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How to Reset Disabled iPhone -100% Working Solutions

Jun 20, 2024 • Filed to: Data Wipe Solutions • Proven solutions

Have you ever faced a situation when the iPhone or the iPad stops you from accessing it? You try many times, and the iPhone screen eventually says that the “iPhone is disabled” after several minutes. Such a situation is challenging to cope up with, and you know what the most prominent cause of such error is? Well, when you enter the wrong password multiple times, it disables the iPhone/iPad device.

Hence, you are left wondering how to reset disabled iPhone or if there is a way to factory reset disabled iPhone without iTunes.

Of course, there exist possible ways to reset disabled iPhone with/without iTunes.

Go through the article as we cover various methods that will assist you in rectifying the situation and learning how to reset disabled iPad/iPhone in detail:

Part 1. One-click solution to reset disabled iPhone

If you are looking for one of the best solutions to deal with how to reset disabled iPad/iPhone, then using Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) is the best way to solve the issue in no time. Besides, this tool will give you a good user experience due to its simple interface and fast working technology, which is admired by worldwide users.

In short, whatever be the issue you are dealing with, Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) will be the one-stop solution for solving them promptly.

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Now, move ahead to understand how to reset disabled iPhone without iTunes, by taking the help of Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) in the following step by step guideline:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to PC

First of all, on your PC, as soon as you launch Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS), the main interface will appear, from there select the “Unlock” option.

main interface

Then connect the iOS device to it with the help of a USB device, and choose Unlock iOS device screen option.

Unlock iOS

Step 2: Bring device in DFU mode

In this step, you need to boot up your device in DFU mode as per the device model. You can follow the on-screen instructions to put your device in recovery mode and proceed further.

 DFU mode

Note: Suppose if you get stuck in this process, click on the link given at the bottom line of the interface to enter into DFU mode on your device.

Step 3: Select the iOS device model and the version detail

Once your device is in DFU Mode, the screen will ask you to confirm the model of the phone and the version details. Select the correct information and then press the “Start” button to download the firmware for your device.

version details

Step 4:Proceed to unlock iPhone/iPad

Once the firmware is on your device, click on the “Unlock Now” option to proceed with unlocking the device.

proceed with unlocking

You will see that in a couple of minutes your device will be unlocked successfully.

Note: You must remember that following the above steps or any of the reset processes will wipe out the device data.

Part 2. Reset disabled iPhone using the iCloud web version

With the help of iCloud web version also you can reset the disabled iPhone.

Note: Find My iPhone should be active on your device.

Here are the required steps you need to follow to factory reset disabled iPhone without iTunes:

Step 1: Sign in to iCloud account.

First of all, you need to open the home page of iCloud, and log in with the required credentials. Now, find your device with the help of the Find My iPhone application. Here, you will find the setting option.

home page of iCloud

Step 2: Visit the Settings menu

Next, visit the Settings menu visible on the screen.

Step 3: Restore the account

Under the Settings tab, you will find the Restore option. Here you can restore files, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, etc. Choose any one option, then, select the last backup you had made and press “Done.”

select the last backup

Step 4: Your iPhone will get restored

Once you select restore with iCloud backup, the screen passcode will be removed, and the device will be restored as per the last backup made.

Part 3. Reset disabled iPhone using Find My iPhone

Another great way to reset the disabled iPhone with the Find My iPhone application, which does not only helps to locate the lost device but also resets your disabled iOS device quickly.

Here, are the necessary steps that you need to carry out using Find My iPhone to reset disabled iPad/iPhone:

Step 1: Log in to iCloud.com

From your computer, open iCloud.com through the web browser and log in using the Apple ID and Password.

login from web browser

Step 2: Visit Find My iPhone

Now, you need to click on the Find My iPhone option, go to the “All Device” option, and select your disabled device.

Find My iPhone option

Step 3: Erase iPhone/iPad

After choosing your device, the screen will show you “Play Sound, Lost Mode, or Erase iPhone” options. Since your device is disabled, you need to choose “Erase iPhone.” Doing so will erase the device data remotely and thus the passcode.

erase the device data remotely

Part 4. Reset disabled iPhone in recovery mode

Another right way to reset the disabled iPhone is by taking the help of iTunes recovery mode. If you are not sure how to go about, and what would be the required steps to carry out the process, then have a look below:

Step 1: Choose your device to put in recovery mode

You must be aware of the fact that the process to put a device in recovery mode varies as a per-device model, so let’s understand the method according to the device model:

For iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, or later versions:

Press, then, hold the Side button and any of the Volume buttons till the slider showed up. Slide it to turn off your device. Now, keep holding the Side button and connect your device to the PC, and continue pressing the Side button till it reaches the recovery mode screen.

For iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus:

Here, you need to press and then hold down the Top (or Side) button by the time slider appears. Now, drag it to turn off your phone. Connect your phone to PC but hold on to the Volume down button. Keep it holding until recovery mode appears.

For iPhone 6, earlier versions:

Press, then, hold the Side/Top button till the slider appears. Drag slider to switch off the device, connect the device to the PC while the Home button is on hold. And, continue it holding till it reaches the recovery screen.

recovery mode

Step 2: Restore the device

Till now, iTunes will download the software for your device, and once the downloading gets completed, choose to restore the iPhone.

restore the iPhone

So, now you know how to reset the disabled iPhone with iTunes.

Part 5. Reset disabled iPhone with Siri (for iOS 11 and earlier)

In case you are using iOS 11 or more previous versions, then you can take the help of Siri to get back the disabled iPhone. Are you thinking, how? Well, add Siri to your list of saviors to solve disabled iPhone without iTunes.

Here are the steps you should follow:

Step 1: Activate Siri

To begin, using the Home button, activate Siri and ask, “Hey, Siri, what time is it?” That will show the current time as well as open a clock. You need to click on the clock symbol to go to the world clock. There click on the + symbol to add another one, enter any city, and then “Select All.”

activate siri

Step 2: Choose the Share option

On the next screen, select “Share” from the given options (Cut, Copy, Define, or Share), and on the next window, click on the message symbol.

select Share option

Step 3: Enter a message, then, create a contact

Enter your message (it can be any), then press the Return option. Now, next to the highlighted text (+) sign is present, click on it. On the next page, “Create New Contact.”

Enter your message

Step 4: Select take Photo

In the new contact page, there is an ‘add photo’ option wherein you can click to select a photo from the photo library. However, on this page, you need not select any photo but enter the Home button option. It will not only take you to the home screen but also enable you to access the phone.

add photo


Hope you have read the details mentioned in the article to help you to solve the issue of disabled iPhone/iPad. The methods discussed here are the right approach on how to factory reset iPhone when disabled without iTunes. Well, all the processes are good enough to solve the issue and bring back your iOS device in reasonable working condition, however, if you go with Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) assistance, then you can complete the task in a fast and secure manner. So, move ahead, to start using your iPhone without delay following the article guidelines.

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