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Top 10 Fixes for Phone Keep Disconnecting from Wi-Fi!

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions


The revolutionized world is about the internet, online life, and social media. You can get all the information you need from the internet. You are a click away from booking tickets, buying groceries, calling your loved ones, or even you can handle office meetings with the internet.

fix wifi keep disconnecting android

Since everything revolves around the internet, it's annoying if your WI-FI disconnects. You might question yourself why does my Wi-Fi keep disconnecting from the phone? To know the answer, read the article below.

Part 1: Why Does Your Phone Keep Disconnecting from WiFi?

Is your phone frequently getting disconnected from Wi-Fi? Or the internet service is lagging? We have a few options from which you can inspect your problem. Not all internet issues arise from the service provider, as some issues are because of the devices that are using the internet. Some of these issues are discussed below for your assistance:

  • Router Problems

If the internet provider is doing their job right, the router might not deliver you the right thing. Like other electronic devices, they can also misbehave. This can happen because the router is faulty, or it can happen because the firmware is outdated.

  • Out of Wi-Fi Range

Why does my phone keep disconnecting from Wi-Fi? It is because you might be out of range! The router’s placement is very important. The router transmits frequencies that have a limited range. If you are moving out of the range, the internet automatically disconnects.

  • Wi-Fi Signals Getting Blocked

The signals from the router can dissipate from any other electronic device nearby. Signals like radio and microwaves can interfere with signal strength.

  • Devices Connected with Router

Commonly, a house has around a dozen devices connected to the internet router. People do not think that the router has limited connection slots. It is unable to entertain a specific number of requests for service facilitation. The router has limitations; the service quality will drop if the limitations are exceeded. This drop in quality can also cause internet disconnection from devices.

  • Unstable Internet

If your Android phone gets disconnected frequently, then this disconnection is due to unstable internet, but apart from the above-mentioned problems, there is another reason for internet disconnection.

Sometimes, the internet is stable, but it still disconnects. This is because the internet service provider might not send the best quality internet you have acquired it for. If your internet is stable and the phone still keeps disconnecting, then head onto the next part that will share the top 10 fixes to sort out this issue.

Part 2: 10 Ways to Fix Wi-Fi Keep Disconnecting on Phone

As we have mentioned earlier if your Wi-Fi is stable, but it keeps disconnecting from Samsung Galaxy S22 or other Android phones, the coming section of this article is for you. We will provide you with 10 solutions with complete assistance to fix the "Wi-fi keeps disconnecting Android" issue.

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Fix 1: Restart Your Phone

If the Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting from your Android phone, but the internet is stable, then you should try to fix the issue by restarting your phone. Sometimes, it's the phone that’s causing a problem, so to resolve it, you can follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Firstly, unlock your phone. Now, press the Power button and hold it for a few seconds.

Step 2: Now, select the 'Reboot' option to resolve the issue from the options on the screen.

select reboot option

Fix 2: Check Router Settings

If your Android keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi, you can also fix the problem by checking the router settings. This is because your phone might be blocked from connecting to the network, and if this is the scenario, your phone will never maintain the connection. You should check the Router’s admin panel or app to remove your phone from the blocklist.

check router settings

Fix 3: Reconnect to Network

To fix the annoying problem that your Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting, you should try forgetting the network and then reconnecting to it. This could be done easily by following the steps below:

Step 1: First, you need to open the Wi-Fi settings menu. This could be done by pressing and holding the Wi-Fi option from the drop-down menu of your phone until the settings open up.

tap on your wifi option

Step 2: A list of all the Wi-Fi networks will appear on the screen. Select the network that is causing trouble from that list and hit the 'Forget Network' option.

click on forgot network

Step 3: After that, you should reconnect to this Wi-Fi network by selecting it from the Wi-Fi list and entering its password.

enter wifi password

Fix 4: Restart Your Router

As we discussed, to restart your phone, you can also restart the router to get rid of the problem. For this, hit the restart button on the router to get a fresh start. If the device has no button, disconnect the power supply and plug it back in to connect again. Most internet issues are resolved by restarting the router.

restart wifi router

Fix 5: Forget Old Networks

The problem that your Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting can also occur because of the list of networks you have connected to. Having yourselves connected to different set of networks could turn out to be quite problematic in the process. In the process of finding and switching to the best network, your device’s Wi-Fi will continually disconnect and reconnect with the nearby networks. To finish this irritating issue, you should remove and forget all the extra networks that you connected previously.

Step 1: You should start by pressing and holding the Wi-Fi option from the drop-down menu on your phone until the Wi-Fi settings screen appears.

open wifi settings

Step 2: You will see a list of all the Wi-Fi networks you have connected to previously. One by one, select each network and hit the 'Forget Network' button to remove it.

forgot unnecessary wifi connections

Fix 6. Check Recently Installed Applications

Sometimes, different installed applications can also cause trouble. If your Wi-Fi was fine, but suddenly it started disconnecting, then don’t forget to check the recently installed apps. This is because with not knowing the damage it can cause, you might have installed some VPNs, connections boosters, or firewalls. You can try and disable them but if that doesn’t resolve the problem, then uninstall the app.

Step 1: For uninstalling the problematic application, you have to select it and hold it. You will see a pop-up menu of multiple options; choose the option of ‘Uninstall' to remove the app from the phone.

tap on uninstall button

Fix 7: Reset Network Settings on your Phone

It’s annoying that your Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting while you are working or studying. Android users can easily get over this problem by resetting the network settings. The steps for this fix are as follows:

Step 1: For resetting the network, start by opening the ‘Settings’ menu on your phone. Then, scroll down, look for the 'Connection & Sharing' option, and select it.

access connect and sharing

Step 2: As you progress onto a new screen, you will find the option of “Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile Networks, and Bluetooth” in the menu. Select the option to lead to the next window.

open reset option

Step 3: Click on the option of “Reset Settings” present on the bottom of the next screen that shows up. Provide confirmation of resetting these settings by inserting your device’s PIN, if any.

click on reset settings button

Step 4: After providing the appropriate clearances, you will be asked for another confirmation of resetting the device’s networks to default. Click “OK” to execute.

tap on ok button

Fix 8: Check Routers Range

If your Wi-Fi automatically disconnects and connects again while you are roaming in the house, then it is because of the router's range; you should check it. For this, you can consider changing and modifying your AP (Access Point) band on your router.

Although the 5GHz frequency band is recognized for providing better network speeds, this band has a shorter range as compared to the 2.4GHz band, which has a better coverage of area. You can easily shift your router’s range through its configuration page. It is considered optimal to utilize the 2.4GHz frequency band for better ranges.

change routers range

Fix 9: Stay Connected while Asleep

Most Android phones have a battery-saving feature. This feature disables the network connections to save the battery of the phone. If this is why the Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting, follow the steps shared below to fix it:

Step 1: Start by opening the ‘Settings’ menu on your phone. Then scroll down until you find the 'Battery' option and open it.

open battery settings

Step 2: Then, from the battery screen, hit the 'More Battery Settings' options. Then, you will see the 'Stay Connected while Asleep' option; turn it on.

enable connected while asleep

Fix 10: Upgrade Router Firmware

If none of the above-shared fixes work, the last fix to resolve the problem is upgrading your router firmware. For this, you should contact any professional who knows network operations as upgrading router firmware takes time and requires knowledge.

Wi-Fi Stay Connected!

The article above has discussed 10 solutions that offer a comprehensive toolkit to tackle the persistent issue of Wi-Fi keeps turning off Android. By toggling Airplane Mode, restarting your device, adjusting settings, and updating firmware, among other steps, you can effectively address and resolve this connectivity problem. With these solutions at your disposal, you can regain a stable and uninterrupted Wi-Fi experience on your Android device.

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