Top 5 iPhone Camera Not Working Problems and Solutions

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iPhone camera is known to be the best smartphone camera because of its features and photo quality. Users from all over the world have always admired the iPhone camera quality pictures both front and rear. However, lately, iPhone camera not working issue is bothering many iOS users nowadays and we often hear them complain about the same. There have been instances when iPhone camera keeps crashing or does not focus or, even worse, Camera App does not appear on your Home screen.

So, for all those who are fed up looking out for solutions, we, in this article today, will discuss in detail the top 5 iPhone camera not working problems, how to detect them and finally also give you effective methods to make your iPhone camera App work smoothly.

Don't just keep thinking, simply, read more to explore the most commonly occurring iPhone camera not working issues and the techniques to combat them.

Part 1: iPhone camera black screen

One of the most troublesome features of iPhone 6 camera not working problem is once you open the camera App on your iPhone and you are unable to preview anything since the camera screen remains black. It is definitely very annoying to see a black screen and not being able to take photos.

iphone camera black screen

Not to worry, we can get rid of this black screen issue in a matter of a few minutes. Just follow the steps given carefully to resolve the iPhone camera not working issue:

Step 1: First of all, make sure there is no dirt or dust accumulated on the camera’s lens. If so, clean the lens gently using a soft tissue, but make sure the tissue isn't wet.

Step 2: If the lens is clean, you can close the Camera App by pressing the Home Button twice and sliding all open Apps upwards. Open Camera App again after a minute or so.

fix iphone camera black screen

Note: You can also try to reverse the camera to access the front camera and see if that works by clicking on the swap camera icon.

If none of these tricks mentioned above help you, simply go ahead and restart your device by pressing the Home and Power button together for 3 seconds.

Please note that rebooting solves 9 out of 10 iOS issues. There it is, now you can start using your iPhone camera.

Part 2: iPhone camera not focusing

This is yet another peculiar iPhone 6 camera not working error which occurs when your camera does not focus and takes blurred photographs. Although rare, since the iPhone camera is well-known to take high-quality photos and videos, this problem is absolutely uncalled for.

Well, to make it easy, we have listed three tips to fix this issue and you may adopt any of the tricks listed below:

1. Clean the camera lens with a soft and dry cloth to wipe all dust and dirt off it for it to focus on the object before it.

iphone camera not focusing

2. You can try by removing the protective covering from the camera lens and then let the camera focus properly. Sometimes, such metallic/ plastic cases can obstruct the lens from doing its job well.

3. The third and last tip is to simply tap on the iPhone screen while the camera App is open to focus on a particular point or object accurately. Once you tap the camera screen, it will blur for a moment and then focus normally.

fix iphne camera not focusing

Part 3: iPhone camera flash not working

Sometimes even the iPhone camera flash gives a problem and we do understand how difficult it can be to take photos in the dark or at night. Since Flash is an essential component of any camera, it must work especially in the dark background.

However, we are sure that the techniques given below will help you resolve this iPhone 6s camera not working issue:

Note: Please keep in mind that you should prevent your iPhone from overheating. If for instance, your device is kept at a very hot place, keep it in a cooler environment and let it cool down before checking the flash again.

1. To start with, open the Control Centre by swiping upwards from the bottom of the Home Screen on your iPhone and tap on the torch icon to see whether or not it turns on. If it does not light up, you will have to consult a technician.

iphone camera flash not working

2. Lastly, open the camera App and visit the flash settings by tapping on its icon as shown in the screenshot below. If the “Auto” mode is selected, switch the mode to “On” and then try to click a photo using flash.

fix iphone camera no flashing

Part 4: iPhone camera App not showing on the Home Screen

The issue that we will discuss in this section is the camera app not showing on the Home Screen. This is a very confusing error. Since the camera is a built-in App, it is always supposed to appear on the iPhone Home Screen to be accessed it easily.

However, in case you are unable to locate the App, there are 2 things you can do:

1. Pull the Home Screen downwards from the center of the screen. Now, a search bar will appear at the top as shown below. Type “Camera” and wait for the App to be located. You can now select the App from there and use.

iphone camera app missing

2.You can also check the Camera settings by visiting “Settings” and hitting “General" and then selecting

“Restrictions”. Now see whether or not “Camera” is switched on under the “Allow” category.

iphone restriction settings

Part 5: iPhone camera keeps crashing

There could be many reasons for your iPhone camera to keep crashing. A temporary software glitch or storage issues can cause such an error. However, we are here to help you resolve this final camera issue as well.

Simply follow these tricks as listed under:

1. Make sure that you update your firmware to its latest version to solve the problem by visiting “Settings” >“General” >“Software Update” and finally hitting “Update now”.

iphone camera crash

2. You can also reboot your iPhone by pressing the Power On/Off and Home button together for 3-5 seconds to hard reset it. This method will stop all background operations and close all Apps to take care of the possible cause behind the issue.

fix iphone camera crashing

3. Another fix is to restore your iPhone to which the camera keeps crashing. To do this, attach your iPhone to your personal computer and run iTunes. Then select iPhone and hit the “Restore” tab and wait for the process to get over.

fix iphone camera crash

4. The last resort to fix any kind of iPhone camera not working issue is to reset your phone however, there is a risk of losing your data. So make sure you backup your data beforehand.

To reset you just have to visit “Settings” and hit “General”. Now select “Reset” and hit “Reset All Settings” to factory reset your iPhone as shown in the image below.

erase iphone

iPhone camera not working is not a serious problem and can be dealt with easily. All you need to do is analyze the problem carefully and adopt any one of the tricks mentioned in this article. So go ahead and fix your iPhone camera now!

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