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Android 14 Release: Everything You Want to Know About Android 14

Feb 29, 2024 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions


This Halloween month, we have a present from Google Android 14 has dropped. Naturally, as every year, there is a clamor to find out what’s new, and more importantly, whether your devices will get it and if so, when. Here’s a lowdown on what constitutes Android 14, which devices will get it, and how to fix Android issues if something goes wrong after the update. 

android 14

Part I: Android 14: Compatible Devices

The first thing we all want to know is if our Android devices will get Android 14. When it comes to getting version upgrades, the Android world has yet to catch up with Apple with its 5-year support for iPhones, but hey, things seem to be changing! We know, most manufactures have an abysmal record when it comes to giving updates, but there are a few that are changing that Google and Samsung are pioneering timely and multi-year upgrades for Android smartphones, whereas other manufacturers still seem more interested in churning out new hardware to go along with the new software. Samsung promises 3 and 4 years of upgrades to its smartphones lately, depending on series, and that is about the best you can get in the Android world, apart from Google, of course.

Most other manufacturers promise between 2 and 3 upgrades, and the timeframe of delivery has been all over the place, historically. Yet, what we can provide you with is a ready reckoner in form of a list of devices that are likely to get Android 14 based on the promised number of upgrades from the manufacturer.


ASUS phones usually carry two upgrades. As such, these devices are likely to get Android 14:

  • - Zenfone 10
  • - Zenfone 9
  • - ROG Phone 7
  • - ROG Phone 6.


Android being Google, the Pixel phones are the first phones to get the latest Android and the soonest to get them, without fail. Here’s the list of Google phones that will get Android 14:

  • - Pixel 8 and 8 Pro
  • - Pixel 7/ 7a and 7 Pro
  • - Pixel 6/ 6a and 6 Pro
  • - Pixel 5 and 5a
  • - Pixel 4a 5G
  • - Pixel Fold
  • - Pixel Tablet.


Lenovo has its own phones, as well as those under the Motorola brand. The only confirmation so far about Lenovo devices is the Lenovo Tab Extreme that will get Android 14. Lenovo ThinkPhone should also get Android 14, although it is not yet confirmed.


Motorola is now a Lenovo-owned brand, and as such, Lenovo is responsible for delivering updates to Motorola devices. Devices launched in 2023 are the most likely to get Android 14. These are:

  • - Motorola Edge Plus 2023
  • - Motorola Razr 2023
  • - Motorola Razr Plus 2023.


Nothing promises two upgrades and only has Nothing 1 and Nothing 2 in the market so far. Nothing 1 came with Android 12 and was released in 2022 and is slated to get Android 14 by the end of 2023. Nothing 2, meanwhile, already has a beta version of Android 14 that users can upgrade to right away, and users should see the stable release Android 14 sooner on Nothing 2 than on Nothing 1.


OnePlus is another major smartphone brand in the Android world that has started offering 3 upgrades per device for most of its lineup. The latest, OnePlus 11, will offer 4 upgrades, and has an Android 14 beta available. These are the OnePlus devices that will get Android 14:

  • - OnePlus 11 and 11R
  • - OnePlus 10R/ 10T/ 10 Pro
  • - OnePlus 9/ 9R/ 9 Pro
  • - OnePlus 8T
  • - OnePlus Nord 2T
  • - OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite.


OPPO said a few months ago that Find N2 and N2 Flip will be the first devices to receive Android 14 betas. And now, it has Android 14 betas available for those devices for users who want to be on the cutting edge. Other OPPO devices released in the last 2 years should follow suit. Likely candidates are:

  • - Reno 6/ 7/ 8/ 9 and 10 series
  • - Find N2 series
  • - Find X5 and X6 series
  • - F21 Pro and F21 Pro 5G
  • - F23
  • - A77 5G
  • - A78
  • - A96.


Realme has nearly 24 (yes, 24!) devices that will receive Android 14 at some point in time, but users of GT2 Pro can download the beta right away. These are the devices that will get Android 14:

  • - Realme 9/ 10/ 11 series
  • - Realme C35
  • - Realme C51/ C53/ C55
  • - Realme GT
  • - Realme GT Master Edition
  • - Realme GT Neo 2 5G
  • - Realme GT Neo 3 and 3T
  • - Realme GT Neo 5 and 5 SE
  • - Realme GT 2
  • - Realme GT 3
  • - Narzo N53/ N55
  • - Narzo 50 series
  • - Narzo 60 Pro
  • - Narzo Q5/ 5i/ 5 Pro.


Samsung has a long list of models that are eligible to receive Android 14, thanks to its longstanding policy of 3-year to 4-year upgrades and the sheer number of phones it releases.

Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Z Series

  • - Galaxy S21/ S22 and S23 series
  • - Galaxy Z Flip 3/ Flip 4 and Flip 5
  • - Galaxy Z Fold 3/ Fold 4 and Fold 5.

Samsung Galaxy A Series

  • - Galaxy A72 and A73
  • - Galaxy A53 and A54
  • - Galaxy A52 5G/ 52s
  • - Galaxy A33 and A34
  • - Galaxy A23 and A24
  • - Galaxy A13 and A14
  • - Galaxy A04s.

Samsung Galaxy M Series

  • - Galaxy M54
  • - Galaxy M53 5G
  • - Galaxy M33 5G
  • - Galaxy M23.

Samsung Galaxy F Series

  • - Galaxy F54
  • - Galaxy F23
  • - Galaxy F14 5G.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Series

  • - Galaxy Tab S9 series
  • - Galaxy Tab S8 series.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover Series

  • - Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro.


Sony phones only get 2 upgrades, so the list of devices getting Android 14 is rather short.

  • - Xperia 1 IV and 1 V
  • - Xperia 5 IV and 5 V
  • - Xperia 10 IV.

vivo/ Iqoo

These are the vivo/ Iqoo devices that are likely to get Android 14.

Iqoo Series

  • - Iqoo 11
  • - Iqoo 9 series
  • - Iqoo 8 and 8 Pro
  • - Iqoo Neo 8 and Neo 8 Pro
  • - Iqoo Neo 7 and Neo 7 Pro
  • - Iqoo Neo 6
  • - Iqoo Z7
  • - Iqoo Z6/ Z6 5G/ Z6 Lite 5G/ Z6 Pro
  • - Iqoo Z5.

vivo Series

  • - T1 5G/ T1 Pro 5G/ T1x
  • - V23 5G/ V23e 5G/ V23 Pro 5G
  • - V25 and V25 Pro
  • - X70 Pro/ X70 Pro+
  • - X80 / X80 Pro
  • - X90
  • - X Flip
  • - X Fold 2
  • - Y75 and Y75 5G
  • - Y53s
  • - Y35.


Xiaomi has a long list of devices likely to see Android 14 upgrades.

POCO Series

  • - F4 GT
  • - F5 and F5 Pro
  • - M4 5G
  • - M5
  • - X5 and X5 Pro.

Redme Series

  • - 10 5G
  • - 11 Prime 5G
  • - Note 12/ 12 Pro/ 12 Pro+.

Xiaomi Series

  • - 12/ 12 Lite/ 12 Pro/ 12 Ultra
  • - 12S/ 12S Pro/ 12S Ultra
  • - 12T Pro
  • - 13 Lite and 13 Ultra
  • - 13T and 13T Pro.

Part II: Android 14: What’s New

Now, with the list of devices settled, what’s new in Android 14 that users with compatible devices can look out for?

Accessibility Features

android 14 accessibility features

Android 14 builds on Android 13 and makes Android even more accessible with new features. Some features to look out for are:

  • - large font support with scaling up to 200% in size.
  • - camera flash and display can help notify users hard of hearing about notifications.

Battery Life Improvements

One of the most sought-after improvements in both hardware and software is battery life. Android 14 caters to that by making Android 14 more efficient. Improvements to APIs and some other tweaks both user-facing and internal should make Android 14 more efficient with regards to sipping battery juice as well as more transparent to users in relation to battery status.

Privacy and Security Features

Android has been taking steps towards ensuring more robust privacy and security measures for its users and brings new features and improvements to privacy and security with Android 14.

Minimum API Support: A Major Change Regarding Older Apps

  • - Support for apps with APIs older than Android 5.1 Lollipop will be terminated. Users won’t be able install apps using those APIs under Android 14. This is a huge step towards securing Android OS.

Limit Photo and Video Access

new feature in android 14

Just the way Apple has implemented the option for users to choose to give limited or full access to apps for photos and videos, Android 14 brings the same feature to Android users. Now, users will be able to choose the photos and videos the apps have access to, or whether they have complete access.

Enhancements to PIN Privacy

A minor change with major ramifications is coming to how users enter their PIN. Now, under Android 14, users will have the option to remove the animations users see when they tap a digit when entering their PIN. Removing these animations will be optional and can help increase privacy from ‘casual’ glances.

More Transparent Privacy Policy Changes

new feature in android 14

Right now, when you install an app, you accept the privacy policy at the time of installation (whether you read it or not). Then, if the privacy policy changes, you usually never come to know about that until the company contacts you apprising you of the change. This behavior changes with Android 14, and any subsequent changes to privacy policy after the app installation will be notified to the users when they launch the app. This is a huge step forward towards making policy changes more transparent.

Other Notable Features

The entire list is beyond the scope of this article. We are here to only bring you up to date with the major changes so that you know if you will be excited in the new release or disappointed.

generative ai wallpaper android 14

  • - Lock screen customization will be possible to an extent not possible before.
  • - Lossless audio over wired connections will be supported.
  • - 10-bit HDR support is coming with Android 14.
  • - You will be able to select the type of Bluetooth device in Android 14.
  • - Generative AI wallpapers are coming to Android 14. You will be able to type what you want, and a wallpaper will be generated for you.

Part III: How to Fix Android 14 Update Issues: Download Wondershare Dr.Fone

For most of the devices, Android 14 is available in beta form. So, if you installed it and something went wrong, help is ready at hand with Wondershare Dr.Fone System Repair (Android), the only tool you will ever need to fix any issue with your smartphone. Here’s how to use it to fix Android issues. This guide is about Samsung phones, but the process for other phones is fairly similar.

dr.fone wondershare

Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android)

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  • Fix your Android to normal, no skills are required.
  • Fix various Android system issues, stuck in boot loop, black screen, or won't turn on, looping on start, etc.
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  • Compatible with a wide range of Android devices and OS versions
  • User-friendly interface with easy-to-follow steps.
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Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone and select Toolbox > System Repair.

wondershare drfone

Step 2: Click Android.

drfone android system repair

Step 3: Click Start.

drfone system repair android

Step 4: Dr.Fone picks up relevant details about your smartphone. If anything is incorrect, you can change using the dropdown list. Then, click Next.

drfone system repair device details

Step 5: Put your phone in download mode.

For Devices with Home Button

instructions for devices with home button

For Devices Without Home Button

instructions for devices without home button

Click Next.

Step 6: Firmware for your device will get downloaded.

firmware download progress bar

Step 7: Click Fix Now.

fix android 14 issues with drfone

Step 8: Enter 000000 to confirm repair.

confirm phone repair

Wait until the process finishes. Do not remove the device or switch apps or do anything else until this process is complete.

repair progress bar in drfone

Step 9: Click Done.

drfone android repair complete

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Closing Words

Android 14 is an iterative release, meaning it focuses more on fixing things, improving things and making everything work more efficiently than on releasing new features. That said, this is a very balanced release full of improvements and new features that users will like. As always, if anything goes wrong, your trusted Wondershare Dr.Fone System Repair (Android) is here to save the day.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

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