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Recuva Software for iOS: How to Recover Deleted iOS Files

Selena Lee

Apr 07, 2023 • Filed to: Data Recovery Solutions • Proven solutions

Piriform’s Recuva iOS iPhone recovery software essential in recovering down the files lost in the system. By using this program, users can fetch down the deleted pictures, audios, videos etc. Also, it can relocate misplaced data from external memory, recycle bin or digital camera card too. While its main forte is to recover data this tool can retrace files from a limited scope of devices like iPod, iPod Nano or iPod shuffle. However, if you’re trying your luck with retrieving files from iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you may get disappointed a bit. As, Recuva is not crafted to meet these needs.

Part 1: How to use Recuva to recover deleted files from iPod, iPod Nano, or iPod Shuffle

Users who have accidentally deleted their favorite streak of music from their iPods can use Recuva. As, it is capable of recovering deleted audio files from your iPod, iPod Nano or iPod Shuffle respectively. In this section, we will understand the functionality of using Recuva for recovering the deleted files from PC respectively.

Note: Do ensure to follow the steps in the said order.

  1. First of all, download the program from an authenticated source. A welcome screen will prompt, just tap on “Next” for commencing further.
  2. Over the following screen, the files types will showcase. Simply, tick mark the ones you’re wanting to recover. In this case, we will require “music” so as to get music back on your iPod respectively.
  3. recuva ipod - select type
  4. Now, opt for the desired location where you intend to retrieve files from. Preferably, in this situation users can opt for “On my media card or iPod”. However, if you wish to have a specific location on PC, tap “Browse”.
  5. recuva ipod - select location
  6. After location is decided, tap on “Start” button of the following screen.
  7. Note: In case your files are not scanned then only use the facility of “Deep Scan”. Also, by selecting this feature, one may need to wait for an hour to complete its process of scanning.

  8. The scanning will be executed. Just, tap on “Recover” button placed next to file and March ahead.
  9. recuva ipod - recover from ipod
  10. Opt, for the folder where you want your deleted file to get stored in.
  11. In order to scan for the deleted music, simply tap on “Switch to advance mode” button located at top right section.
  12. In the advanced mode, users have the leverage of selecting any kind of drive or media types featuring in the drop down section. For selecting language, view mode, secure overwriting and other scanning features, use “option”. 

Part 2: Best Recuva for iPhone Alternative: Recover from any iOS devices

Recuva is a renowned tool but, certainly takes a backseat for our Mac lovers as it cannot promise to recover files in iOS systems that efficiently. But, worry not! You can always trust on Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS) for it is a much refined version than Recuva software for iPhone. It is equipped to meet the needs of the users who fret about losing upon their data in common scenarios like system crashes, jailbreaks or when they find difficulty in synchronizing with their backup. Dr.Fone – Recover (iOS) is modelled to fetch data directly from device or from the backups you maintain. Moreover, you can bid bye to the age-long manual methods because of its 1-click technology of recovering files!

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Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS)

Best alternative to Recuva to recover from any iOS devices

  • Designed with the technology of recovering files from iTunes, iCloud or phone directly.
  • Capable of recovering data in serious scenarios like device damaging, system crash or accidental deletion of files.
  • Fully supports all the popular forms of iOS devices such as iPhone XS, iPad Air 2, iPod, iPad etc.
  • Provision of exporting the files recovered from Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS) to your computer easily.
  • Users can speedily recover selective data types without having to load the entire chunk of data altogether.
Available on: Windows Mac
3,678,133 people have downloaded it

2.1 Recover deleted files from iPhone internal storage

Note:If you haven't backed up your phone's data before and your iphone's model are iphone 5s and later, the success rate of recovering music and video from iphone will be lower. Other types data won't affect by this.

Step 1: Draw connection of device with computer

Begin using Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS) by installing the service over your PC respectively. In the interim, connect device with computer by using a good USB cable. Open program and opt for “Recover”.

recuva iphone - install the tool

Step 2: Select files that you wish to recover

Now, ensure that you’re in the “Recover from iOS Device” mode from the left panel, then tick mark the files and data types that have been lost over your system.

recuva iphone - select option

Step 3: Scan for data files

Once you’re satisfied with your selection, perform an in-depth scanning of deleted or lost data by pushing the “Start Scan” button.

recuva iphone - scan for files in ios

Step 4: Glance at files by Preview and Recover

The files will be showcased. Select the ones you require and then press on “Recover” to retrieve files in hassle free manner.

Note: For concise view tap on “Only Display the deleted items” option.

recuva iphone - preview deleted files

2.2 Recover deleted files from iTunes

In this section, we will understand the means of recovering the deleted files from your iTunes backup by using this amazing alternative of Recuva software for iPhone i.e., Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS)!

Step 1: Load Dr.Fone – Recover on system

 Download software on your working system. Ensure to connect your device with the PC. Open the program and tap on “Recover” mode respectively. 

recuva itunes - connect device

Step 2: Select “Recover iOS Data”

Over the following screen, just opt for the “Reover iOS Data” option.

recuva itunes - recover ios data

Step 3: Enter “Recover from iTunes backup” mode

The program will progress further. Users have to make use of “Recover from iTunes backup” to proceed with recovery of data from iTunes backup.

recuva itunes - recover from itunes backup

Step 4: Scan data from iTunes backup file

Just select the backup you need from the list of available backups appearing over the program and tap on “Start Scan”.

recuva itunes- scan itunes data

Step 5: Gain Preview of the files and recover

At last, gain a full-fledged view of the files by previewing selections. If satisfied, just press on the “Recover” button placed at the bottom. In a blink of an eye, your files will be recovered from iTunes backup.

recuva itune - confirm itunes recovery

2.3 Recover deleted files from iCloud

If you’ve maintained your backup in iCloud, then you can use it for speedily recovering your deleted files and much more effectively from Recuva! Follow the steps mentioned below-

Step 1: Download software on PC

Launch Dr.Fone - Data Recovery over your working PC. Once installed, start with opting for “Recover” option.

recuva icloud - select recovery option

Step 2: Connect Device and enter “Recover iOS Data” mode

Use an authenticated USB cable to get your device connected to your PC respectively. Then, from program, tap on “Recover iOS Data” mode.

recuva icloud - recover from icloud

Step 3: Login to iCloud

From the following screen, you need to opt for the “Recover from iCloud backup file” mode and just sign into your account using your iCloud credentials.

recuva icloud - log in to icloud

Step 4: Download iCloud Backup File

Select the desired iCloud backup files enlisted in the program and download the backup file by tapping “Download” button next to that particular backup.

recuva icloud - download data from icloud

Step 5: Choose desired files

You can now select the file types that you wish to recover. By default, all the options will be checked already. Manually untick the ones that are not needed and click on “Next”.

recuva icloud - select files from icloud

Step 6: Thoroughly Preview data and recover

After the desired items are downloaded, just preview the data selected by you and then execute recovery. Depending upon your need, select the “Recover to Computer” or “Recover to your device” option.

recuva icloud - recover files successfully from icloud

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