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Full Solutions to Fix iTunes Error 3194 or iPhone Error 3194

Needing to fix iTunes error 3194 (iPhone error 3194) is not something Apple users should fear. Take a few moments to look through what is below, and see how we can help you.

We all understand that your iPhone is a computer in your pocket. We all know that computers are massively complicated. But we also all live in the real world where things will go wrong. One of those things is iTunes error 3194 (iPhone error 3194).

Things have developed and today, rather than hardware, it is very often the software which lets us down. Every computer needs an OS. An OS? An operating system. It is the thing which tells your computer hardware to wake up and do what you need it to do. It is the most fundamental software, the thing which allows your computer, your phone, to do its job. Android is an OS, Windows is an OS, and those of us lucky enough to have iPhones, are users of iOS.

Lucky? Partly because it is probably THE most reliable OS of them all. It rarely suffers from things like the need to fix iOS error 3194. But, just sometimes, such things happen, and we can put things right. Let us start by telling you a little more about one of the most common problems, and tell you what iOS error 3194 is.

What is iTunes error 3194 (iPhone error 3194)

It is ok, don’t worry, you do not need a detailed understanding of What is iTunes error 3194 (iPhone error 3194). Skip straight to the solutions if you like. However, you might just want to have some idea about what the problem is.

When an error 3194 occurs with iTunes, as so often in life, it is a communication breakdown. It is the result of iTunes not recognising the greeting, the handshake, the code of the software which is being installed.

itunes error 3194

The need to fix error 3194 iPhone or iPad, usually occurs because of the inability of iTunes to establish good communication with Apple’s servers. This can also happen when you try to downgrade your current version of iOS, or even when you simply try to update iTunes to the latest version.

This problem can be fixed if you you use your PC or Mac computer and follow our instructions. iPhone and iPad error 3194 in iTunes can be fixed in different ways.

Solution One – How to Fix iPhone/iTunes Error 3194 Successfully Every Time

This is the first solution we offer for fixing iTunes error 3194 and iPhone error 3194. Yes, not surprisingly, we think you should try dr.fone - iOS System Recovery. All the other solutions are free of charge, but they not free of challenges.

dr.fone - iOS Systerm Recovery

Fix iTunes/iPhone error 3194 without data loss.

  • Returns iOS to normal, no data loss at all.
  • A tool for recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, looping on start, etc.
  • Fixes other problems with your valuable hardware, along with iTunes errors, such as error 4005, iPhone error 14, iTunes error 50, error 1009, iTunes error 27 and more.
  • Supports iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE and the latest iOS 10 fully!
  • Works for all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Available on: Windows Mac
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Below are the simple steps to fix iTunes error 3194 successfully.

Step 1. Download dr.fone software and install it.

Then open the software, and you will see the windows like below:

fix iphone error 3194 with dr.fone

Clear on screen instructions.

Step 2. Click ‘More Tools’, then choose ‘iOS System Recovery’.

Now connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable.

fix error 3194 itunes with dr.fone

Step 3. After your iPhone has connected to your computer successfully, click the button ‘Start’ to continue the process.

fix itunes error 3194 with dr.fone

Step 4. In the next screen shot, you can see that dr.fone asks you to choose which model you have. Not sure? Look on the back, check on Apple’s web site, look at your manual, look at the original box even. Then click the ‘Download’ button to install the firmware for your iPhone. Depending on your internet connection, this might take a while, though it should be no more than 10 minutes. What is that old saying, ‘A watched computer never downloads’? Why not check a clock now, to be sure how long it really is taking?

fix error 3194 with dr.fone

fix 3194 error with dr.fone

You will be kept informed through the straightforward steps.

Step 5. When the download is completed, dr.fone will repair your iPhone automatically.

fix error 3194 with dr.fone

Every step is clear to see.

fix error 3194 successfully with dr.fone

Try It Free Try It Free

You have now fixed iPhone error 3194.

This will work, but if you did want to try another approach, have a look below.

Solution Two – Fix iTunes Error 3194 in DFU mode

DFU mode! Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Do not worry, it is Device Firmware Upgrade. Just walk through the steps with us.

Step 1: You need to install iTunes on your Mac or Windows.

fix iphone error 3194

The iTunes screen may well be familiar to you.

Step 2. Next open the host file. Yes, this is a technical solution!

For Mac users, go to path:/ect/hosts

For those with Windows, go to the folder: c:/windows/system32/drivers/, etc./hosts.

fix iphone error 3194

Not for everyone, but the ‘hosts’ file is only a text file of instructions

Step 3. You will need to open these files with administrator rights. If you do not like the sound of this, you should probably look at another solution.

Copy the next line - Paste it in the host file as the last row.

fix error 3194

The hosts file open in Notepad.

Step 4. Now you need to connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with a USB cable. Please use the original cable to avoid possible complications. If it does not do so automatically, tell iTunes to run yourself.

fix error 3194 itunes

dr.fone suggests that you may as well let the whole process run.

Step 5. Switch off your device by pressing the sleep and power buttons at the same time, holding them until your phone shuts off. One small thing, the sleep button was moved from the top to the side, with iPhone 6.

fix iphone error 3194

Step 6. Then, the next step to solving error 3194 is to start your phone in DFU mode.

We suggest you read all the next steps in this paragraph first before executing them. Simply hold the power and sleep buttons again. This time, do so for ten seconds. Now release the power button but continue to hold the sleep button. iTunes should now show you a message that your device is in a recovery mode. If not, just repeat the process.

fix error 3194 iphone

Ok! Take the next step.

Step 7. The next step is to update your device iOS and use the restore features in iTunes.

After that, go back to the host file, where you will remove the line you entered before.

Finally, it is advisable to update your iPhone or iPad to the latest firmware.

fix 3194 error

The screen may vary according to which version you are using.

If you do not like the idea of this solution, do not worry, we have more ideas for you.

Solution Three – Fix iTunes Error 3194 via iTunes

This time you have to add three lines to the hosts file.

If you need to fix an iPhone or iPad error 3194, this might be a good solution.

Just look at the steps, which we hope are clear, in Solution One.

fix itunes 3194

Do remember to remove the lines from the hosts file after the repair has been completed.

You might prefer the following approach.

Solution Four – Fix iPhone Error 3194 for Jailbroken iPhone

iPhone or iPad error 3194 also occurs when you use other software to modify your phone. Your phone is then ‘jailbroken’ which means that you can play with all sorts of things which Apple does not want you to play with. Not too surprisingly, Apple’s servers might recognise your phone and block you.

Join millions of users who have recognized dr.fone as the best tool.

dr.fone cannot possibly recommend that you jailbreak your phone. On the other hand, we do recognise that some people will do so regardless of the risks, and might find that they do not have all the expertise required to fix the problem. It is at your own risk, but we will not abandon you in a time of crisis.

With no liability, we suggest that you might chose to look at TinyUmbrella. Guess what? It isn’t sold by Apples iStore. But, if you are confident with this sort of thing, you might choose to search for, download, and use it to fix iPhone error 3194 (sometimes called iTunes error 3194) for a Jailbroken iPhone.

Step 1. First, download and install TinyUmbrella.

iTunes error 3194

The installation screen for TinyUmbrella.

Step 2. Then, connect your iPhone and close iTunes.

how to fix iphone error 3194

Step 3. Next thing to do is run TinyUmbrella.

Then click on the ‘Start TSS Server’ button.

fix iTunes error 3194

TinyUmbrella gets to work.

Step 4. Then comes the part we have done before, putting your phone to DFU mode. .

start to fix iTunes error 3194

Step 5. To update the firmware, click on ‘Shift + Restore’ for Windows, and for Mac user, that would be ‘Option + Restore’. Then, point it to iOS firmware update file (*.isw), the one which was downloaded in the first step.

fix iTunes error 3194

Step 6. iTunes should now restore and correct iOS firmware.

fix iTunes error 3194

One way in which Apple ensures a high-quality product is by tightly controlling every aspect of your experience. Simply, iOS is not designed to be played around with, and to be totally customisable. Jailbreaking is not something which is encouraged.

Solution Five – Are you connected?

This is one which is easily overlooked. Your precious iPhone is a bit sick, and you are probably not at your most relaxed. It is possible that you did not think to check your internet connection. Re-boot your computer, do not run anything but iTunes, and try to see if you can persuade your phone, to speak to Apple’s servers.

Good luck! We all need a little.

dr.fone – the original phone tool – working to help you since 2002

Join millions of users who have recognized dr.fone as the best tool.

It is easy, and free to try – dr.fone - iOS System Recovery.

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