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[100% Working] Solutions To Reactivate Your Google Pixel’s Power Button

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions


Android smartphones dominate the global market due to their versatility. Among these, Google Pixel phones stand out for their excellence. However, even these remarkable devices are not immune to issues. One recurring problem users encounter is the Google Pixel power button not working. This issue, often mistakenly perceived as solely a hardware problem, can also stem from software glitches.

This article delves into various solutions to fix your Google Pixel's power button. It will address both hardware and software intricacies. Read on to discover how to reclaim control and restore the power button's functions.

Part 1. Identify Why Google Pixel Power Button Is Not Working?

Identifying a malfunctioning power button in your Google Pixel involves noticing specific scenarios. These scenarios are where its functionality is compromised. Here are some indicators to help you recognize the Google Pixel 6 power button not working issue:

1. Unresponsiveness

Pressing the power button yields no response or action from the device. For example, it fails to turn the screen on/off. No response is observed despite pressing the power button firmly and for an adequate duration.

2. Sticky or Stuck Button

Physical impediments like stickiness or a stuck button can hinder its normal operation. A button that feels jammed or doesn't depress smoothly might signal an issue. Physical damage to the power button, such as visible cracks, dents, or misalignment, might hinder its smooth operation.

3. Inconsistency

The power button might exhibit erratic behavior. It works inconsistently in turning the device on or off. Moreover, It might require excessive force or repeated attempts to activate the device.

4. Accidental Activation or Deactivation

The device might power on or off unexpectedly without the intentional use of the power button. There are instances where the phone unexpectedly restarts or shuts down without user input. This could be an indicator of a malfunctioning power button.

5. Software Checks

Use software diagnostics or specialized apps to determine if the issue is hardware-related or due to a software glitch. Perform a thorough software update or reset to eliminate potential software-related causes.

Part 2. Techniques To Fix Google Pixel Power Button Not Working

As highlighted before, hardware issues aren't the only reason behind the Google Pixel 4A power button not working. Software concerns can also contribute to Google Pixel power button malfunction. This section offers various solutions catering to software-related and hardware problems:

Solution 1. Force Restarting Your Device

Force restarting your Google Pixel serves as an initial troubleshooting step. It addresses various software-related glitches. Moreover, it fixes temporary system malfunctions affecting the power button. The device's operating system is given a fresh start by performing a force restart. Follow these instructions to force restart your Google Pixel device:

Instructions: On your Google Pixel device, locate and press the "Power" and "Volume Up" keys simultaneously. Keep holding them for around 15 seconds to perform a force restart. Release the keys once the device vibrates and the Google logo appears on the screen.

force restart google pixel button nonoperational

Solution 2. Use Wondershare Dr.Fone As the One-in-All Solution for Power Button

One of the most effective methods to resolve the Google Pixel power button not working is using Wondershare Dr.Fone . It resolves minor issues and is a comprehensive toolkit for all kinds of Android issues. This powerful tool specializes in addressing complex Android system issues. It restores the Android system to its normal state effortlessly and without requiring specialized skills.

Dr.Fone empowers you to resolve various Android problems encountered in typical situations. These include issues like black screens , boot loops, bricked Android devices , and many others. It supports an array of mainstream Samsung models for system repair.

Key Features of Wondershare Dr.Fone

  1. Fone has simplified this process so that anyone can repair Android devices.
  2. It supports over 6000 Android devices across all Android brands for Android OS repair.
  3. Whether your Samsung phone is unlocked or carrier-locked, you can fix it within minutes.

Steps To Fix the Button Issues on Pixel via Dr.Fone

Wondershare Dr.Fone turns fixing complex OS issues into a breeze. The detailed steps needed to fix the Google Pixel power button not working are given below:

  • Step 1. From the Toolbox Tab, Choose System Repair
  • After launching Dr.Fone, move to the "Toolbox" tab and click "System Repair." First, select "Android" as the designated device for this situation. Afterward, move to the following screen and touch "Start." Subsequently, establish a connection between your computer and the Google Pixel device. As you move to the next window, the platform will instantly identify the brand of the Android device undergoing repair.

    start android repair

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  • Step 2. Provide Details of Your Google Pixel
  • Then, choose the "Name," "Model," "Country," and "Carrier" from the provided list. Opt for "OPEN" in the Carrier section if the device is unlocked. Afterward, tick the checkbox to acknowledge agreement with the warning. Click on "Next" to continue repairing your Android device.

    define device specifications

  • Step 3. Repair the Google Pixel Power Button Issue
  • Now, put your Google Pixel in Download Mode. When the device is in Download Mode, Dr.Fone will start downloading the firmware. Once the firmware is downloaded and verified, tap "Fix Now." Since the process will erase all data on your device, confirm your consent by entering the "000000" code. It will start the repair process, which will take a few moments.

    install firmware and repair

    Solution 3. Charging the Device Again To Check Functionality

    Occasionally, issues with the power button on a Google Pixel might appear due to low battery levels. It can also happen due to temporary power-related glitches. Charging the device can serve as a simple yet effective method. It can evaluate and potentially restore the functionality of the power button. Use the original charger and connect your Google Pixel to a power source.

    Ensure the device charges a minimum of 15-30 minutes to restore a sufficient power level. Following the charging period, try the power button to power on/off the device. Check if the power button now responds as expected. Press it firmly but gently to determine if the charging process has resolved the power button issues.

    charge google pixel properly

    Solution 4. Using Assistive Touch as a Remedy

    Assistive Touch is a built-in accessibility feature in Android devices, including Google Pixel. It offers an on-screen virtual button. It is an alternative to physical buttons like the power button. This serves as a workaround to manage device functions. It is especially true when the physical power button is malfunctioning. Here is how to enable assistive touch to resolve the Google Pixel 4A power button not working:

  • Step 1. Begin by accessing the “Settings” of your Pixel and scroll down to tap “Accessibility.” On the next screen, press “Accessibility Menu” to proceed further.
  • open accessibility menu google pixel

  • Step 2. In the “Accessibility Menu” tab, activate the “Accessibility Menu Shortcut.” This will prompt a button to show up near the bottom right corner.
  • accessibility menu shortcut google pixel

    Solution 5. Installing a Third-Party Application for Turning Off and on Device

    When facing issues with the physical power button on your Google Pixel, you can use a third-party app. There are many third-party applications specifically designed for power control. They can be an alternative method to manage power off and on your device. Here, we will use an app called “Shutdown” to explain how to use a third-party app for device booting functions:

  • Step 1. Visit the Google Play Store to obtain and install the “Shutdown” app on your Android device. Upon installation, open the app and allow the required permissions. You can do that through the “Accessibility” tab.
  • provide permission to app

  • Step 2. Upon obtaining the essential permissions, employ the app to access your device’s power menu. Launching the app will guide you to the power menu of your device, enabling you to choose the “Restart” option.
  • restart google pixel with app


    In conclusion, this article addresses the issue of the Google Pixel power button not working. It discussed both basic and advanced solutions to resolve this issue. The basic troubleshooting techniques ranged from force restarting to scheduled reboots. It also discussed alternative methods like Assistive Touch or third-party apps. With these solutions, users can tackle power button problems effectively.

    Wondershare Dr.Fone is a valuable tool for more intricate system repairs. It offers powerful functions to fix all issues on your Android device. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface ensures you have no problem handling the repair process.


    The power button on a Pixel device might stop working due to various reasons. These include hardware issues such as physical damage. Debris or dust accumulation around the button or software glitches can also be the cause.
    Yes, depending on the cause and extent of damage, a broken power button on a Pixel phone might be fixed. Solutions range from software troubleshooting methods to hardware repairs. Sometimes, it could be replaced by authorized technicians.

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