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iPhone 13 is Overheating While Charging? Fix Now!

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions


Some consumers have claimed that their iPhone 13 heats up during usage or when charging the battery. The iPhone 13 overheating while charging is a significant issue, and it's likely the result of a software or hardware issue. Extreme fluctuations in temperature can cause your phone to degrade quickly. Overheating is the thief of battery life. Which is a serious issue for the iPhone.

Apple's iPhone 13 is a stunning homage to the company's broad iPhone lineup. While the new iPhone is loaded with many features, they are not without flaws. For example, you might be having issues with your iPhone 13 getting hot when charging.

Let's understand why this happens. Check out the instructions below to fix iPhone 13 heating up while charging.

Part 1: Why is your iPhone 13 overheating while charging?

Do you ever wonder why your iPhone gets heated? There can be several reasons why your iPhone 13 gets hot and slow. Let's examine a few factors that might be triggering it:

Reason 1: Streaming

Viewing video content on mobile data or WiFi can cause overheating. This implies that your iPhone needs to retrieve your content while maintaining the display's functionality. This makes your iPhone work extra hard, increasing the heat production as a result.

Reason 2: Gaming

Users who play high-definition games on their phones can experience heating. Playing high-resolution games can eat up a lot of the phone's processing power resulting in heating.

playing high resolution games

Reason 3: Using Apps During Charging

Apple iPhone's fast charging is a boon for many who use it. Therefore, it heats up quickly when you try to charge it. This means you need to avoid using apps when charging and adding to the load. This way, you can help the iPhone remain relatively cool.

Reason 4: Ambient Temperatures

This means that the weather outside can impact the phone's temperature. Using your cellphone heavily in the summers can mean that it heats up swiftly. Additionally, a phone case can also trap the heat inside a phone. Which lets it overheat as well.

ios 15 homescreen with facetime

Reason 5: Using Facetime and Video Calls

If you're on a FaceTime call or a video meeting or an online class. Chances are your phone is going to overheat, especially if you're doing it while it's charging.

Reason 6: Using Hotspot or Bluetooth or WiFi

Sometimes, you've switched on your Bluetooth or Hotspot or even the WiFi while your phone is charging. It can happen to the best of us. This can cause your phone to heat up while also draining your battery.

Reason 7: Long Audio Call:

Say you're catching up with a friend. You have your AirPods on and are happy to let your phone charge and do its thing while you do your thing. A comfortable situation all around. Except, it's bad for your phone. It will overheat.

Especially if you're using AirPods for extended periods on a call. The only way this gets worse is if you're on a video call. Save a phone, don't talk for extended durations when your phone is charging.

Reason 8: Using Wireless Chargers

Wireless Chargers have been a phenomenal game-changer. Being able to just leave your phone on the charging station and not pay attention to it is life-changing. Especially if it's a regular charger or having to angle your iPhone cable just to get it to charge.

apple wireless charger magsafe

Now that we've examined all possible reasons why your iPhone may overheat. Let's dive into how we can fix this issue.

Part 2: How to prevent your iPhone 13 from overheating?

Since overheating may also caused charging slow issue, it is essential to get some tips to prevent from this issue. All of these are tried and tested remedies that have worked well. They may assist you in solving the overheating problems in minutes rather than having to contact the customer helpdesk.

  • 1. Turn Down Brightness: Your brightness is a drain on your battery which can cause your phone to overheat. You can combat this by turning on the auto-brightness setting. This setting allows the phone to adjust the brightness automatically. It's not perfect, so we recommend that you go to 'Settings.' You can manually adjust the brightness by entering "Display and Brightness" and using the slider to change settings.
  • 2. Outside Environment: As we've mentioned before, your outside environment can control the temperature of your phone. The ideal temperature range for iPhone tends to be 32º F to 95º F (0º C and 35º C). So, some general guidelines you can follow are given below:
  • Avoid exposing your phone to direct sunlight for extended periods.
  • Do not leave your phone on the dash while driving.
  • Avoid placing your phones on heat-generating equipment like furnaces or radiators.
  • Keep your environment cool by staying under the fan or near the air conditioner.

Note: No matter what happens, do not put your iPhone 13 in the freezer when it starts overheating. This can cause your iPhone's performance to drop drastically.

  • 3. Data vs. WiFi: Using your WiFi at home or outside has a better impact on your phone. Do not leave the WiFi on when you're not actively using it. It can drain your battery life by constantly scanning for nearby networks when outside. This causes your phone to heat up excessively. Another neat trick you can use is to avoid using cellular data. Mobile data can do a number on your phone and cause overheating. WiFi is better for your phone in this regard. Use both sparingly.
  • 4. Check Your Apps: There may be apps running in the background of your iPhone that eats at your performance. These apps that refresh themselves in the background can use more significant amounts of your CPU, which causes overheating in your iPhone. The solution is to go through your 'Settings' and then select 'Battery' to estimate which apps consume a lot of battery. You can choose to simply 'Force Stop' them or uninstall them at your convenience.
  • 5. iOS Updates: You've realized it wasn't any apps running in the background causing overheating. This still leaves the door open for the possibility of a software glitch that can cause overheating.
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So, if you would like to prevent this from ruining your device's performance. You can upgrade the software to the latest version of iOS. You can manually do this by going to "Settings", then selecting "General," then choosing "Software Update" > "Download and Install".

how to manually update your ios

  • 6. Disable Refreshing Apps in The Background: Apply a few modifications to your iPhone's settings to prevent overheating. Do this by turning off background refresh to avoid apps from consuming an additional charge. Go to "Settings"> Select "General" and tap on "Background App Refresh" to toggle it off.

how to manually update your ios

  • 7. Disable Hotspots and Bluetooth: They are the worst offenders for overheating. Especially when you're charging. Suppose you have WiFi on or if you're using Bluetooth to hook up your AirPods while it is charging. It can cause your device to heat up. Play it safe by turning off the Hotspots or Bluetooth devices when they're not in use. At least you can do so when they're charging.

how to manually update your ios

  • 8. Using Original Apple Products: You may experience some frustration with Apple's flimsy charging cables or the expense of buying the product. This is no reason to use a duplicate product. Using a duplicate product can cause your device to overheat. So why waste the money invested in an Apple product by using counterfeit supports?
  • 9. Turn off Location Services: Some apps may require you to switch on location for accurate rendering of services. You will have a fair idea of which devices these are. So, limit the usage of Location when you're using the services only. With the recent privacy issues being raised, you can only help protect yourself by turning off location tracking.

how to manually update your ios

  • 10. Reset Phone: If all else fails, you have the option to go nuclear. Choose to reset your phone. You can force reset by holding down the Volume Down, Volume Up, and Power buttons simultaneously. Press down until you see the Apple logo. Another way is to Factory reset your phone. Go to "Settings", tap "General", opt for "Transfer or Reset iPhone", then click on "Erase All Content and Settings". This can reset your iPhone to fix the issue of overheating when charging your phone.

If you find that your iPhone 13 is still overheating, giving you slow performance, and depleting your battery. If you have also attempted many or all of these software troubleshooting solutions, your device may have a hardware problem. We recommend you go to Apple Customer Center to have a check.


As a proud owner of an iPhone 13, you expect the best quality for your product. This can mean examining the different reasons why the overheating while charging issue occurs. Understanding why something happens can help you situate yourself in ways that prevent it from happening again. Hope the solutions to iPhone 13 overheating while charging help you.

Going over individual solutions to fix them can be a challenge but it also represents a comprehensive approach to solving the issue. We hope that these tips have served you well and give you an idea of what to look out for if you face bugs.

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