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Everything You Should Know About Apple Chargers and Cables

Alice MJ

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

It’s no secret that Apple has always been at the forefront of coming up with new technologies. When the entire smartphone spectrum was using USB cables for charging and connectivity, Apple introduced the “USB to lightning”, a one of its kind technology that supported fast charging.

Fast forward a couple of years, Apple is still putting in the efforts to maintain its reputation in the market. However, these efforts have led Apple to come up with some of the bizarre ideas that sometimes may become annoying as well. For instance, gone are the days when you could buy a lightning cable for iPhone/iPad and the Magsafe power cable for Macbook.

Today, there is a wide range of adapters and cables such as 12-watt charger and 12 inch iPhone cable. This wide availability is likely to make it a bit confusing to pick the right charger for your device. So, here’s a detailed guide on different types of Apple chargers and cables so that you can easily compare different options without any hassle.

What is the Latest iPhone Charger?

As of now, the most powerful and the latest iPhone charger is the 18-watt fast adapter. It uses a “USB Type-C to lightning cable” to charge the iPhone. However, rumors say that Apple is all set to release the brand new 20-watt charger in October this year along with the iPhone 2020.


Even though Apple hasn’t officially confirmed it yet, many tech geeks have speculated that the new iPhone 2020 won’t come with a power adapter or earpads. Instead, Apple will separately sell the 20-watt power brick that’ll come with a price tag of $60. The 20-watt charger is expected to be comparatively faster than all the other iPhone adapters, making it easier for people to quickly charge their iPhone in no time.

Apart from the 18-watt and 20-watt iPhone chargers, the 12-watt and 7-watt chargers are also popular. Although these two power adapters don’t support the fast charging like their successors, they are suitable for people who own iPhone 7 or lower variants. Why? Because these iPhones have a regular battery that may get damaged if charged using a fast charger.

Different Types of Apple Cables

Now that you know about different types of Apple chargers, let’s quickly discuss various Apple cables so that you can understand which cable will be suitable for your iDevice.

    • For iPhones

All the iPhones, including the iPhone 11 lineup, support “USB Type-C to lightning cable”. So, if you own an iPhone, you don’t need any other cable than the lightning cable. Even the upcoming iPhone 12 is expected to have a lightning port instead of a Type-C port. However, it’s believed that iPhone 12 will be the last generation of iPhone to support Apple’s traditional lightning port.

Apple has already switched to Type-C port in iPad Pro 2018 and it’s expected that the tech-giant will do the same for future iPhone models. But, as of now, you can charge all iPhones using a simple “Type-C to lightning 12 inch iPhone cable”.

    • For iPad

Like the iPhone, all the iPad models house a lightning port for charging and connectivity. It means as long as you have the Type-C to lightning cable, you can easily charge your iPad without any hassle. Moreover, since the fourth-generation model, all iPads support fast charging, allowing users to use any of the fast chargers to charge their devices.

    • iPad Pro

The first iPad Pro was released back in 2018 and it was the first time when Apple decided to ditch the traditional lightning port. The first-generation iPad Pro (2018) has a USB Type-C port and came with a Type-C to Type-C 12-inch iPhone cable. As compared to the lightning port, the USB Type-C made it easier for the user to quickly charge the iPad and connect it with a PC as well.

ipad 2020

Even with the latest iPad Pro 2020 model, Apple has decided to stick to the Type-C connectivity and it seems like the tech-giant has no intention to go back to the lightning port. Several reports say that the upcoming iPad Air, the lighter version of iPad Pro, will also have a Type-C port. Although, we don’t know whether its box will contain a power brick or not.

Tips to Charge Your iPhone for Maximum Battery Performance

With time, the iPhone’s battery tends to lose its original performance and thereby drains too rapidly. This usually happens when you don’t charge the iPhone properly, which can cause damage to the Lithium-Ions cells used in the battery. For maximum battery performance, there are certain guidelines that you should always remember to maximize the overall lifespan and performance of the battery.

These guidelines include:

    • Don’t Leave the Charger Plugged-in Overnight

One of the most common mistakes that damage the battery of an iPhone is leaving the charger plugged-in throughout the night. No doubt, this was a conventional charging method in the earlier days, when batteries took too long to charge. However, today’s iPhones have powerful batteries that charge up to 100% within an hour. It means leaving the charger plugged-in for the entire night is most likely to damage your iPhone’s battery and make it drain quickly even at normal use.

    • Choose the Right Charger

It’s worth noting that you should always use the right charger and cable to charge your iDevice. If possible, always use the adapter and cable that came inside the box. But, even if you’re planning to choose a new adapter, make sure that it’s original and manufactured by Apple. In case you’re using the latest iPhone, you can also use the 18-watt fast charger along with a 12 inch iPhone cable.


So, that concludes our guide on different types of iPhone chargers and cables. If you’re a regular iPhone user, the above guide will definitely help you buy the right charger and cable for your iDevice. And, if you’re also waiting for the latest iPhone 12, get ready to be surprised as Apple is all set to release the latest iPhone 2020 in the next two months. To believe, rumors, the new iPhone is expected to have remarkable features that’ll enhance the overall user experience.

Alice MJ

Alice MJ

staff Editor

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