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What is Android Daydream? A Complete Guide to set up and use it

Daisy Raines

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Manage Device Data • Proven solutions

Android Daydream is a live screensaver for Android devices that lets you dynamically show information when the device is not being used. It makes the experience better for users by turning the blank screen into a customizable one that shows useful things like pictures, news, and time. Daydream has many modes, such as app basic daydreams, android basic daydreams, and backdrop daydreams, so it can meet the needs and wants of a wide range of people.

This post will explain what Daydream is and how it works on Android. It will also talk about the different kinds of daydreams and their technical details. It will also show you how to set up and use Daydream and how to use tools like Dr.Fone to manage your Android information.

Part 1: What is Daydream?

1.1 The concept of Daydream in Android

For Android phones and tablets, the daydream is a background app. When your device is docked or charged, Android Daydream can begin to work. The Android working system has built-in features for simple daydreaming. Since Android 4.2, you can use this function. To start the daydream wallpaper, turn on daydream mode.

Aside from the built-in features, the Google Play Store lets you download different Daydream APKs made by different apps. Some daydream background apps, like backdrop daydreams and basic daydreams for Android, keep the screen on even when the device goes to sleep or is docked or charging. The user can change the colors, clock, photos, quotes, news, weather, and other things that they show.

android daydream screensaver

1.2 Key functionalities and advantages of Daydream

The following are the primary features and advantages of utilizing Android Daydream:

Key Functionalities

1: Interactive Screensavers

The sleep screen is transformed into an exciting display of valuable information by Android Daydream.

It supports a variety of categories, including Android basic daydreams and backdrop daydreams, which enable users to personalize their idle screen with photos, news, weather, and other content.

2: Options for Customization

Additional Daydream APKs can be installed from the Google Play Store, and users have the option to select from built-in options.

Daydream VR APK and the Android app Basic Daydreams are popular selections for immersive experiences.

3: Improved User Experience

Daydream offers continuous updates without user interaction by displaying a clock, photographs, quotes, news, and other information.


1: Customization

A high degree of personalization is feasible with Daydream. Users can customize the content that appears on their screen. For example, they can use a backdrop daydream to show a slideshow of personal photographs or configure a daydream app to display the most recent news.

2: Device Utilization

It enhances the usefulness of inactive devices by displaying essential and real-time information.

Even when the device is not in use, basic daydreams on Android maintain its functionality.

3: Conserving Your Battery

Power-efficient alternatives are frequently incorporated into Daydream APKs, which simultaneously provide the necessary information and conserve battery life.

It reduces overall battery consumption by eliminating the necessity to activate the device frequently to check for updates.

4: Improved Appearance

The programmable screensavers of Android Daydream improve the device's visual looks.

The immersive visual experiences offered by Daydream VR APK enhance the device's visual and functional appeal.

5: ease of use

Daydream is accessible to all users due to the simplicity of enabling and configuring it through the device's settings.

Daydream APKs are readily available for distribution and provide supplementary capabilities that surpass the default capabilities.

1.3 Types of Daydreams

1.Backdrop Daydream

Backdrop Daydream is an Android freeware program included in the System Utilities category of the System Maintenance app list.

Backdrop Daydream is being developed by Google LLC. Its developer just published version 1.7.0.

Nevertheless, you should always verify the safety of the download link and run an antivirus scan on the downloaded software for your protection. If you can't download com.google.android.backdrop, your antivirus might flag the Backdrop Daydream as malware.

backdrop daydream app on google play store


  • When your TV is not in use, view a slideshow of well-chosen pictures.
  • Convert the screen of your TV into a stunning background with artwork, satellite photos, and more.

Use cases

  • put up fresh pictures of family get-togethers, trips, and other occasions.
  • Showcase photos of your favorite places to motivate your next travels.
  • Highlight your favorite digital paintings or drawings
  • Present the weather forecasts and current circumstances
  • Join with news applications to provide headlines and updates
  • set Backdrop Daydream to show inspiring or motivating words every day
  • Connect with calendar apps to display forthcoming events and reminders
  • Display to-do lists and jobs.

Examples of backdrop Daydream apps available on the Play Store

Here are some renowned Google Play Store backdrop Daydream apps that can make the screen on your Android device look better when it's not being used:

  • Muzei Live Wallpaper
  • Google Photos
  • Flipboard
  • Backdrop

2. Interactive Daydreams

Interactive Daydreams are an element of the Android Daydream system that provides more than static images. Interactive Daydreams use the basic features of app basic daydreams and add interactive parts to them. For example, the features of Android basic daydreams found in the Google Daydream app can be made more engaging.

google currents scrolls stories past in a smooth, constantly-moving wall of news

how they differ from static ones.

Generally speaking, static daydreams show non-interactive stuff like news feeds or photo slideshows. Though they are aesthetically pleasing, users are limited to viewing the content.

Conversely, interactive daydreams provide features with which users can immediately engage. This could be going through pictures, playing easy games, or getting real-time updates from news applications or social media. Through instant access to information and entertainment without having to unlock the smartphone, interactive daydreams transform the idle screen into a more useful and interesting area.

Examples of interactive Daydream apps available on the Play Store

Here are some renowned Google Play Store interactive Daydream apps that can make the screen on your Android device look better when it's not being used:

  • Photo Table
  • Daydream Interactive Clock

Part 2: How to set up Android Daydream and how to use it

Step 1: To open the settings, first slide two parallel fingers from the highest point to the bottom of the screen to descend the status bar as demonstrated in the image below. Right at the top of the screen is the settings icon.

image showing settings icon

Step 2: Once you access the settings menu, the screen will look like the one below. Press and hold "Display."

image showing display option

Step 3: The screen seen in the picture below will appear once you have opened the display menu. choose the "Android Daydream" option.

image showing Android Daydream option

Step 4: The screen in the picture below will appear after you enter the Android Daydream menu. Activate the Android Daydream mode by tapping the button in the upper right corner of the screen.

activate android daydream mode

Step 5: Once Android Daydream mode is enabled, you will be able to view the screen options such as Google Photos, colors, and the Android night clock. One of these can be chosen and made your Daydream screensaver. Here, like in the picture below, you can choose the Android night clock.

enable Clock android daydream mode

Step 6: Now, as the picture below shows, you can also choose when to launch Android Daydream by pressing the key on the right side of the blue switch. One choice offered here is to daydream while charging only.

launch android daydream while charging

Step 7: The Android night clock has been set up as the daydream screensaver after completing all the previous procedures. Your Android phone will show it on the screen when it is charging. It will seem as it is in the picture below.

android daydream night clock

This way, the Android Daydream screen can show various options using developer apps as well.

Part 3: Bonus Tip: Manage Android Data at Ease

The Android handset and computer are connected by wire throughout the whole management procedure. Installing Wondershare Dr.Fone will allow you to connect it wirelessly. Scan the QR code to successfully link your gadget to the website. One can perform all of this within the section of My Device.

When it comes to managing your Android devices, the process can be cumbersome without the aid of a helpful tool. In such situations, Dr.Fone proves to be invaluable for individuals seeking to efficiently manage their Android data. An overview of how Dr.Fone can assist you in achieving this goal will be presented in this guide.

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Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (Android)

One-Stop Solution to Manage and Transfer Data on Android Phone

  • Transfer files between Android and computer, including contacts, photos, music, SMS, and more.
  • Manage, export/import your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, Apps, etc.
  • Transfer iTunes to Android (vice versa).
  • Manage your Android device on the computer.
  • Fully compatible with the newest Android OS.
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3981454 people have downloaded it

1. Android Photo Management

Step 1: Access Android photos

Explore Android Device and then Photos from the left side menu after connecting your device. To load more pictures into the device, click Add. To export chosen photos to the computer, choose To PC. Use the Delete option as well to remove particular photos to better manage your gallery.

accessing android photos

Step 2: Preview Android Photos

Click on an image to preview. It launches a new window into which you can enlarge and rotate as needed.

previewing android photos

2. Android video management

Step 1: Browse and Manage Videos

Access your device's videos by going through the Android Device to Videos from the left side. Videos of your choice can be imported and exported in any way you see appropriate. Similarly, if the videos are changed, refresh the list and remove them as needed.

browsing and Managing videos

Step 2: Modify the way videos are viewed

On the top-right side of the window, you can modify the video' viewing aspect via options (Album View and List View)

modifying videos viewing aspects

3. Android Messages Management

Step 1: Preview chat messages

From the Messages section in the left menu, examine the specifics of the messages found on your Android device. Discover the conversations you had on your Android device in All Messages. Data can be easily imported, full chats exported, printed as you choose, or deleted. To read out the chats, use the preview window on the right.

chat messages preview

Step 2: View Attachments to chats

Enter the Attachments area, choose the data you want to export to your computer, and then proceed as you see appropriate.

chat attachments preview

4 Android file management

Pathway to Access Android Device Files

Having connected your Android device to a computer, you can quickly view its files. Proceed from the left panel to the Files section below. Easy management of the data between the phone and the SD card is possible on the screen that appears. Use the Add File button to bring data into this area.

In the other case, add a new folder to the file system of the device by using the New Folder button. Data can be found, exported, and deleted based on your needs.

android file management

Bonus features:

  • Dr.Fone simplifies the transfer and management of your favorite pictures or videos from your PC to your Android device so you may personalize your Android dream screensaver.
  • To be sure you don't lose your favorite screensaver settings if you reset your device or switch to a new phone, you may back up your settings, including your Android daydream settings.
  • Additionally, the toolkit makes it easier for you to handle Daydream APK files so you can install Daydream apps that might not be in the Google Play Store.


Android Daydream turns static screens into moving displays of useful data, like pictures, news, time, and more, that make the user experience better. Since Android 4.2, this function has been available. It has different modes, such as app basic daydreams, android basic daydreams, and backdrop daydreams, to suit the needs of different users.

Daydream is easy to set up and use, and apps like Wondershare Dr.Fone can help you keep your Android device running at its best. Dr.Fone lets you handle your data, back it up, and restore it. This makes it easy to change and keep your Daydream app settings. This keeps your screensavers functioning and customized, giving your Android smartphone a productive and entertaining idle screen experience

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Daisy Raines

staff Editor

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