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3 Ways to Recover Deleted Note on iPhone

Alice MJ

Apr 07, 2023 • Filed to: Data Recovery Solutions • Proven solutions

We often get messages from our customers like this:

I mistakenly deleted my notes on iPhone. There is some important information in my Notes which means a lot to me. Could someone help me to recover my deleted notes on iPhone? Thanks!

Actually, it is not uncommon to lose data on our iPhone. Just as in the above case, it seems that one of the most common pieces of data that we can lose from our iPhone is our Notes. This can be a problem to make recover notes from an iPhone,specially if we keep reminders for various aspects of our lives. The notes can be important. Do not worry, we can help you. It might now be very important to have a reliable way to recover our notes. We are going to introduce 3 different ways to recover deleted notes on iPhone. We hope this helps.

Part 1: How to recover deleted notes on iPhone

There are many data recovery tools on the market. Of course, we suggest that the original is the best, Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS), with the highest recovery success in the business and many other benefits:

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How to recover deleted notes on iPhone

  1. Launch Dr.Fone on your computer and then connect the iPhone by USB cable. The phone should be recognised fairly quickly.
  2. In the first window for Dr.Fone choose ‘Data Recovery’ and then click on ‘Recover from iOS Device’.
  3. recover deleted notes iphone

    This is the window where you can choose which items you want to recover.

  4. Click on ‘Start Scan’ to start the process of recovery. The Dr.Fone software will look for all available data. This will then be displayed in the next window. If you see that the items you are looking for have been found, you can stop the scan by clicking on ‘pause’.
  5. how to retrieve deleted notes on iphone

    It could not be clearer really, could it?

  6. It is now possible to preview all the recovered data. You will be able see ‘Notes’ in the list on the left of the window. Click on ‘Recover to Device’ if you want the Notes restored to your iPhone, or ‘Recover to Computer’, if you want to view them on your PC.

how to recover deleted notes on iphone

There you are – three notes ready to be recovered.

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Part 2: Retrieve deleted notes from iTunes backup file

If we have backed up iPhone with iTunes before, then we can easily retrieve our deleted notes from the iTunes backup. The process is similar, a little easier and faster, but it will not include notes which have been made since the last backup.

  1. Launch the Dr.Fone iPhone recovery tool and click on ‘Recover from iTunes Backup File’ from ‘Recover’ tool.
  2. All the iTunes backup files on our computer will be displayed in the window. Choose the one which contains your lost notes.
  3. recover notes from itunes

    These are the backups found on the computer.

  4. Click on ‘Start Scan’ and wait for Dr.Fone to extract all the data in the selected iTunes backup file.
  5. how to recover notes on iphone

    Smiles all around.

  6. Preview the files and choose the ‘Notes’ and then click ‘Recover’.
  7. Then you can choose to restore the Notes to be recovered to the computer or back to the phone, according to whatever you prefer.

how to recover deleted notes from iphone

We can offer you one more way to recover/retrieve deleted notes on iPhone. If, for some reason, you do not want to use either of the previous approaches, it is good to have another choice.

Part 3: How to recover deleted notes on iPhone via iCloud backup

  1. Run Dr.Fone on your computer, connect your iPhone, and click on ‘Data Recovery’ and then choose ‘Recover from iCloud Backup Files’.
  2. You will be required to enter your iCloud account ID and passcode to log in to your Apple account and access the iCloud backup.
  3. recover deleted notes iphone

    We hope you know these items, that they were not stored on the missing Note!

  4. Now Dr.Fone will list all the available iCloud backup files. Choose the one that contains the lost notes you are looking for and then click on ‘Download’.
  5. how to recover notes from iphone

    Please take a moment to carefully choose the correct iCloud backup file.

  6. In the popup window that appears, choose the types of files you would like to download. You can choose to recover everything, but it will save time if you choose just ‘Notes’, near the bottom left.
  7. iphone notes recovery

  8. From the window below, review the files which are available, then choose the notes which you want to recover, and click ‘Recover’. It is then necessary to choose whether we want to save the files on our computer or your iPhone.

recover notes from itunes

Everything is good!

We hope that having seen the easy, comprehensive choices which Dr.Fone will give you, that you will choose to give our tools a try. Join the millions of users who, over the last 15 years, have had confidence in our products.

We would be very happy to talk you further about this or any other issue you might have with your iDevice.

Alice MJ

staff Editor

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