How to Solve Google Maps not Working on iPhone?

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Google Maps is a web-based tool offering accurate knowledge about geographical areas and sites in the world. Google Maps provides satellite and aerial views of several areas in addition to standard route maps. Google maps deliver comprehensive directions to the destination with 2D and 3D satellite views and provide regular public transport updates.

Google Maps have changed and improved over the years on iOS. For example, Siri now has excellent integration with Google Maps. However, it doesn't function as reliably as Apple's own native applications as a Google product. If you use Google Maps frequently on your iPhone, you might have a problem that google maps not working on your iPhone.

You will get information from this article related to several google map problems like if it is unresponsive, or crashes, or if it is not showing the current condition or movements within Map, or it is unable to access your server, distance view in multiple Units (Km, Miles), etc. Here I will show you a few steps if the map is not working. Now let's take a look.

Method 1: Update your Google Maps app

An outdated app can cause performance problems, or apple maps not working mainly because you have not updated the device for a long time. Make sure Google Maps' new update is on your iPhone. Google Maps can quickly be updated on an iPhone very easily.

You will need to follow these steps.

Step 1: Open your iPhone's App Store.

Step 2: Tap the Profile button on your screen's top right corner.

Figure 1 tap on the profile icon

Step 3: If you have an update option is available, Google Maps can be found in the 'Available Changes' list.

Step 4: To download and install the update, tap the Update option next to Google Maps.

Method 2: Check your Wi-Fi or Cellular Connection

It may be important to check your iOS device's network status if google map is not working on your iPhone. This could be the network of your wireless provider or your Wi-Fi network of home. If you do not have enough mobile signal, consider connecting to a source by pressing the Wi-Fi icon and picking a network or switching off and on the Wi-Fi to see if it auto connects.

Cellular Network Status Check

You will follow these steps to check the network status.

Step 1: Look at the top of the screen of your iOS device. The signal quality of your current wireless link can be seen.

Figure 2 check signal quality

Step 2: Check Cellular settings.

Step 3: Your cellular settings can be reached from here. Make sure your wireless service is on, or if you are traveling from home, make sure roaming is available inside the cellular data selections option.

Figure 3 cellular option in settings

Wi-Fi status check

To check Wi-Fi status, you will follow these steps.

Step 1: Search and open Settings from your device's main screen.

Figure 4 setting option

Step 2: Now search the Wi-Fi option after you open Settings. This area displays the latest Wi-Fi status on the right:

  • Off: It shows that now the Wi-Fi connection is off.
  • Not Linked: Wi-Fi is on, but your iPhone is not connected to your network at present.
  • Wi-Fi network name: Wi-Fi is activated, and the network name shown is actually the network through which your iPhone is connected.
Figure 5 Wi-Fi option in settings

Step 3: You can also press the Wi-Fi area to check that the Wi-Fi switch is on. The switch should be green, and the network on which you are actually linked will be shown with a checkmark on the left.

Figure 6 turn on the Wi-Fi option

Point to note: if you know that you are out of range, download Google Maps offline in advance to use the map without a signal on your screen.

Method 3: Calibrate Google Maps

If still google maps not working properly on the iPhone, you can learn how to calibrate Google Maps on the iPhone. You will need to follow these directions to make Google Maps on your iPhone workable.

Step 1: First of all, open your iPhone settings.

Figure 7 open iPhone settings

Step 2: Tap Privacy and scroll down. It's at the bottom of the third setting category.

Figure 8 tap on Privacy

Step 3: Tap on “location services." This is at the top of the setting.

Figure 9 tap on-location services

Step 4: Turn on the "Location Services" option. If the switch is 'on,' its color must be green and make sure it must not be turned off.

Figure 10 turn on button

Step 5: Tap System Services. This is at the end of the page.

Figure 11 tap system services

Step 6: Turn On the "Compass Calibration" switch; if the key has already been set to on, the iPhone will automatically be calibrated.

Figure 12 tap on compass calibration

Step 7: Open the Compass program. This is a black symbol, usually on the home screen, with a white compass and a red arrow. If you are using previous measures to calibrate the compass, you can now see the current direction.

Figure 13 tap on the compass

Step 8: Tilt the screen around the circle to press the red ball. Follow the instructions on the screen to spin the iPhone to make the ball around the circle. When the ball hits its point, the compass is calibrated.

Figure 14 tilt the screen

Method 4: Make sure Location Services is turned on

Activate location services on your iPhone. Make sure Google Map has access to your phone. Follow these instructions if this is not on.

Step 1: Open your setting tab and find privacy settings.

Step 2: Tap location services.

Step 3: You need to ensure this button is on. If it is not on, then turned it on.

Step 4: Scroll down to your list of applications before reaching Google Maps, then tap on it.

Step 5: On the next page, pick either the "While Using the App" option or "Always" option.

Method 5: Enable Background App Refresh for Google Maps on iPhone

Do you know by allowing Google Maps to refresh their data can improve their overall performance?

You need to follow these steps to enable this service.

Step 1: First, go to Settings -> General.

Figure 15 open setting tab

Step 2: Next, click the Refresh background app button.

Figure 16 click on background app refresh

Note: If your Background App Refresh is greyed out, it's in low power mode. You need to charge.

Step 3: On the next screen, move the toggle to ON position next to Google Maps.

Figure 17 turn on button

Method 6: Enable Use this iPhone As My Location

Google Maps can sometimes be a great problem because Google Maps are linked to another device, iPhone. To solve this problem, you will have to choose the option of my location. If you want to enable the use of this iPhone as my location, then follow these steps.

Step 1: Open your Apple ID Settings and tap.

Figure 18 tap on Apple ID

Step 2: Tap Find MY on the next screen.

Figure 19 tap on find my

Step 3: Tap the Use this iPhone as My Location option on the next screen.

Figure 20 tap use this iPhone as my location

This solution will help you connect to another Apple ID or device by Google Maps App on your iPhone.

Method 7: Reset Location and Privacy

Sometimes if google map stop working, you need to reset the location or private setting. If you want to reset the location and privacy setting, you will need to follow this step.

Go to the setting tab and hit the general setting and reset tab.

Figure 21 reset location and privacy settings

Method 8: Uninstall and reinstall the Maps app

Sometimes if it does not work, just try to uninstall and reinstall your map app. For this process, you will follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Google Play Store on your iPhone.

Step 2: Click on Search Bar.

Step 3: Search for Google Maps.

Step 4: Tap on uninstall the tab.

Step 5: Tap ok

Step 6: Tap on update

Method 9: Restart iPhone

If your google map is not working on your iPhone, try restarting your iPhone. For this process, just click the Sleep/Wake Home button all at once before you view the slide on your iPhone to open the device. Down press volume + iPhone Plus home button. Your iPhone will restart.

Method 10. Reset Network Settings

Make sure you remember your Wi-Fi network password and take the following steps to reset your iPhone Network Setting.

Step 1: Go to Settings > General > Restore > tap Reset Network Configuration Option.

Step 2: Enter your Lock Screen Password if needed.

Step 3: Tap the Restore Network Settings option.

Connect your iPhone to the network and see whether Google Maps are working well on your device now.

Method 11: Check your iOS System

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Fix iOS system in advance mode

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Step 2: Right-click on the second "Advanced Mode" option. Ensure you have still connected your iPhone to your PC.

Figure 22 click on advanced mode

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Figure 23 start the process

Step 4: After installing and testing the iOS firmware, click on "Fix Now" to get your iPhone restored in advanced mode.

Figure 24 click on a fix now

Step 5: The advanced mode runs a thorough fixation procedure on your iPhone.

Figure 25 click on repair now

Step 6: When the iOS device repair process is done, you can see if your iPhone touch works properly.

Figure 26 repair process is done


Google Maps is mainly a popular web-based navigation tool created by Google, allowing its users to access road maps and traffic conditions. Google Maps issues can come from different sources and can appear at any moment. The exact challenge you are faced depends on many variables, including the network on which you are and where you try to use the program. If everything above mentioned fails to solve the issue, you can go to the Apple Store to solve the problem. The most important thing is to have a phone that allows you to navigate anywhere.

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