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Issues with iPhone/Android Stuck in Recovery Mode

Alice MJ

Apr 07, 2023 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions

  • Apple devices enter Recovery Mode when it is updating or restoring your iPhone. In the regular update or recovery process, users hardly know that their devices are in recovery mode. If an error occurs during the process, iPhone users will find their iPhone stuck in recovery mode with the iTunes connection logo and cannot reboot. You can also get stuck in recovery mode when jailbreaking iPhone. To minimize loss, it is best to back up your iPhone data regularly. Or, you can use the following steps to get your iPhone out of recovery mode and keep your iPhone data if you haven't done a backup.

Part 1. How to fix your phone without external help

  • iPhone iTunes

Apple users usually don't face any issues with their devices. But as soon as they encounter any problem, they probably search all over the internet for a solution to the problem. One such problem that users are facing and looking for a solution: iPhone stuck in recovery mode and won't recover. When iPhone freezes in recovery mode, you will see the Connect to iTunes screen on your device. Many users are going crazy because this issue causes their devices to stop responding.

If your device is stuck in recovery mode, don't panic. This does not mean that your device is dead or that you have lost it forever. It simply means that your device is in a coma and may come out. The only difference is how you take your device out of this state. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to manually wake up iPhone from recovery mode.

Step 1: Launch iTunes on your computer. Now connect your iPhone to your PC using a USB cable. Wait while the software detects your device.

Step 2: Now press the Power/Sleep button and button and Home button at the same time for 10 seconds. Release the Power/Sleep buttons and the and Home button together.

Step 3: Press the power button instantly and wait for the iPhone to restart. After doing that, you have successfully brought iPhone out of recovery mode.


  • Android -- Hard Restart

If your android gets stuck in the recovery mode and you cannot access the settings menu, there is still hope. Using a certain combination of buttons, you can do a hard reset in recovery mode.

Back up your android phone data first if possible because this process will erase all data from your phone's internal storage.

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Hold down the volume down button and also hold down the power button until the phone turns on.
  • After the word “Start” appears on your screen, press the volume down key up to where Recovery Mode” is located.
  • Now press the power button to start recovery mode. You should now see an Android Robot.
  • While “recovery mode” is highlighted, press and press the power button while pressing the volume up button once and then release the power button.
  • Press the Volume until the wipe/factory reset information is highlighted, then press the power button to select it. 
  • Once this is done, press the power button to choose to reboot the system.
  • Then you can restore your phone data.

Part 2. How to fix your Phone with professional help

The methods mentioned above can help you get your Phone back to normal, but they will also result in data loss. So how to get your iPhone back to normal and avoid data loss at the same time?

Try the third method – Dr.Fone Repair & Dr.Fone Data Recovery software. This is a third-party software that can help you with this awkward situation. And most importantly, your data will not be lost. Follow these steps to get iPhone out of recovery mode:

Step 1 First download Dr.Fone-System Repair  to your computer, and after installation, select the Repair option.

Step 2 Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable and select the Start button.


Dr.Fone iPhone recovery mode


Step 3 At this point, boot your iPhone into DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode.


Dr.Fone iPhone recovery mode


iPhone X, 8, 8 +: Press Volume Up quickly> Press Volume Down quickly > Hold Side Compare until screen is off> Hold Side Compare + Volume Down for 5s, then release Side Compare

iPhone 7, 7 +: Hold Side Comparison + Volume Down for 8s> Release Side Comparison

iPhone 6S or earlier: Hold Home + Lock for 8s> Release Lock


Step 4 When your iPhone enters DFU mode, the program will automatically detect it. In the next window, you must confirm your iPhone's model number and the updated firmware version.


Dr.Fone iPhone recovery mode


Step 5 Click the Download button and wait for a while. Your phone will be repaired automatically.

Wait patiently. Your phone will reboot and the following message will appear.


style arrow up

Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS)

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  • Fully supports all the popular forms of iOS devices such as iPhone XS, iPad Air 2, iPod, iPad etc.
  • Provision of exporting the files recovered from Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS) to your computer easily.
  • Users can speedily recover selective data types without having to load the entire chunk of data altogether.
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In the situation where your data are lost during the repair, you can use the Dr.Fone Data Recovery Software to restore any files lost.

Step 1. Download the Dr.Fone Data Recovery Software and connect your Phone with Computer.


Dr.Fone iPhone recovery mode


Step 2. Follow the software instruction and Scan your Phone


Dr.Fone recovery scanning image


Dr.Fone choose and recover scanned image


Recommended Precaution

This excellent program can perfectly fix various Android/iPhone freeze problems. Download Dr.Fone Repair & Dr.Fone Data Recovery software and restore normal phone system, such as fix Android/iPhone stuck on recovery mode, fix iPhone stuck in DFU mode, fix Android black screen problem, open iPhone in restore mode etc. Dr.Fone Repair & Recovery software works well for most smartphones.

You can also solve the recovery mode problem by doing a hard reset by holding the power button and volume up button and doing both a reboot and erasing data from the device. However, this method will require you to recover data from your phone first.

In case of loss of text messages on iPhone, each user has the opportunity to restore them, regardless of the method chosen, but since it is much easier and safer to restore SMS using iTunes or iCloud, it is recommended to create backups periodically.


Dr.Fone Phone backup Software

Introducing Dr.Fone phone backup software that works with iPhone 6, iPad, iPod Touch devices. Also, the application allows you to return all recovered information back to your Apple device! You can get the software by visiting either of these two links: for iPhone and for android.


Dr.Fone Repair & Recovery

It is now evident that Dr.Fone Repair & Recovery gives users the chance to recover data from iPhone stuck on recovery mode. It is simple and safe to use. Why not download and try it now! The software fully supports all iPhone models. 

Alice MJ

staff Editor

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