Top 5 Internet Explorer Alternatives for iPhone

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Question: Can I install Internet Explorer on iPhone?

Answer: If you're looking forward to download the Internet Explorer, abbreviated as IE, for iPhone, I'm afraid that I have to let you down, because IE isn't available for iPhone. Internet Explorer was originally designed by Microsoft for Windows PC. You can use it on your Windows PC, but not on iPhone. And I've heard that Microsoft never has a plan to develop an Internet Explorer for iPhone.

Question: I need to Internet Explorer on iPhone to surf the Internet. What shall I do?

Answer: Safari the default Internet Explorer for iPhone to let you browse for something on the Internet. If you need to surf the Internet, just try it. If you don't like Safari and search for an Internet Explorer for iPhone alternative, you might need to take a look at the following information – Top 5 Internet Explorer Alternatives for iPhone (3 well-known browsers and 2 interesting browsers).

1. Chrome

If you've used Chrome on your Windows PC or Mac, you're supposed to be very familiar with it. It has a free version for iPhone too. Chrome lets you browse webpages quickly on iPhone. And you can also use it to pick up the webpage where you left off on your computer, tablet, or any other devices. The highlight is that you can use Google Voice to do the search.

iphone internet explorer alternatives-Chrome

2. Dolphin Browser

It looks like you have heard it, right? You're right. Dolphin could be one of the oldest brands in web browser development market. It has separated vesions for Mac, Windows PC, Android phones and tablets, iPad, iPhone. Right now, Dolphin for iPhone has been downloaded over 50,000,000 times. Using it, you can share interesting web content to your favorite social networks instantly.

iphone internet explorer alternatives-Dolphin Browser

3. Opera Mini Browser

Opera Mini Browser works great when you on a slow or crowded network. It has boosted the browsing 6 times faster than before. Sync your bookmarks and speed dial with computers and other mobile phones id very easy and simple. The only deficiency is the right now it only integrated with iOS Facebook framework for iOS 6, not iOS 7.

iphone internet explorer alternatives-Opera Mini Browser

4. Magic Browser

Besides letting you browse webpages on your iPhone smoothly, Magic Browser comes with some features you don't see on Safari: copy and paste an entire paragraph of text to send to email; save documents for offline viewing: PDF, Docs, Excel, text, images, webpages; set your home page. It's especially for people who use their phone as a tool for work.

iphone internet explorer alternatives-Magic Browser

5. Mobicip Safe Browser

Setting restriction code to prevent your children to buy or change apps isn't enough. If your child like to play with your iPhone, you should use a safe browser to filer unwanted pages, preventing your child see the webpages or web browsing history. Mobicip Safe Browser is such as web browser.

iphone internet explorer alternatives-Mobicip Safe Browser

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