How to Fix Unfortunately, Contacts Has Stopped Error on Android

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Have you recently noticed a message stating “Contacts has stopped”? This is enough to take away all your peace. As, our native contacts app stashes all our useful contacts which are time and again needed by a user. It’s malfunctioning is enough to give us chills. But, why the Samsung or any other Android device incurs such problems?

It can occur while you launch the app or while you’re in the app already finding the required contact or when any other application is trying to gain access to it. So, to rage a battle with this issue, you need to seek help of some powerful methods in killing down the issue of contacts app crashes. And, the best part is that you’ve secured yourself by reaching the right place. We will be taking an in-depth discussion on several methods that may prove to be helpful. Let’s read them up here now.

Part 1: Get Android system fixed in one click

We’re always in search of a method that provides handy solution in a quite speedy and hassle-free manner. There are hundreds of tips and tricks for the same. You never know the possibility of firmware being the major drawback. No amount of manual methods can beat the performance of Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android).It is capable of providing 100% solution to any kind of issues, your phone gets troubled with. It is designed with the technology of combating the problem of black screen of death, app crashes and several other issues. In just a single-click, ward off the issue and free your device with errors

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In this tutorial, we will learn the methodology of addressing the contacts keep stopping problem and gain triumph over it.

Step 1: Load program and draw connection of device

Download Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android) on PC. While program installs, use USB cable to connect device with system. From interface, tap on “System Repair” main window.

contacts stopping on samsung - download the tool

Step 2: Opt for Android Repair option

You’ll be directed to the “System Repair” screen where you have to opt for “Android Repair” options appearing over the left panel of the program. After that, do not forget to press “Start”.

contacts stopping on samsung - android repair

Step 3: Key in device information

From following screen, fill the fields of “Brand”, “Name”, “Model”, “Country” and several other parameters. Then, tap on “Next” option to proceed further.

contacts stopping on samsung - enter info

Step 4: Download Firmware package

Just follow the on-screen steps for booting your Android phone into download mode. Then, hit the “Next” button to p­­roceed with downloading the most suitable firmware package for your Android device.

contacts stopping on samsung - download firmware

Step 5: Repair Android phone

Once the software downloads, the program will automatically repair any issues irking over your phone. Now, your phone is all free from contacts error.

contacts stopping on samsung - start android repair

Part 2: 9 Common ways to fix “Unfortunately, Contacts Has Stopped”

2.1 Restart Android system

Our response to any minuscule issue is straightaway restarting phone. This helps in clearing out any problem that might have disrupt the functioning of phone. So, to fix the problem of “Contacts app won’t open”, you too can try out your hand in this method.

  1. Get hold of your Android system and long press the power button.
  2. This will fadeout the main screen and showcase several options from where you’ve to tap on “Reboot/Restart” mode.
contacts app stopping - retart android

Now, your device will quickly reboot the device. Once, the device regains its normal state, check whether the issue is coming again or not.

2.2 Clear cache and data of Contacts app

The cache memory basically stashes the copies of the concerned application. It is indeed a streak of copies of the desired app storing information and incurring additional space on the storage. This might be the reason why the contact app crashes rapidly on your Android phone. Hence, it can prove to be a good remedy for this problem. Just follow down the steps mentioned below-

  1. First of all, go to “Settings” application from the app drawer or from the notification panel.
  2. Now, surf and select for “Applications” or “Apps & notifications”.
  3. Here, you need to browse for “Contacts” app and open it.
  4. On “Contacts” app, just tap on “CLEAR CACHE” and “CLEAR DATA” button. This will prompt the cache memory to be cleared.
  5. contacts app stopping - clear cache

2.3 Wipe cache partition

As we know the cache memories are the temporary files build by the firmware. These are of little importance as they are bound to become a bit more corrupted in nature. And sometimes, may indirectly become a hurdle for the working of contacts app. It is good if the device is cleared off from the caches. Instead of manually wiping down the cache memory, we will understand how to clear off the cache partition in the following steps.

  1. From device, just power off your device. Then, press the “Volume Down + Power” button with “Home” combinations together.
  2. In a moment’s time, lose fingers from the “Power” button but do not release fingers from “Volume Down” and “Home” buttons.
  3. Once you view the “Android System Recovery” screen, just lose the “Volume Down” and “Home” buttons.
  4. Over the options available, just opt for “wipe cache partition” by tapping the “Volume down” button until the desired option is highlighted.
  5. Finally, push the “Power” key to give consent to the selection.
  6. contacts app stopping - wipe cache partition
  7. After, the process is through there will be an option for “Reboot System Now”. Tap on it and restart the device.

2.4 Disable Google+ app

The root cause for detecting any problem is not very easy. You never know the overloading of Google + application might have directly impacted contacts app crashes. To resolve it, disabling it may prove to be a helpful solution. Here is the quick reference for disabling Google+ application.

  1. First of all, visit “Settings” from your Android phone.
  2. In “Settings”, visit the “Application Manager” or “Applications” menu and browse for “Google +” app.
  3. From the application main page, you can choose to do either of the methods:
    • Either, completely disable the application to work by pressing on “Force stop” or “Disable” feature.
    • Or, brush away the unnecessary cache piled up on your storage by using “Clear Cache” functionality.

There will be a prompt stating that the application may misbehave. However, you must disable the feature and check whether it worked out for you or not.

contacts app crashing - clear google+ cache

2.5 Update your device software

Many a times, we skip updating our device software thinking it is of less importance. In fact, one must not miss out the updates that occurs in phone. As, without the updates, the scope of some applications are affected to some extent. For its better functioning and avoiding issues like “contacts keep stopping”, here is how you should update device software.

  1. First and foremost, head on to “Settings” menu. Over there, click on “About Device”.
  2. There, you need to tap over “Software Update”.
contacts app crashing - check updates

The device will now check whether there are any updates available for your device. If yes, then update application right away.

2.6 Reset App Preferences

As stated, the malfunctioning of contacts can be due to be any unexpected reason. Hence, users can opt for resetting app preferences. This may prove to be helpful in brushing away the issue of “Contacts app won’t open”.

  • Launch “Settings” app and surf for “Apps” or “Applications” option on your Android device.
  • Just, tap over the three dots appearing at the upper right section and then tap on “Reset app preferences”.
  • At last, just select “Reset default apps”.
contacts app not responding - reset preferences

2.7 Delete voicemail

Do you happen to exchange voicemails quite often? It can trigger to be the reason for contact app crashes. If your device happens to have a bulk of voicemails, you must get rid of them sooner or later. As, these might standout to be the prime reason for contacts stopping on Samsung. If you’re unaware about the procedure of removing all kinds of voicemails, you can proceed to make use of the following steps.

  1. Start with, launching the “Google Voice” app.
  2. From there, duly opt for “Voicemail”.
  3. Just click on the press menu option and at last select “Delete” option.

2.8 Uninstall the downloaded apps

Some applications contain some unwanted advertisements and some elements of malware. This can be enough for disrupting the functionality of the built-in contact app won’t open. It is crucial for your phone to be detoxed from such elements. You need to manually scrap off such applications. Do, ensure to download the application from the genuine source for future use.

  • On your Android phone, just go to “Home” screen and tap on “Apps” icon.
  • Then, tap on “Settings” icon followed by going to “Applications” or “Apps & Preferences” menu.
  • After that, tap on “Menu icon” which will showcase the apps installed on device.
  • Simply, open the app and hit the “Uninstall” button to brush away that app. Repeat the same with other application(s).

Now, check whether you’ve fought the battle with the problem or not.

contacts app not responding - delete app

2.9 Reset to Factory Settings

Last but not least, if all the methods falls flat to resolve the issue of contacts app won’t open. Then, it might be your device has some internal problem. This can be any software crash which might not be fixing with the aforementioned steps. That is where reset to factory settings may prove to be a good option. With this method, your phone will be cleared of all the components, settings and everything present in it. Here are is the comprehensive tutorial for biding bye to the problem of contacts app won’t open.

Note: Do ensure to take a backup of all the data available in your device. As, we don’t want you to regret afterwards.

  • Just go to “Settings” and surf and select “Backup & Reset” option.
  • You need to toggle on the option for performing the backup on your Google account.
  • Then, tap on “Reset” button and then tick mark the option for resetting your phone.
contacts app not responding - factory settings

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