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Transfer iPhone Apps to New iPhone in 2024

Selena Lee

Jan 11, 2024 • Filed to: Data Transfer Solutions • Proven solutions

We would be very excited to buy a new iPhone like iPhone 13/13 Pro(Max) whenever possible. Just think, what makes us emotional and enthusiastic towards buying and using a new iPhone? Maybe the new and advanced features are better than the old one? Exactly! Once you have bought a new iPhone like iPhone 13/13 Pro(Max), definitely the next step would be to transfer all your applications, games, movies, photos, files, videos, etc. Now the question arises, how to transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone? There must be some solution for every query so, let us research the ways of transfer by using iTunes, iCloud, and the iPhone app store. To know more about the process let us go in-depth.

One-click to transfer apps between iPhone [iPhone 13 Included]

There are so many ways for transferring Apps between iOS devices. If you are searching for a time-saving way to transfer the data. You can try the Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer to help you get the Apps. There is no incompatibility or limitations on iOS models and systems. You can click to transfer one data type from one to another.

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Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer

Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone in 1 Click Directly!

  • Cross-platform data migrating between any devices of your choice from Android and iPhone.
  • Support massive data including images, videos, music, messages, contacts, apps, and more.
  • Works perfectly with almost mobile phones and tablets, such as iPhones, iPad, Samsung, Huawei, etc.
  • Fully work with mobile systems iOS 17 and Android 10.0 and computer systems Windows 10 and Mac 14.
  • 100% safe and risk-free, backup & restore data as the original.
Available on: Windows Mac
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Connect both the two iPhones to your computer. Once both the iPhones are connected successfully, all the data from source devices will be detected and listed on the screen. You can adjust the target devices and source devices by clicking the "Flip" button directly.

transfer App from iPhone to iPhone

A more detailed guide can be learned from this user guide. Check it out!

Another way that can assist you to move photos from Android to iPhone is the Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (Android). What is incredibly convenient about Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (Android) is its ability to transfer photos selectively. You can also use it to transfer contacts, videos, messages, podcasts, and anything else stored on your Android in minutes. Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (Android) is a secure, trustworthy program, hence you can be reassured that your information will be kept safe while transferring from one device to another.

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Part 1: How to transfer apps from iPhone apps to the new iPhone via iTunes?

iTunes backup is one of the most commonly used transfer methods. All you have to do is take the backup from the old iPhone and using iTunes you can transfer it to the new iPhone like iPhone 13/13 Pro (Max). Very simply, you can transfer apps from the old iPhone to the iPhone 13/13 Pro(Max) or an earlier model.

The Whole Process is divided into two sections

  • A- Backing up old phone data to iTunes.
  • B- Transferring backed-up data to a new phone using iTunes.

Section A - To start, you have to start with the backup in iTunes using the old iPhone:

      1. Firstly, you have to connect the old iPhone and the computer using the USB cable.
      2. Next, Open the settings and view iTunes. Ensure have the latest version of iTunes.
      3. Choose the device.
      4. Create the passcode in terms of encryption. After that, directly, click the backup now button.

backup iphone apps to itunes

      1. Once the backup process is finished, you should check whether the backup was done in iTunes preferences in the old iPhone. You can check it by verifying your name, time, and date in the backup.

Note: You have created the backup process on your old iPhone. Now, you should start the next work to transfer apps to the new iPhone like iPhone 13/13 Pro (Max).

Section B - Once you are done with backing up your old phone data with iTunes, now the next process is to transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes backed up data:

        1. The first step is to switch on your new iPhone. The screen “Hello” should be visible to you. If you did the steps already in your new iPhone then you have to remove the entire step out before transferring the apps.
        2. In your settings, you will have the option Apps & Data. Click it and choose the option “Restore from the iTunes backup” among other options.

restore iphone apps from itunes backup

        1. Now, you have to connect the new iPhone device to the PC where the backup from the old iPhone was done.
        2. View iTunes from the computer and choose your new iPhone like iPhone 13/13 Pro (Max).
        3. Choose the “Restore backup” and cross-check the date, time, iPhone old name, etc.
        4. If you set a passcode then enter it. Just wait for a few minutes to get complete the restore process. Keep On the Wifi support to the new iPhone like iPhone 13/13 Pro (Max) and your backup will automatically download to the new iPhone.

Note: You have done the entire process to transfer apps to the new iPhone 13/13 Pro (Max) or an earlier model.

Part 2: How to transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone using iCloud?

The next successful method is an iCloud backup. iCloud the most used application for verification purposes in the iPhone. This method will be very genuine and no complications occur throughout the process when you transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone 13/13 Pro (Max) or an earlier model.

Here also, we have summed up the transferring process via iCloud under two sections

Section A - Backing up the process: Let’s see the steps to take the backup in iCloud using the old iPhone.

  • Connect the old iPhone to the Wifi connection.
  • Tap the settings and choose iCloud. Click the iCloud and turn ON the iCloud backup.
  • Just ensure that you have turned on backup on iCloud.
  • Select the backup now button and don’t turn off the wifi till the process gets completed.

backup iphone apps to icloud

Note: You have taken the backup from the old iPhone using the iCloud application.

Section B: Now Let us move ahead to see the steps to transfer apps to the new iPhone like iPhone 13/13 Pro (Max):

1. First, we need to connect the new iPhone and wait for the hello message to receive. If you have completed the set up then you have to remove the setup for the backup process.

2. To remove the setup in the new device – choose settings and then general. From the general choose the reset option. Now select erase all the content and the settings.

Note: Doing so will erase any old setup.

3. Ensure the Wifi is connected to the device and complete the process to configure the wifi.

4. Open the Apps/Data and select “Restore from the iCloud backup”.

restore iphone apps from icloud backup

5: You will get the screen to enter the iCloud credential details such as ID/ password.

select icloud backup file

6: After entering the credentials, you will have the choice to select the backup process. Ensure the date/time of the backup process for verification.

7: The backup process starts on your new phone and you do not interrupt or stop the wifi connection while the backup process continues.

8: Your photos, videos, files, etc will be automatically downloaded into your new Phone using iCloud.

Part 3: How to transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone with the help of the App store?

In this part, we are going to transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone 13/13 Pro (Max) or an earlier model using the iPhone app store. In this method, you do not need to connect to the computer, or no lengthy steps needed. Let us see the steps carefully!

1: You can access the iPhone app store once if you log in to the iCloud account. Click on the settings and choose the “iTunes & App store”. It will ask you to enter the credentials such as Apple ID and password.

2: If you didn’t update the app store then update it by clicking the icon in the lower right corner of the window.

transfer app to new iphone via app store

3: Once you tap on the update icon, it will show the option “My Purchase”. It will ask you to sign in the iCloud account.

check my purchased apps

4: After entering the credential, you have the two options such as all and not on this phone.

5: Select the option “not on this phone” present on the right upper side of the window. You will get the list of applications that you have purchased using the iCloud account.

6: Click the download button next to the icon of the apps. The apps will be installed on your new Phone.

download apps to new iphone

Note: You have completed the installation of apps on your new iPhone.

We have given and explained to you 3 methods to transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone with proper guidance. Each method describes a unique verification process along with the manual setup. You now do not need to wait in a queue to transfer apps to your new iPhone. We can assure you that you would also be in no need of any help from outside. All the best!

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