Samsung Password Recovery for Smart Phones and Laptops

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Part 1. Samsung Password Recovery for Smart Phones and Laptops

With the exponential growth in digital world, storing files, folders, photos, notes, and card details is no mean task. Understandably, security has become a concern. You've a password for every site that you log into, and every mailbox that you've access to. However, it is not easy for one to remember all passwords from Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook to Vault, Dropbox and your Mobile Phone. Here is how you can go about recovery of passwords for Samsung smart phones and laptops through a step-by-step guide.

1. Unlock your Samsung device using Google Login

In case you have set up a pattern lock for your phone and forgot the correct pattern, you can easily unlock it using Google account login.

Upon trying multiple times with incorrect password (pattern), you would see a "Forgot Password" option on your mobile screen.

While you select the "Forgot Password" option, you would be asked to enter your Google account username and password. In case you bear multiple Google accounts, you must enter the details of that account which you used to set up your phone previously.

Samsung Password RecoverySamsung Password RecoverySamsung Password Recovery

Once you login successfully, your phone will be unlocked and you would be able to set up a new lock/password again. Bazzinga.

2. Unlock your Samsung Device using Find My Mobile Tool

Find My Mobile is a facility provided by Samsung and it can be very easily used to unlock your Samsung Device. All you need is a registered Samsung account (created while purchase/ setting up the phone).

Go to Samsung Find My Mobile and login with your Samsung account details.

Samsung Password Recovery

In the left hand side of Find My Mobile interface, you would be able to see your device (only if it would be registered).

From the same section, select the option "Unlock My Screen" and wait for few seconds (this may take a while depending on your internet speed).

Once the process would be finished, you would get a notification telling that the lock screen has been unlocked.

Samsung Password Recovery

Check your phone, and you would find it unlocked.

3. Erase your Samsung Device using Android Device Manager

If you have previously enabled Android Device Manager on you device, you can very easily erase its data remotely using Android Device Manager. Once you erase the data, you would be able to set up your device again with a Google account and a new lock screen.

Using any browser, visit here

Sign in using the details of your Google account (should be same Google account which you used previously on your phone)

If you have multiple devices linked with the same Google account, select the one to be unlocked. Else, the device would be have been selected by default.

Select lock, and enter a temporary password in the window appeared. You can skip the recovery message (optional).

Samsung Password Recovery

Select the lock option, and on successful completion of the process, you would see the buttons for Ring, Lock and Erase.

On your phone, a password field would have appeared, in which you need to type the temporary password. This would unlock your phone.

The last thing is to go in your lock screen settings and disable the temporary password. Done.

Important: Using this technique for unlocking the phone will erase all the data- apps, photos, music, notes etc. However, the data synched with Google account would be restored, but all other data would be erased and the all apps with their associated data would be uninstalled.

4. Resetting your device to Factory Settings

Resetting your Samsung Device to Factory Settings is one of the complex ways to unlock your phone. This way is neither easy nor it prevents the loss of data. But in case, when any of the previous ways do not works, you may opt for this.

Switch off the phone.

Press and hole Volume Up, Volume Down and Power keys, until a test screen appears.

Samsung Password Recovery

Use Volume Down button to navigate to Factory Reset option, and press power button to select it.

When you're on the Android System Recovery screen, use Volume down key to navigate down to the "wipe date/factory reset" option. Select it using power key.

Samsung Password Recovery

Select "yes" option, in the confirmations and delete all user data.

Once the factory reset is finished you may use the Volume and Power keys to highlight and select the "Reboot system now" option and the hard reset will be complete and your cell phone will be nice and squeaky clean.

Part 2: How to Reset Samsung Laptop Windows Password

Similar to Samsung mobile phones, laptop password can also be reset in few easy steps, without using any additional software. Neither you need to format it, nor you need to lose your data. Reset can be done through command prompt, working in a safe mode. This is how it goes.

Start your laptop and keep on pressing F8, until a menu appears.

Samsung Password Recovery

Select Safe Mode with Command Prompt from the menu.

Click on Start and type 'cmd' or 'command' (without quotes), in the search bar. This would open the command prompt window.

Samsung Password Recovery

Type 'net user' and hit enter. This would display all user accounts of your computer.

Type 'net user' 'UserName' 'Password' and hit enter (replace UserName and Password with yours).

Samsung Password Recovery

Restart your computer and login with new username and password.

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