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Recover lost data from Android

How to restore the data from water damaged phone

Alice MJ

Aug 30, 2023 • Filed to: Data Recovery Solutions • Proven solutions

As callous it may sound, the android phone dropped in water is one of the top searches on the web in terms of mobile repair. Whatever may be the reason that your android phone came in contact with moisture, the end result remains the same – internal circuit damage and data loss.

Imagine having the best travel experience all recorded on your phone. Losing those photos means actually losing an important part of your life. Weird life hacks like putting your phone in the rice bag or drying it out under the sun does more harm than good. Learn to identify the extent of damage and the ideal ways to attempt data recovery before sending it to professional care.

Part 1. What should I do when Android Phone got Wet

In the event where your android phone got wet, follow the methods mentioned below to try and protect your device from further damage.

Method 1: Immediate protection
Some android phones turn off automatically on coming in contact with water. If your phone is still on, turn it off immediately. This is not possible for newer models, but if you have an older model, remove the battery as well. All these steps aim at one thing and that is the prevention of short-circuiting.

Method 2: Remove all the Accessories
Remove all the accessories from the hardware of the phone which can be removed. You can remove the sim card tray, cover, back case, etc. Now pat dry the android device with a micro fiber cloth or a soft towel. Paper and cotton-made cloth should be avoided as paper mushes and cotton threads can clog the tiny pores through which water can come out.


Method 3: Vacuum effect
You should know that any fluid flows from higher pressure to lower pressure. To replicate this, put your water damage android phone in a zip lock bag. Now try to suck out all the air before sealing the bag. Now the internal areas of your device are at a higher region of pressure than the outer space. Miniscule droplets of water will eventually ooze out of the pores.


These are the majority of the immediate methods you can attempt to minimize the damage. Now turn on the phone to see if it turns on or not. Regardless of whether the device turns on or not, it is advised to reach out to professionals to get your device checked. One nightmare that you can face is the android boot loop water damage. This term means that now your phone keeps on turning on and off automatically. The only option left for you is expert aid. Fingers crossed, if you do not encounter this error, you can proceed to try and recover data from your device.

Part 2. Can I get the data from water damaged phone without backup

Once you managed to take the water out, now it's time to recover the data. The internet is flooded with data recovery software but only a few are trusted and authentic in their work. While some may claim to recover all your data or others demand a price be paid, you should only go for the best.

Loved by over 50 million consumers worldwide, recovering data from water damage android phone is now easy with Dr. Fone Data Recovery software. Dr. Fone allows users to recover data from almost all cases of mobile damage for personal use.
Dr. Fone provides you with the step guide to recover data safely. Their pictorial guide also prevents you to go astray from the process. The mishaps from which data recovery is possible with this software are:

  1. Factory reset
  2. Damaged
  3. Rom flashing
  4. System Crash
  5. Rooting error

Now you can pretty well guess that you have a fairly good chance of recovering data. Selecting a category to recover data will guide you through the entire process.

Download Now Download Now

Getting back to the issue that you are currently faced with, the steps mentioned below will be helpful for your data recovery.
Step 1: Install and launch Dr. Fone on your PC.
Step 2: Click on the option Data Recovery.


Step 3: Now, connect the water damage android phone via USB cable. Check that your phone has USB debugging enabled. Once completed, the screens appearing will be similar to this:


Step 4: By default, all the file types will be checked. If you wish to uncheck some type of data, then go-ahead to do so. Now, click on Next to launch the recovery scan on your phone.


Step 5: The scan once completed, displays the data which can be recovered. Finally, your wait was worth the while.


Step 6: Preview the data from the left sidebar menu. Now you can recover the data in your desired location.

Part 3. Recover Data from backup

Well, some users like to take a backup beforehand in case such unforeseen incidents are to happen. The backed-up data is quite easy to recover. There are various types of back-up methods available which you might have followed.

In modern smartphones, backing up data is given priority by the manufacturer itself. They prompt you from time to time to sync your device with your Google account. Even if you ignore these prompts, you might have kept media and contact files separately on an SD card.

In case of water damage, it is less likely that your SD card gets damaged due to its compact and rugged build. Once extracted, connect your SD card to another computer or mobile device to check if you have your data.

In the event that your device is completely damaged and you have to buy a new phone, Sign in with the email which you previously used to sync your data. Google will automatically import contacts and applications into your new device.

WhatsApp and such apps have a wonderful back-up system that stores your messages and media in both your Google account as well as your local device. Installing WhatsApp and using the same email will automatically let you restore your previously lost data.


We have to admit that suffering android phone water damage is a hellish nightmare. Hopefully, the aforementioned fixes have worked to recover data and also protect your phone from further damage. Android boot loop water damage is an event that inevitably requires an expert's facility and equipment. Get in touch with the nearest mobile repair shop immediately. Well, unfortunate incidents to occur but handling your device with care is the best option for you in the future.

Alice MJ

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