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Top 10 Tips To Fix Touch ID Not Working on iPhone 11/X/8/7

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Touch ID is a recognition feature fingerprint, designed and launched by Apple Inc., and is currently standard on iPhone since iPhone 5S and iPad since iPad Air 2 and MacBook Pro. In 2015, Apple introduced second generation ID faster, starting with iPhone 6S and later MacBook Pro 2016.

As a fingerprint identity sensor, Touch ID can not only secure your iPhone, but also enable you to do things like unlocking your iPhone and making purchases in App store and iTunes just by touching the sensor. If touch ID failed to work on your iPhone, some operations on iPhone will become less convenient. That’s why you need to read this article, which is dedicated to provide the fixes to the “Touch ID not working” problem. Hope you like it..

Touch ID has suddenly stopped working on your iPhone 11/X/8/7 and you are looking for some quick solutions to make it work again? You might also be willing to find out why the fingerprint identity sensor has refused to function as usual. If you are on my expected line, then go through these solutions to cut the chase right away.

Coming back to the question as to why Touch ID may not be working on your iPhone after iOS 14 update, I would say you might have to blame sweat, liquid or even improper placement of finger. Though I won’t rule out software glitch as well.

Part 1: What can Cause iPhone Touch ID not to work

Before we provide you any solution to your Touch ID problem, just imagine what makes your Touch ID fail or when Touch ID fails to work.

1. Calibrating Fingerprint Inproperly. Even though the iPhone 11/X/8/7 send you a message that your finger has been calibrated successfully, there are some chances that the calibration is not done perfectly and it can cause touch ID failed.

2. Damp Screens or Fingers. In other cases, dampness, moisture, sweat, and cold – all of this plays a role in preventing the Touch ID from working correctly. This happens both ways: if your finger is damp or if the home button has some moisture over it. It can make your Apple touch ID not working.

3. Touching with force. Apply less force when touching the Home button of your device.

4. Wet Finger. Make sure to keep your fingers clean and dry.

5. Dirty Home Button. Use a smooth cloth to clean the Home button and your finger and try again.

6. Home Button inaccessible. Ensure that screen protector or case doesn’t cover up the Home button of your device.

7. Finger not registered properly. Your finger must be properly touching the capacitive metal ring and the Home button. Make sure to keep your finger at one place at the time of authentication.

8. Also, there are some users in Apple community feedback that Touch ID suddently stop working after iOS 14 update.

Now that we know the basic reasons of touch ID not working issue let us go through some tips which can help us fix it!

Part 2: How to Fix Touch ID not working on iPhone?

Tip 1: Make sure your finger is scanned properly.

To make the Touch ID work, you have to ensure that your finger is scanned properly, which means you get your finger fully scanned during the registration process.

touch id failed-scan iphone touch id properly

Tip 2: Make sure your finger and Home button are dry and clean

Whenever you use your Touch ID, make sure that both your registered finger and Home button are dry and clean to avoid the identifying process being influenced.

Tip 3: Re-enable the “iPhone Unlock” and “iTunes and App Store” features

To perform this action, simply Go to “Settings” App > tap on “Touch ID & Passcode” > Type in your passcode > Toggle off “iPhone Unlock” and “iTunes & App Store”. Then after a few seconds, turn the two features ON again.

touch id failed-re-enable touch id for apple pay

Tip 4: Delete Touch ID Fingerprints From iPhone 8

If you are still experiencing issues, it might be best to delete your existing fingerprints and rescan them. Swipe left on a fingerprint for an option to delete it. When you go through the process of re-scanning your fingerprints, plan on setting aside a fair amount of time for the process. Rushing through the process, which I’ve been guilt of in the past, can result in less than optimal results. Wings or no wings for lunch, give you hands a quick wash.

touch id failed-delete touch id fingerprints

Tip 5: Re-add your Touch ID fingerprint

You need to delete the existed fingerprint first and add the new one.

1. Go to “Settings” App and choose “Touch ID & Passcode”.

2. Enter your passcode when you are asked to do so.

3. Select the fingerprint you want to delete and click “Delete Fingerprint”.

4. Tap on “Add a Fingerprint” to re-add the fingerprint according to the prompts on the screen.

touch id failed-add a fingerprint

Tip 6: Restart your iPhone

In order to restart your iPhone, Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button > When you see the slider, drag it to turn off your iPhone > Press and hold Sleep/Wake button again.

touch id failed-restart iphone

To know more ways to restart your iPhone, read this article:

Tip 7: Update to iOS 14

With Apple’s iOS 14 software update, they improved fingerprint recognition. So if you haven’t yet, you’ll want to download update to iOS 14.

First things first, what’s changed since you first cracked the plastic on your new iPhone 8? When you setup Touch ID, it was the first meeting of fingers and the new fingerprint sensor. Your iPhone was brand new, allowing for solid data being read and transferred from your fingertips to your iPhone. Over time, oils and debris can build up on the surface. I’m not suggesting you’ve eaten plates of wings without using a proper wet knap before using your iPhone.

touch id failed-update iphone

It is natural for your fingertips to excrete oils. Even those who are obsessive with washing their hands, oils can impede the reliability of Touch ID. On a semi-regular basis, use a soft lint-free cloth to clean the Touch ID home button. It can be a difference maker.

Tip 8: Restore your iPhone

The restoring process will erase all the data on your iPhone, so don’t forget to back your iPhone up with iTunes first before restore your iPhone.

touch id failed-backup iphone with itunes

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and run iTunes.

2. Click on device button and choose “Summary”.

3. Tap on “Restore iPhone”

Tip 9: Make Sure Home Button is not covered

While using the Screen Protector, make sure that it does not cover your iPhone Home Button. If so, you are required to make arrangement to avoid screen protector interaction with your Home Button.

Tip 10: Apple Support

In case none of the above mentioned tips help out then you can get the support form the Apple team.

With the above information, I believe you have learned what can make your iPhone touch ID not to work and also, several ways to make it start working without having to spend a dime. Thanks for reading this article and do share your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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