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How to Forward Text on iPhone and Android

James Davis

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Manage Device Data • Proven solutions

Do you have an important text messages on your phone and you want to deliver it to your friends or staff? The most obvious thing you will do is trying to copy and paste it or retype it. However, there is a much easier way of SMS forwarding regardless of using iPhone or android phone. Simply put, just forward text message to the person intended for.

Part 1: Enable text message forwarding to receive and send messages on iPad and Mac

Continuity is a special feature that allows you to answer the phone calls on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac operating system such as Yosemite. This feature gives a lasting experience when using multiple devices. Forward text feature on the other hand allows you to forward text messages, emails to a couple of individuals without the need of actually retyping it. It saves you time and boredom of retyping texts.

The following are important steps to guide you in enabling text message forwarding on your iPad and Mac

Step 1. Open the messages app on your Mac

 First things first, ensure that Mac and iPad are in handy for the purpose of carrying out the rest of the procedures. Right from the Mac PC open the Messages app. You will be able to see window that looks like this.

Forward Text on iPhone and Android

Step 2. Open Settings on your iPad

 From your iPad open the Settings app, and then navigate to Messages. Under the message icon tap on Text message Forwarding.

Forward Text on iPhone and Android

Step 3. Locate the name of Mac

From your iPad, go to the Text Message Settings and locate the name of the Mac or iOS device you want to enable, in order to receive, and send messages. Tap on the button on the top right corner of your screen. As you probably know already, when a feature is "ON" it displays a green colour. A feature that is "off" will display a white colour.

Forward Text on iPhone and Android

Step 4. Wait for a pop up window

 From your Mac wait for a pop window that requires you to enter a code displayed. There is also a Didn't see it dialogue box if you can't see the code. If you haven't received the text message with the code, please retry sending it.

Forward Text on iPhone and Android

Step5. Enter the code

From your iPad enter the written code (six digit number) and tap on Allow to complete your procedure.

Forward Text on iPhone and Android

Your Mac will verify the code and your iPad and Mac can now communicate through forwarding of text messages between the two devices. Finish the process by clicking Allow button. Don't get stressed up with sending text messages, follow the above procedure about how to get text messages on ipad and sending texts will be more enjoyable than ever before.

Part 2: How to forward texts on Android phones

As you have seen above forwarding texts on your iPhone is easy and straightforward. Moreover to forward text messages Android phone is a simple procedure. Here are the guiding steps to help you work on that.

Step1. Go to Messages menu

Navigate to your Message menu from your android phone and identify the message you want to forward.

Forward Text on iPhone and Android

Step2. Tap and hold the message

Tap and hold the message until a yellowish color appears on your message screen.

Forward Text on iPhone and Android

Step3. Wait for a pop up screen

Continue holding the messages for more than two seconds until a pop window appears with other new options

Forward Text on iPhone and Android

Step4.Tap on Forward

 Select Forward from the new pop up screen and start adding numbers you want to forward your message to. You can add numbers from your contact list, recent call list or manually add them. After adding all recipients, tap on Send dialogue box. Our message will be sent and if your send or receive message status feature is enabled you will receive a delivery report.

Forward Text on iPhone and Android

If your delivery report status is disabled, you can also use View message detail option to find out if your message was delivered to the intended recipients.

Part 3: Bonus Tips for Android and iOS SMS Management

#1.Delete Old Text Messages Automatically

More often than not we keep old text messages on our Android phones. These are merely junks and they take up valuable space on our devices. It is wise to get rid of all text messages by simply setting your phone to automatically delete them after say 30 days, a year or so.

The procedure is simpler than you can imagine. From your Menu button of your Android phone, tap on Settings and select General settings. Then check in on Delete old messages dialogue box and finally select the time limit for getting rid of old messages.

#2.Find Out When the SMS is Sent or Received

 The ability to check the status of your text messages is very important. This feature is common in ordinary phone. When it comes to Android phone, you have to enable this feature since it is disable by default. Following up on the status of your messages saves you considerable agony of worrying whether the message was delivered or not. It is after sending your message that you will receive a notification that your message has been safely delivered. This is just a matter of second work.

#3.Enable and Disable Spell Checker

Android phones provides spell checker feature by default. When the spell checker is enabled it underlines various elements of you script. This may prove to be annoying especially when you are typing your dialogue in two different languages and all your work is full of red lines. The brighter side is that the incorrect English word will be marked and you can then correct it. This makes your work very accurate.

The bottom line is you can either enable or disable your speller checker depending on what deems fit at the moment.

James Davis

James Davis

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