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Fixing Persistent Pandora Crashes on Android Devices

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions


Pandora, an app bringing music to our fingertips, is a beloved platform for streaming tunes on Android devices. Despite its popularity, users might encounter occasional hurdles with the app, such as unexpected hanging, lagging, or even crashing. These interruptions can disrupt our musical journey.

In this article, you’ll explore practical solutions to the problem of “why does Pandora keep stopping.” Following the steps and tips, you can regain smooth and uninterrupted access to your favorite tunes. Have a hassle-free and enjoyable music streaming experience with Pandora on your Android device.

dead android with pandora logo

Part 1: Basic Troubleshooting and Fixes

Pandora, the music streaming app cherished by Android users, accompanies you on your musical journey. It offers an array of melodies at our fingertips. However, occasional crashes can disrupt this harmonious experience. This results in an annoying experience where Pandora keeps stopping on Android phones.

Crashes often result from glitches or bugs within the app’s code. These unexpected errors can cause Pandora to freeze, lag, or abruptly shut down, hindering its smooth operation. When faced with intermittent crashes, several basic fixes can help restore Pandora’s functionality:

  • Closing the app. Simply closing and reopening Pandora might resolve transient issues.
  • Restarting the phone. A reboot of your Android device can clear temporary glitches affecting Pandora.
  • Updating the app. Ensure you have the latest version of Pandora installed. Updating the app can rectify bugs from older versions.
  • Reinstalling the app.If the problem persists, uninstall Pandora and reinstall it from the Google Play Store. This process can refresh the app’s data and settings, potentially resolving persistent issues.

If these basic fixes fail to address the continuous crashing of the Pandora app, or if the crashes persist over an extended period, the next section will provide advanced solutions. These initial troubleshooting steps aim to tackle common and temporary issues that could impede Pandora’s performance. If the problem persists, it might necessitate more intricate resolutions or further investigation into the app’s underlying technicalities.

Part 2: Causes Behind Constant Pandora App Crashes and Solutions

Several underlying factors might be at play when persistent crashes plague your Pandora app. This section explores these.

Poor Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is pivotal for seamless app functionality. Crashes in Pandora can stem from poor connectivity. Check your internet connection. Ensure you’re connected to a reliable network. Restart your router or switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data to troubleshoot connectivity issues.

wi-fi page android

Corrupted/Broken Devices

If you notice that all other apps are crashing, your device’s system may also have a problem. In this case, simple app reinstalls/restarts can fix the problem.

Thankfully, Wondershare Dr.Fone solves device corruption leading to app crashes. This powerful toolkit addresses deep-seated issues causing app crashes, such as corruption within the device that impacts Pandora’s performance. The Dr.Fone’s System Repair feature acts as a reset button for your Android device, resolving underlying system-level problems that cause app crashes.

Here’s how you can use it to resolve the issue of why the Pandora app keeps crashing on Android. First, of course, ensure that your device is connected.

  • Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone on your computer. Access System Repair.

wondershare dr.fone toolbox homepage

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  • Step 2: Choose Android on the next page.

wondershare dr.fone phone os chooser

  • Step 3: Click Start to initiate Android System Repair.

dr.fone system repair start screen

  • Step 4: Check if the device details presented onscreen are correct. You may edit them accordingly for any mistakes.

dr.fone device details confirmation

  • Step 5: Follow the onscreen instructions to place your phone into Download mode. Then, Dr.Fone will download the firmware.

wondershare dr.fone download mode tutorial

  • Step 6: After downloading, click Fix Now. Then, type in “000000” on the appearing window text box. Click Confirm.

wondershare dr.fone initiate system repair

  • Step 7: Once finished, click Done. Your Pandora app should not crash once you reinstall it again by now.

wondershare dr.fone success screen

Cache Buildup

Accumulated cache data can hamper app performance, leading to frequent crashes. Clear the cache of the Pandora app. Usually, you can see this option under Settings > Apps > Clear Data. Additionally, you can optimize your device’s RAM and storage space by deleting unnecessary files or closing unused apps.

clear data page

Device Compatibility Issues

Outdated system software can create compatibility issues, causing app instability. Ensure your device’s system software is up-to-date. Check for and install any pending system updates in your device’s settings. Updated software often includes bug fixes and improvements that can rectify compatibility-related crashes.

xiaomi firmware update page

You can systematically troubleshoot and resolve the issues by addressing the potential culprits behind constant Pandora app crashes, ensuring a smoother and uninterrupted music streaming experience. If the problems persist, contacting Pandora support or seeking professional assistance might be advisable to delve deeper into the technical aspects of the app’s performance issues.

Part 3: What To Do if None of the Fixes Work

If the suggested fixes don’t work, and you still wonder “why does Pandora keeps stopping on Android,” then it might be time to take a look at these alternatives:

  • Consider trying other music streaming apps.Explore alternative music streaming applications available on the Google Play Store. Several reliable options offer similar services to Pandora, providing an opportunity to continue enjoying music while bypassing the persistent app issues.
  • Contact customer support.Reach out to Pandora’s customer support for tailored assistance. They may offer specific troubleshooting steps or insights into the app’s technical glitches.
  • Consider a new phone. Upgrade to a new phone if the crashes persist despite troubleshooting, and your device is outdated or incompatible. This might help resolve the issue by providing a more stable environment for app usage.


In conclusion, navigating Pandora app crashes on your Android device demands a systematic approach. Keeping regular maintenance, such as clearing cache, optimizing RAM, and ensuring timely device updates, can mitigate app crashes and uphold smooth performance. This way, you can resolve the issue of why Pandora keeps stopping.

When persistent issues arise, especially if other apps are affected similarly, Wondershare Dr.Fone emerges as a reliable solution. Its comprehensive toolkit, including System Repair, can effectively address deep-seated issues. By embracing proactive measures and leveraging Dr. Fone’s prowess, users can enhance their device’s performance and ensure an uninterrupted music streaming experience on Pandora and other apps.

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4,624,541 people have downloaded it

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