[Solved]“Cannot Get Mail – The Connection to the Server Failed”

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Just in case we forget, your iPhone is basically a communication device. It does so much more, that it is very easy to lose sight of the fact that your phone's prime purpose is communication. Email is a part of that. It is great that you can quickly check and reply to emails on your phone whilst you waiting for your next appointment, waiting for a meal to be served, or similar. It is then especially frustrating when the email system fails in some way. That message! Have you seen that message?

iPhone cannot get mail connection to the server failed

Cannot Get Mail – The connection to the server failed

In more than a decade since our business started, the shared, primary purpose of Wondershare, publishers of Dr.Fone and other quality software, has been to put our customers' needs first, to try and help in whatever way we can. We hope you find something below which manages to keep you happily emailing.

Now, Apple has officially released iOS 16. Here is everything you would like to know about updating to iOS 16 and the top common iOS 16 problems.

Part 1: How to Solve the Problem

This problem usually occurs when Microsoft exchange produces an error for users who are retrieving their email. Since the launch of iPhone 4s, back in 2011, then with iOS 6 a year later, the error has become an increasing concern. Below are some ideas about how you might solve the problem.

Before you solve any iPhone issues, remember to back up iPhone data to iTunes first.

Solution 1. Removing the accounts and re-entering the passwords

This is a simple solution, which does not need any great technical expertise, but it often proves to be effective in sorting out problems. Just follow the steps.

Assuming you have just one email account, the first step is to make sure you have a note of the username and password.

The following will be slightly different according to which version of iOS you are running but, on your phone itself, tap Settings > Mail > Account. Tapping on the account, if you scroll down the screen there is a big, red 'Delete' button. Click on the button, and then navigate back to the 'Accounts' screen.

Now go through the process of adding your email account (whether it is a Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo … or whatever), entering your username and password, and setting up the account again.

We have used this technique a lot of times. We have found that these few simple steps of removing an email account, then re-installing it, often puts things right.

Cannot Get Mail the Connection to the Server Failed

This is possibly a familiar screen.

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Solution 2. Sorting out the iOS

Sometimes, it is not actually a problem with your email, it is a problem with the operating system, that is iOS, which leads to that dreaded message "Cannot get mail – the connection to the server failed". Why does that message give you such a sinking feeling?

This is where our tools can come to your rescue. You can use Dr.Fone - System Repair to fix the system problem.

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If you do want to see more detailed instructions, you can see the Dr.Fone - System Repair guide here. However, we are confident that our Dr.Fone toolkit is so good and so easy to use, that you can follow the familiar routine described below, without too much help.

Solution 3. Change Microsoft Exchange Security Settings

This is a very techy solution. It may well be that you do not even have Active Directory installed on your computer. Follow the link below to help you decide if you want to install it.

Active Directory: https://www.technipages.com/windows-install-active-directory-users-and-computers

The user needs to change the settings of the server to which the phone is trying to connect.

  • Step 1. Access the active directory of the users and computers
  • Step 2. Click View > Advanced Features
  • Step 3. Right-Click the mail account and choose Properties
  • Step 4. Choose Security > Advanced
  • Step 5. Select 'Inheritable Permissions'. This will fully end the process.

iPhone Cannot Get Mail the connection to the server failed - Change MS Settings

Some people love this sort of thing – if it is not for you, best to walk away.

Very likely this solution will work. However, do not be afraid to admit if it is not something you want to attempt. The next solution is a lot more straightforward.

If you encounter voicemail problems, you can also check this guide to fix iPhone voicemail not working issues.

Solution 4. Miscellaneous settings and solutions

This is all done directly on your phone, just some simple clicking. There might be slight differences depending on which version of iOS you are using.

  • Step 1. Go to 'Settings', scroll down to, and turn off 'iCloud'.
  • Step 2. Among the iCloud settings change your password.
  • Step 3. Now go to 'Mail' and delete your account.
  • Step 4. Set up, as a new account for your email. When doing so, you might want to change the sync option from 'Days' to 'No limit'.
  • Step 5. Next, tap General > Reset > Reset Network Settings on iPhone.

reset network iphone

Nothing too tricky this time.

Sometimes the solutions suggested above do not work. We are not giving up on getting the job done though!

Solution 5

Always one of the simple things you can do is to restart the iPhone. Just sometimes, this will remove temporary network congestion. You know the routine. Just hold the 'sleep/wake' button till the red slider appears, then swipe, just give it a little while, then switch the iPhone back on.

Solution 6

It could be a good idea to test your internet connection. You might just open your browser and do a search to test the connection. If the page does not load at a reasonable speed then you might be best to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

There are other services, but we have found the 'Speedtest' app to be good at testing the connection. Some facts, added to your opinion, will usually help in deciding what to do.

Solution 7

Similarly, you will be better informed by taking the simple step of sending yourself a test email. It should arrive very quickly, in seconds, certainly not more than a minute or two. If the email does not arrive, again you should probably have a talk with Tech Support at your ISP.

Part 2: Apple support community

Apple Support Community is one of the best ways to get solutions to any problems you might be having. The following thread had reached 71,000 views the last time we looked.

Apple Support Community: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4317951?tstart=0

The thread seems to update frequently, meaning users can get up-to-date knowledge and solutions about the problems.

iPhone cannot get mail connection to the server failed - Apple Community

You should try any of the above methods. Some are easy and straightforward, and the solution to such problems is often that straightforward. We hope that we have been able to help.

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