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How To Fix The iTunes Error 54

Alice MJ

Aug 19, 2022 • Filed to: Data Recovery Solutions • Proven solutions

The multifunctional iTunes program developed for iOS devices is known to Apple users not only for useful options, but also for numerous crashes that appear for various reasons. Errors are not uncommon when working with iTunes, and each of them is numbered, which helps to identify the possible cause and eliminate the problem by narrowing the range of solutions. One of the most frequent notifications about a problem that occurs during the synchronization of an iPhone or other "apple" with a computer is accompanied by code 54. This failure is almost always caused by software malfunctions, so the solutions will be simple and you will hardly have to resort to serious measures, so be a specialist or the most advanced user is not necessary at all.

Part 1 what's the iTunes error 54

iTunes error 54 occurs while syncing data between an iOS device and iTunes. The most common cause is a locked file on your computer or iPhone / iPad. Usually, when you see the pop-up message “Can't sync iPhone. An unknown error has occurred (-54)”, the user can simply click on the“ OK ”button and the synchronization process will continue. But this option does not always help. If the problem still persists, then you can use the suggested solutions.

Part 2 how to fix the iTunes error 54

There are several ways to fix the problem, each of which is relevant depending on the source of the problem. As a rule, an unknown error 54 in iTunes appears when transferring data from a device, as a result of purchases to an iPhone, if they were made through another device. It can also occur when copying applications, etc. When a notification about iTunes error 54 occurs, you can often just click on the "Ok" button and the window will disappear and the synchronization will continue. But this trick does not always work, so if the failure is not eliminated, you need to try alternately available solutions aimed at eliminating the possible causes of the problem.

Method 1. Reboot devices

The simplest but most effective universal method of getting rid of a software failure is to reboot devices. In standard mode, restart the computer or laptop, as well as the smartphone forcibly, after which you can try to perform the synchronization procedure.

Method 2. Re-authorization

Logging out of the iTunes account and re-authorizing often helps to cope with error 54. The procedure will require the following actions:

  • in the main iTunes menu, go to the "Store" (or "Account") section; 
  • choose "Exit";
  • return to the "Store" tab and click "Deauthorize this computer";
  • the window that appears will prompt you to enter the Apple ID, drive it into the appropriate line;
  • confirm the action with the "Deauthorize" button;
  • now you need to log in again, which requires the opposite actions: "Store" - "Authorize this computer" (or "Account" - "Authorization" - "Authorize this computer"); 
  • in a new window, enter the Apple ID, confirm the action.

After the manipulations, try to start synchronization. It is also worth making sure that you are signed in on your smartphone and computer with the same Apple ID.

Method 3. Deleting old backups

The program does not update the backups, but creates new ones, which over time leads to clutter and iTunes errors. It is not difficult to correct the situation; before the procedure, disconnect the Apple device from the computer. The accumulation of old backups is deleted in this way:

  • go to the "Edit" section from the main menu;
  • select "Settings"
  • in the window that appears, click "Devices";
  • from here you can see a list of available backups;
  • delete by pressing the corresponding button. 

Method 4. Clearing the sync cache in iTunes

In some cases, clearing the sync cache also helps. To complete the procedure, you need to reset the history in the synchronization settings, then delete the SC Info folder from the Apple Computer directory. This will require a computer restart. 

Method 5. Combining files in the "iTunes Media" folder

The program stores files in the "iTunes Media" directory, but due to failures or user actions, they can be scattered, which leads to error 54. You can combine the files in the library like this:

  • from the section of the main menu, select "File", from where you go to the subsection "Media Library" - "Organize a library"; 
  • mark the item "Collect files" in the window that appears and click "OK". 

Method 6. Dealing with software conflicts

Programs can conflict with each other, thus provoking incorrect work. The same applies to protection tools - antiviruses, firewalls and others that regard some iTunes processes as a virus threat. By suspending the work of programs, you can understand whether this is so. If the error is triggered by antivirus blocking, you will need to specify iTunes in the list of exclusions. It is best to update the software on your computer to the latest version.

Method 7. Reinstall iTunes

Removing the program completely and then installing the latest available version sometimes also effectively solves the problem. Remove iTunes with all its components from the section of the software stored on the computer by going to it using the control panel. After uninstalling and restarting the PC, download the latest version of iTunes from the official source.

Part 3 How to Recover Any Files Lost During The Repair – Dr.Fone Data Recovery Software

Dr.Fone Data Recovery software can help in recovering any files lost during the repair of the iTunes 54 error that occurs during synchronization with iTunes. This tool is able to recover lost data from iTunes in case the error 54 occurs

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iTunes error 54 data recovery


Recommended Precaution

In the fight against iTunes errors, you can also use third-party programs aimed at fixing the crash of the application or the iOS operating system. It is better to download software from official sources. If error 54 occurs when transferring purchases to the iTunes Store, the best solution is to download them from the service via the iTunes Store - "More" - "Purchases" - the cloud icon. When none of the above solutions work, hardware problems may be the cause of error 54 in iTunes. To find out which device is causing the failure, you need to try to perform the synchronization procedure on another computer. This will help rule out or confirm a problem with your PC. 

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