Solutions for iPhone White Screen of Death After Upgrading To iOS 15

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We’d rather have not had you here reading this. But you are, because you updated your iPhone to iOS 15, got the dreaded white screen of death, and are now looking for ways to solve it. Good thing is, we have one for you.

For the uninitiated, iPhone’s white screen of death is notorious for surfacing during the course of an update or if one were to try to, ahem, get out of jail. It gets its name from that the display of the phone shows nothing but white light, and the device is frozen in that state, ergo, death, the white screen of death.

What Causes White Screen of Death

There are only two broad causes for white screen of death on iOS devices - software and hardware. Hardware issues such as connections that got detached somehow or aren’t able to work properly due to some reason, can sometimes throw this white screen of death. This is not fixable by users, and the device must be repaired professionally. However, on the software side, things are easier and can be resolved from the comfort of your home with the right tools. Sometimes, while an update is going on, files get corrupted or something that was expected is missing, resulting in a bricked device. Sometimes that bricking occurs as a completely unresponsive device that can only be attended to professionally by Apple and sometimes in form of this white screen of death on iOS devices, that can be attended to personally if you have the right tool at your disposal.

How To Resolve White Screen of Death After iOS 15 Update

There are a few ways you can try fixing the white screen of death issue in your iPhone before moving on to other paid ways or taking it to the Apple Store.

Do You Use Magnifier On iPhone?

This can sound silly, but if you use magnifier on the iPhone, it is a possibility that the magnification accidentally zoomed in on something white. Yes, that can happen without knowledge when you weren’t looking and tapped the screen accidentally, and this results in what seems like a white screen.

To get out of this, double-tap the screen with three fingers together (the way you would use two fingers to signify contextual click on a Mac trackpad).

Key Combinations

Apart from the regular ways to reboot the device, users report that another key combination seems to work for them. It could be hoax, could be true, what gives? No harm trying, right? The combination is Power Key + Volume up + Home button. It may or may not work, but when you are desperate to fix your white screen on iPhone, anything that works is fine.

Other Ways

There are other things you can do, such as connecting your device to the computer. In recent times, Apple implemented a feature wherein a device that was not connected to the computer in some hours would require a passcode once again to trust the computer. So, if your device is shown in the computer but you still see a white screen, maybe you can try syncing or click Trust (if the option comes) and see if that triggers something that fixes it for you.

Lastly, there are third-party tools such as Dr.Fone System Repair that are designed solely to help you in situations like this one.

Fix iPhone White Screen Error Using Dr.Fone System Recovery

So, you updated to the latest and greatest iOS 15 and now are stuck at the white screen of death, cursing the moment you decided to update the device. No more.

We are going to use a third-party software called Dr.Fone System Repair by Wondershare to first fix the white screen of death problem.

Step 1: Download Dr.Fone System Repair here:

drfone home

Step 2: Launch Dr.Fone and select System Repair module

Step 3: Use your data cable and connect your phone to the computer When Dr.Fone detects your device, it will present two options to choose from - Standard Mode and Advanced Mode.

ios system recovery
About Standard and Advanced Modes

The only difference between Standard and Advanced modes is that Standard does not delete user data whereas Advanced mode deletes user data in favor of more comprehensive troubleshooting.

Step 4: Choose Standard mode and proceed. The tool will detect your device model and the iOS firmware, while giving you a list of compatible firmware that you can download and install on the device. Select iOS 15 and proceed.

ios system recovery

Dr.Fone System Repair will download the firmware (near about 5 GB average) and you can also download the firmware manually should it fail to download automatically. The relevant link is provided.

Step 5: Post download, the firmware is verified, and you arrive at the last step where it presents the option to Fix Now. Click the button.

ios system recovery

Your device should come out of white screen of death and will be updated to the latest iOS 15 with help from Dr.Fone System Repair .

Device Not Recognized?

If Dr.Fone shows that your device is connected but not recognized, click that link and follow the guide to boot your device in recovery mode/ DFU mode before attempting repair.

ios system recovery

When the device gets out of white screen of death and enters recovery or DFU mode, begin with Standard mode in the tool to fix your device.

Benefits Of Using Dr.Fone System Repair

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Dr.Fone - System Repair

Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo without Data Loss.

You might wonder why to pay for functionality that Apple provides for free? There is iTunes on the Windows operating system and there is functionality embedded within Finder on macOS. So, what is the real need to get a third-party software to take care of updating to iOS 15?

There are several benefits to using Dr.Fone System Repair to update your phone to iOS 15.

  1. Today there are several i-devices and each comes with its own set of combinations to get to some functions such as hard reset, soft reset, etc. Do you want to remember all of them, or would you rather just use a dedicated software and get the job done smartly?
  2. There is no way to downgrade iOS using iTunes on Windows or Finder on macOS once you are on the latest iOS. However, using Dr.Fone System Repair you can downgrade anytime you want to. This feature might not sound like a huge thing, but it is important if you update to the latest iOS and realize that an app that you must use and rely on every day is not yet optimized for the update or does not work correctly. What do you at that point? You cannot downgrade using iTunes or Finder. You either take your device to an Apple Store so they can downgrade, or, you stay safe at home and use Dr.Fone System Repair to downgrade to an earlier version of iOS that was working perfectly.
  3. If you do not have Dr.Fone System Repair to help you with any issues that crop up during any update process, you have only two options - either take the device to an Apple Store or keep trying to get the device to work by getting it to enter recovery mode or DFU mode to update the OS again. In both cases, there is a high chance you will lose your data. With Dr.Fone System Repair , there is a high chance you will save time and your data, and just get on with your day in a few minutes. Why? Because Dr.Fone System Repair is a GUI-based tool that you use with your mouse. It is fast, you just connect your phone, and it knows what is wrong and how to fix it.
  4. Further to this, if your device is not recognized by the computer, how are you going to fix it? You cannot use iTunes or Finder if they refuse to recognize your device. Dr.Fone System Repair is your savior there, once again.
  5. Dr.Fone System Repair is the simplest, easiest, most comprehensive tool available to fix iOS issues on Apple devices and even to downgrade iOS on devices without the need to jailbreak them.

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