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How to See Someone’s Location on iPhone


Mar 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Locating someone’s iPhone may sound strange, but it can serve the purpose in various situations. For instance, you can quickly find the location of your teenage children to check whether they are involved in an untrusted environment or not. Or, you can track the location of your husband if you have concerns regarding his affair through his iPhone.

This article will address three methods for seeing someone’s location on iPhone accurately and within no time. Moreover, we will also recommend a third-party tool to fake your location to prevent others from tracking you.

Part 1: How to See Someone’s Location on iPhone using Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is one of the popular apps to locate iPhones effectively. iPhone users utilize this app to navigate lost or stolen phones efficiently. Through this app, you can also learn how to check someone's location on iPhone through their iCloud. First, make sure to activate Find My Phone feature in the target’s iCloud settings. After that, you can easily see the targets’ location on your iPhone from your screen with a few clicks.

find my iphone interface

Steps to See Someone’s Location on iPhone through Find My iPhone

Step 1: Initiate activating the feature of Find My iPhone on the target’s phone. For this, navigate to the “Settings” of the target iPhone. Then find and click on the option of “iCloud," where you will see the feature "Find My iPhone." Next, turn on its toggle by tapping on it.

enable find my iphone

Step 2: Now, you are ready to locate the target's iPhone location anytime you wish. To do so, access the official website of iCloud and log in to the target’s iCloud account carefully.

login to target icloud

Step 3: A new window will appear on your screen from where you click on the option "Find My iPhone." Now you can see all of the iOS devices attached to this account. Choose the device from the options you want to locate on the map.

track iphone location

Other Features

Find My iPhone offers numerous other features that can help you to find lost or stolen phones effortlessly. Through this app, you can play a sound on your lost iPhone for 2 minutes, even if the iPhone is on silent mode. You can also get easy and clear directions through this app towards the exact location of your phone. Moreover, if your iPhone gets stolen, you can lock your device through a passcode and can erase all the data from it with a single click.

Part 2: How to Find Someone’s Location on iPhone via Find My Friends

Find My Friends is another helpful app through which you can track someone’s location easily. Your friends and family members can share their location through this app, and they can also start following your location simultaneously. Moreover, you can set location-based alarms in case you have to pick up someone from the school or airport.

find my friends ios app

Through this particular app, you can also try how to find someone’s location on iPhone efficiently. First, however, you should be remindful of the following two factors before locating someone’s location on iPhone through this app:

  • The suitable users for locating someone’s location on iPhone are those who have an evident reach to the target’s iPhone and are also included in the contact list of that particular phone.
  • Through this app, you cannot observe someone's location in an incognito mode as the target iPhone owner can easily check if someone is navigating their location once they open the Find My Friends app. Also, a notification will pop up on the target's iPhone regarding their shared location.

Steps on How to Track Someone’s iPhone via Find My Friends

Step 1: Install the "Find My Friends" app on the target's iPhone to start. Remember that the "Find My Friends" app is only available on iOS 12 or below. IOS 13 users need to install the "Find My" app to proceed.

open find friends app

Step 2: After installing the app on the target's phone, open it and tap on the contact picture to activate the toggle called "Share My Location."

enable share my location

Step 3: To begin sharing the location of the target's phone to your device, swipe up on your iPhone to use AirDrop and make your iPhone discoverable by clicking on "Everyone." Tap "Add" on the target device and then choose the option of "Share Indefinitely."

select the location sharing time

Step 4: You would receive a notification message asking for permission to accept the target's location and share your location on your iPhone. Tap on "Don't share" to locate the target's phone without sharing your location. Now on the Find My Friends app, you can easily see the location of the target's iPhone along with its contact icon.

don’t share your location with target

Part 3: How to Check Someone’s Location on iPhone by iMessage

Another way to track someone's location on iPhone is through the iMessage app. This app enables the users to have internet-based conversations with their friends and family members and improves features. Also, all the messages are secured via end-to-end encryption for data privacy security. You can also share stickers and emojis through this special app.

iMessage has a hidden feature through which you can also know how to see someone’s location on iPhone. Thus, by using this app, you can easily reach the location of your target's phone.

Steps to Find Someone’s Location through iMessage

Step 1: Grab the target’s iPhone and click to open the iMessage app. Then find your contact name and start a conversation with yourself.

open your imessage chat

Step 2: Now tap on the contact icon and then click on the info icon from where you would see different options. Tap on "Share My Location" and set the time duration of location sharing. You can set the time for 1 hour, 24 hours, or indefinitely.

enable imessage share location

Step 3: On your iPhone, join the location sharing of the target's phone and do not permit to share your location. Thus, you can easily track the target's location on your iPhone via iMessage.

observe target location

Part 4: Fake Location on iPhone to Avoid Others from Tracking You

You can effortlessly hide your current location to prevent others from tracking your location unnecessarily. To do so, use Dr.Fone – Virtual Location, which can easily fake your location so that nobody can access your exact location. Furthermore, with a single click, you can set your phone's GPS anywhere. Hence, you can travel across the globe without leaving your home via this excellent app.

style arrow up

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location

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  • Compatible with both iOS and Android systems.
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Ultimate Steps to Use Dr.Fone – Virtual Location

Step 1: Select Virtual Location

Start with launching the Dr.Fone tool on your computer and open the tool to click on "Virtual Location" on its home page.

access virtual location feature

Step 2: Connect your Phone

Now connect your phone to the computer and tap on the option “Get Started” on the computer’s screen. You can check your current location on the map on the new page. You can also click on the icon "Center on" to instantly see your current location on the map.

choose destination

Step 3: Enable Teleport Mode

Now enable the teleport mode by tapping on its icon displayed on the upper right of the screen. Afterward, type the place you want to use a location on the search box and tap on the "Go" option. A pop-up box will display where you click on "Move Here" for confirmation. Now your location has been changed with the place you have selected before so that you can fake your current location.

tap on move here button


Through this detailed guide, you can quickly learn how to quickly see someone’s location on iPhone. For diversity, we have discussed three reliable apps that can help you navigate someone's location accurately. However, if you want to fake your location to prevent others from tracking you, we have recommended Dr.Fone – Virtual Location tool, which works precisely in this scenario.


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