Full Solutions to Fix iTunes/iPhone Error 3194

Are you trying to update an iOS device and have you experienced error 3194 in iTunes? Do not worry, this is one of the most common system glitches on these devices and we want to help you with it. There are several reasons that can cause error 3194 when updating or restoring iOS device, in fact, they are fairly generic errors and in this article, we will give you assistance to solve it in the easiest way possible. We will help you to fix iTunes/iPhone Error 3194.

Let’s see what iTunes error 3194 is.

Part 1: What is iPhone/iTunes error 3194

Error 3194 is a common issue that appears when iTunes is unable to communicate with the updated server and it means that your iOS device needs help with its update or restoration.

There are many reasons due to which these errors can happen:

iTunes, the Apple media player, is not able to communicate with the server refresh and restore. The communication failure is usually due to the connection being blocked, redirected or interrupted either by security software, new entries in the host file or any other third-party software.

If you are going to downgrade to an earlier version of firmware, it is likely that the version of iOS you are trying to install on your device is no longer signed by Apple.

The computer from which you are trying to perform the operation does not have the latest version of iTunes installed and this cause iTunes error 3194.

In other words, this happens because to update the version of our device, the firmware, the software that we download must be digitally signed by Apple, who has stopped signing the versions earlier than they have available. (Currently4.0.). This means that if you want to install any other firmware on your device, it will not permit you and give the error 3194.

Part 2: Fix iPhone/iTunes Error 3194 by Checking Host Files

In this section, you will find the solutions to your iPhone error 3194 by checking your Host Files:

Step 1: In this first step it is necessary that iTunes is closed before going to the next step.

Step 2: Open the Host file in your computer:

  • Windows: Go to  C:WindowsSystem32driversetc and double-click on the host file. Select notepad in your programs lists
  • Mac: Open the terminal from the Utility folder and write sudo nano/etc/hosts and press Return and will open the host's file in the notepad.

find windows host files

Step 3: In the notepad, search the Apple address gs.apple.com. This address deflects the signature verification process to the Cydia servers. It is the presence or absence of this redirect that causes the error. What you have to do depends on whether or not you find this line:

For address gs.apple.com just need to add an # in the beginning.

If it doesn’t appear, add gs.apple.com in the host file.

edit the host

Step 4: Save the changes, in this way, your iPhone device will establish the correct connection:

  • Windows: Click on the File menu and select Save
  • Mac: Press Ctrl + o to save and Ctrl + x to exit

save host file

Step 5: Open iTunes and try to restore or update your device again.

Usually, following these steps, will fix the Error 3194.

Part 3: Fix iPhone/iTunes Error 3194 with dr.fone without data loss

If still, you cannot fix iPhone error 3194 we recommend you to use dr.fone - Repair. It can help you fix various iPhone errors without any data loss. Do not know how to do it? Here we tell you how to proceed to fix error 3194 thanks to dr. fone from Wondershare.

dr.fone - Repair

Fix iPhone/iTunes error 3194 without data loss.

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How to fix error 3194 successfully

Follow the step by step help guide to fix iPhone error 3194 with dr.fone - Repair.

Step 1: In this first step, download, install and launch dr.fone on your computer. After this, open it and do click on Repair in the principal window.

fix iPhone error 3194 with dr.fone

Proceed to connect your device to the computer with a USB cable and when the software recognizes your device, click on Start.

fix iPhone error 3194 with dr.fone

Step 2: To fix the error 3194 is necessary to set the device in DFU mode and for this you will have to hold the Home and Power button at the same time for at least 10 seconds and after this just hold the Home button. When the iOS device is in DFU mode, the program will detect it and leave the Home button also.

boot iphone in dfu mode

Step 3: dr.fone will ask you to select your device model. If you are not sure, please, check your device’s manual and proceed to click on Download to install the firmware and wait until the process complete.

select iphone models

Step 4: When the downloaded is finished, click Fix Now to start to fix iTunes error 3194 without any data loss with dr.fone.

fix iPhone error 3194 successfully

The above steps should fix your iPhone error 3194, if not, proceed to the next section.

Part 4: How to fix iTunes/iPhone Error 3194 by Factory Reset

When you experience Error 3194 in iTunes, you are not properly connecting to Apple's firmware signature verification server. This typically happens because you've jailbroken your device in the past and have changed the way iTunes connects to the verification server. You can fix this by performing a remote factory reset of your device.

Follow the next step by step guide helps to know how to iPhone restore error 3194 by factory reset:

Step 1: Download and install iCloud on your computer. Proceed to log into your iCloud account with your Apple ID.

Step 2: Open the Find My iPhone service in iCloud. This will open a map with your registered iOS devices.

icloud find iPhone

Step 3: Select your iOS device from the top menu. Click the All Devices menu and select the iOS device you want to restore.

Step 4: Click the Erase button in the iOS device's card. After confirming, the iOS device will begin automatically resetting to factory settings. This may take a while to complete.

erase iphone to fix iPhone error 3194

Step 5: Setup your iOS device and restore your backup. Start the iOS device setup process as if it were a new phone. You'll be given the choice to choose a backup from iCloud or iTunes, or you can proceed with a fresh install and your iPhone error 3194 will be fixed.

If after reviewing all these points you still have problems updating or restoring an iOS device with error 3194, the best we can do is check from another computer and Internet connection. If still, the problem persists, you should consult an authorized Apple service center. However, we do believe that with the dr. fone toolkit, the iTunes error 3194 or iPhone error 3194 will be resolved and your device will be like new again.

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