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Duplicate SIM Card to Use Two Phones

James Davis

Sep 26, 2023 • Filed to: Manage Device Data • Proven solutions

The SIM cards carry two codecs numbers, one is the IMSI, and the other is the KI. These numbers let the operator identify the device number of the person, and these codes, related to our devices number are stored in a large database. What happens when we duplicate the SIM card, is to remove these two secret numbers and reprogram them in a new and empty card called wafer, allowing to deceive the company believing that it is the original and unique SIM. Keep reading this article to have more information about how to duplicate SIM card.

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Part 1: Is it possible to duplicate SIM card?

Let's start from the beginning, and we will mention what the kind of SIM cards are available today:

  • COMP128v1: this version, is the only SIM cards that can be cloned.
  • COMP128v2 & COMP128v3: for these two versions, the KI code cannot be calculated in a conventional way, making it impossible to clone them.

Having this information, we can proceed to answer the question: is it possible to duplicate SIM card? Yes, it is possible, although not recommended, because there is no guarantee that the two mobiles will work properly with a cloned SIM. They may not be able to register both on the network, randomly receive calls, and the mobile data service may not work.

After all, there is an alternative to duplicate the SIM card using the MultiSIM system offered by various mobile operators. With this system, you can use up to 4 different mobiles without varying the number between them with its own SIM and also use the Internet with the same data rate.

Using this service may involve some inconveniences such as it means that the calls will ring on all the mobiles at the same time, the use of the service supposes an added charge to the tariff, and not all the operators offer it.

This MultiSIM system service you can buy online if you use some of the operators that offer it, such as Vodafone, but the service is not available for many other operators, in this case, if the company is not under this service, is not legal duplicate SIM card.

duplicate SIM card

Part 2: How to duplicate a SIM Card?

Duplicating a SIM means creating a different SIM than the original but behaving exactly the same. This being an active element has to be done with an emulator since in addition to "copying" the data of the SIM is necessary to "emulate" its behavior and even expand it. The duplicated card (copy of the original) has a series of features that allow adjusting more its operation to the use of the user regardless of the operator.

Nowadays, just the COMP128v1 cards can be duplicated so we will show you how to duplicate SIM card step by step on the following tutorial:

First, I will show you what you will need to start with the duplication:

1. A SIM card reader (you can purchase it online).

  • 2. An empty SIM card or wafer (is available on the Internet).
  • 3. Download and Install MagicSIM: this software will help you to copy the SIM card. https://ssl-download.cnet.com/MagicSIM/3000-2094_4-10601728.html

Follow the next tutorial to duplicate SIM:

Step 1: Call your phone operator to ask for the Security Code and will ask you the reason why do you need it (you can say you need it because you will go to another country) and will ask you for your mobile number and name.

Step 2: When you receive the code, on your device, go to Tools > Select the SIM card > Unlock SIM and here introduce the code, and you will see it says Unlocked SIM.

Step 3: Download and install the program MagicSIM on your computer and open it. Now remove the card from the device and insert it into the card reader. On the MagicSIM window, do click on Read from the SIM card.

Step 4: Connect the SIM card reader to the computer and click on Crack on the software toolbar. Now click on Strong Made > Start.

how to duplicate a SIM Card

Step 5: When finishing executing the previous step, the program will give you the KI number. Proceed to click on File > Save As and save the SIM Crack information and will save a File with .dat extension.

Note: Do not remove the card reader from the computer before the entire process is complete, or the SIM card may be damaged.

Step 6: Insert the empty or wafer target inside the SIM card reader, can use a SIM USB card reader software to connect on the computer. Nor proceed to click on Connect.

Step 7: Select Write to SIM, and it will show you to select a .dat file then proceed to choose the .dat file that you have saved and click on Start. When this process finishes, it will ask you a security code and add the code that your phone operator has provided you and click on Finish. It is ready. Now you know how to make a duplicate SIM card.

Note: This process does not damage the original SIM card and does not modify anything on it.

Information: To extract the KI code, you can choose to download the XSIM software on your computer too. Once executed, you will only have to wait for your reader to detect and verify that the SIM is inserted in the reader. XSIM will be in charge of locating the IMSI inside the SIM card and will show it directly on the principal screen.

Ki extraction can be complicated because it is a secret key that each SIM possesses. It has a length of 16 Bytes (16 numbers from 0 to 255). This makes 2 ^ 128 possible combinations of that number, and its extraction can take 8 hours. Once done the same, we will be in a position to duplicate our SIM.

Having several mobiles is quite common. And it not only happens between those who try different smartphones but also between those who combine work with friends or those who offer a smartphone to children to play. If you thought that with making a duplicate SIM card as when you lose or steal the device would be enough, you were wrong because this practice cancels the original SIM as soon as you get the new one since it is not possible to keep both of them active at the same time so if you want to have the same SIM on two phones at the same time, we recommend you to follow our steps to duplicate SIM.

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