you can have it done easily with MoboRobo.

2. Device Backup

Apart from being a data manager, MoboRobo APK serves as a great platform for backing up data. If you wish to have a local backup saved on your computer, this is the perfect application to go for. Restoring backups through the platform is also significantly easier with this tool.

3. Control Over the Media Files

Organizing music and other media files is one of the most important things a user intends to do on their devices. With messy music directories, finding the best music at the right time is difficult. Thus, having control over your media files through MoboRobo is a great way to manage them.

4. Sending SMS

What if you know that you can also send SMS through this application? MoboRobo allows sending SMS directly to a contact without going into the Android. If your device is damaged, this can serve as a great tool. You can easily consider sending SMS right from the computer.

5. Application Manager

If you are confused about managing your applications on your Android device, this platform serves in the most appropriate way. You can easily install or remove applications from the device without blinking an eye. This is what makes it significantly effective in all terms.

Part 2: How to Use MoboRobo to Manage Your Android Phone From Your PC?

As you have some knowledge about the MoboRobo APK and its basic features, you should also have some insight into its operability. To manage your Android phone from the PC, you have to utilize the features offered by MoboRobo in the following way:

Step 1: Download and install MoboRobo for Android on your Windows computer and proceed to launch it. Click on "Toolbox" as a window opens to continue to a new window.

choose the toolbox option

Step 2: Connect your Android device and let the application detect it. As you select "Device" from the top, you can view the data in sections on the screen. Use the panel on the left to progress into the folders and details.

access the device tab

Step 3: To add files to your Android device, click the "File" button on the screen's bottom-left to open a window. You can effectively manage your Android device from the PC through this tool.

tap on the file tab

Part 3: User Reviews for MoboRobo

There are some prominent user reviews for having the MoboRobo app for their Android device. These real-time reviews will prove quite helpful for you in assessing the conditions and situations you will be up to while managing your Android device.

"MoboRobo is an innovative technology that is changing the way you can manage everything on your Android phone by allowing you to view the entirety of the phone on your Windows desktop. Not only does MoboRobo make organizing all your media easier than ever, but MoboRobo's interface is also completely streamlined and user-friendly." - Tasha B

"MoboRobo for Windows is a product that helps Android users manage their Android devices. MoboRobo easily syncs with your devices, so they hold the same updated information together. A great feature of this tool is that you can back up and make copies of any content you don't want to lose. MoboRobo is a great tool to manage wallpapers and ringtones as well." - Joseph.

"USELESS! Maybe it's because I am still running 5.0 as an operating system, but there is no "enable USB debugging" or even "developer options" in my "About device" section of settings." - Amazingyellowbuffalo81470.

Part 4: Pros and Cons of MoboRobo

To know more about the qualities of MoboRobo and how good it makes your Android data management, it is best to know the software's pros and cons. Following are some advantages and disadvantages of having the MoboRobo APK with yourselves:

Pros of MoboRobo

If you are thinking of using MoboRobo for your Android device, there are a few prominent pros that you can make yourselves aware of. For that, look into the provided details as follows:

  • The toolbox provides a complete haven of phone management, abstaining from using an Android device.
  • Using the platform, you can also observe different applications and manage them on your Android device.
  • It provides a dedicated music section to help you listen to your music collection stored on your Android device.

Cons of MoboRobo

There are a few prominent drawbacks of using the MoboRobo app for your Android device, which is featured as follows:

  • It only supports older Android devices and their data management, with no considerate support for newer models.
  • MoboRobo has an outdated interface, which is why it is not preferred for most devices.

Part 5: MoboRobo Alternatives - Top 7 Android Manager Software

We will now be shifting our focus to some impressive MoboRobo alternative software that can also serve as an Android manager. If you are not satisfied with taking MoboRobo, this section will help you figure out the best software for you.

Before you dive into the important details, we have provided a comprehensive table showing different parameters. This will prove to be exceptionally important in your Android manager selection:

Tool Pricing Plan Platform Support Ease of Use Rating
Wondershare Dr.Fone - Phone Manager 1-Year License - $39.95/year
Perpetual License - $49.95
1-Year Business License - $399/year
Android, iOS Very Easy 4.8/5
AirDroid Monthly - $3.99/month
Quarterly - $3.23/month
Yearly - $2.50/month
Android, iOS Moderate 4.6/5
Samsung Kies Free Android Outdated and Difficult 2.5/5
Android Commander Free Android Outdated 4.0/5
MyPhoneExplorer Free Android Moderate 4.3/5
ApowerManager Lifetime - $129.90
Annual - $59.90/year
Monthly - $39.90/month
Android, iOS Moderate 4.3/5
MOBILedit $22.99 Android, iOS Moderate 3.5/5

1. Wondershare Dr.Fone - Phone Manager

For comprehensive and up-to-date platforms, the best tool you can come across is Wondershare Dr.Fone - Phone Manager. This device management platform is one of the best alternatives to MoboRobo due to its support for iOS and Android devices. Wondershare Dr.Fone provides some of the most esteemed features and functions to work with.

drfone phone manager interface


  • You can also convert your media files to other formats using the platform while transferring data between devices.
  • Apart from dedicated support for Android devices, you can also set up your iTunes library by syncing the data from iOS devices.


  • To have a complete experience in data management, you will have to buy a subscription package.
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2. AirDroid

Another Android device manager that you can come across is AirDroid. This management tool provides some of the perfect device management functions and several other functions. From file transferring to screen mirroring, this is the perfect application to work with. It serves as a great tool due to provide support for all major platforms.

airdroid interface


  • There is an option for wireless data transfer present within the device, which also covers bulk data.
  • Although you can use it for data management, there is an option for controlling devices remotely.


  • There are multiple reports of glitching operations within the management tool.

3. Samsung Kies

For the perfect synchronization of data between Samsung devices, they can consider opting for Samsung Kies. This data management platform makes data control easy between devices by connecting them through a computer. While it features support for old Samsung devices, it makes it easy for such users to have their data settled through this alternative to MoboRobo.

samsung kies phone management tool


  • It provides dedicated support for Samsung devices only, which prevents users from going to other platforms.
  • Using the platform, you can manage your calendar and events on your device.


  • Samsung Kies is only available for Samsung users, with no support for other Android devices.

4. Android Commander

Users not up for complex management software can use tools like Android Commander. While it provides extensive features, it can provide a simple procedure to copy, delete, and modify data. A shell console is also available for users who imply knowledge of UNIX-based systems, which also accommodates advanced users.

android commander interface


  • This Android data manager is known for providing quick and effective operations.
  • There is a dual-panel available for controlling the files within your Android device.


  • The tool has an outdated interface, which makes it aesthetically difficult for users to understand.

5. MyPhoneExplorer

Phone management is extensive regarding managing the small details and data within an Android device. MyPhoneExplorer is a great tool that accommodates features such as file browsing, phonebook management, and messaging. Along with that, you can also set up your calendar through this esteemed MoboRobo alternative.

my phone explorer interface


  • You can send messages directly through this Android manager without putting yourself in complications.
  • The tool is quite easy to use, with no difficulty in the learning curve.


  • Multiple users have reported issues with the backup function offered by the manager.

6. ApowerManager

This is another reliable phone management tool that features dedicated support for Android and iOS devices. ApowerManager provides a complete toolbox to back up, manage, and restore data within the device. Backing up the important data from the device into a desktop or a Mac gives you greater control over your intensive information.

apowermanager phone management app


  • It provides the option of previewing data files with no limitations.
  • With the option of restoring data files, you can also restore specific files to your device.


  • For a perfect experience, you are bound to buy a subscription plan for ApowerManager.

7. MOBILedit

MOBILedit serves as a central toolbox for the Android device in a user-friendly manner. While you share the data within the computer, it allows you to back up your phone data, control applications, and manage the pictures. Several other features are provided by this data management software, including removing duplicates from the contacts.

mobiledit interface


  • The platform provides extensive support to various Android devices, making it a versatile option.
  • Many users have reported it to be easy to operate.


  • Different users have reported issues with moving data between devices using the platform.


With a conclusive overview of the MoboRobo app in detail, this article has structured some great techniques for managing data on Android devices. Apart from hearing multiple details about the MoboRobo data manager, a list of other tools were also recognized. Amidst that, Wondershare Dr.Fone - Phone Manager, was believed to be the best option to work with. Users confused about managing their devices should use this simple tool.

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