7 Solutions to Fix Chrome Crashes or Won’t Open on Android

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Being one of the widely used browsers, Chrome is always our rescue whenever vital information is our need. Imagine, you launched Chrome for some urgent work and all of a sudden, got “Unfortunately Chrome has stopped” error. You re-opened it thinking about proper functioning of it now but to no avail. Does this situation sound familiar? Are you in a same problem as well? Fret not! We will discuss in this article why your Chrome is crashing on Android and the potential solutions to do away with the problem. Please read the article attentively and know what helps you best.

Part 1: Too many tabs opened

One of the main reasons why Chrome keeps crashing could be the multiple opened tabs. If you keep open the tabs, it may slow down the performance of Chrome and the app will use RAM. As a result, it will obviously get stopped midway. Therefore, we suggest you to close the tabs which are opened. And once you do that, exit the app and then launch it again.

Part 2: Too much memory used

When Chrome or any other app keeps running on the background, issues like “Unfortunately Chrome has stopped” are likely to occur. Moreover, the opened apps will eat the memory of your device. Hence, as the next solution, it is suggested that the Chrome should be closed by force quitting and then you need to try to launch it again to work. See if it works or still Chrome is not responding.

1. Simply tap on the Home button twice to get on the recent apps screen. Please note that the button may vary to reach the screen. Please check once and move accordingly.

2. Now simply swipe the app up/left/right (according to the device).

fix Chrome crashing on Android by force quiting

3. The app will be force quit now. You can then start it again to check if thing get back to normal.

Part 3: Chrome cache overflowing

While using any app for long, the temporary files for those gets collected in the form of cache. And when cache is not getting cleared, one may face the freezing, crashing or sluggish apps. And this could also be the cause why your Chrome keeps stopping. Hence, the following steps will show you how to clear cache and make Chrome work as before.

1. Open “Settings” and go to “Apps & Notifications”.

2. Look for “Chrome” and tap on it.

3. Go to “Storage” and click on “Clear Cache”.

fix Chrome crashing on Android by clearing cache

Part 4: Exclude the issue of website itself

Most probably Chrome is not able to support the website you are trying to access. We doubt if the particular website you are making use of is the culprit and making Chrome keeps stopping. In such case, we would like to recommend you to make use of another browser and try to access the website from there. See if this works or not. If now, please follow the next solution.

Part 5: Android firmware corruption

Another reason why your Chrome has stopped could be the corrupted software. You can’t expect anything normal when your firmware corruption occurs and so in the case of Chrome. If this is the case, the re-flashing the stock ROM is the most recommended solution. And the best that can help you in this is none other than Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android). Within one click, it vows to help users in flashing the ROM without any complications. Read the advantages offered by this tool.

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Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android)

Android repair tool to fix crashing Chrome

  • It works like a pro no matter what problem your device is stuck with.
  • More than 1000 types of Android devices are compatible with this tool.
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How to Use Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android) when Chrome is crashing on Android

Step 1: Install the Tool to Begin

Start downloading it from there. Install it once downloading is completed and open the tool. The main screen will show you some tabs. You need to hit on “System Repair” among those.

fix Chrome crashing on Android - get the fixing tool

Step 2: Get Android Device Connected

Now, you need to connect your device with the computer using USB cord. When the device is connected successfully, click on the “Android Repair” option from the left panel.

fix Chrome crashing on Android - connect android

Step 3: Enter Details

On the following screen, you need to select the right phone brand, name model and enter career details. Check once to confirm and hit on “Next”.

Step 4: Download Firmware

Now, follow the steps displaying on the screen to enter the DFU mode. When you do this, click on “Next” and the program will download the firmware.

download firmware and fix Chrome crashing on Android

Step 5: Repair the Issue

Once the firmware is downloaded, you will notice that the repairing process will start by the program. Wait until it gets finished and try to start Chrome again and you’ll surely get rid of the problem.

Chrome crashing fixed on Android

Part 6: File Downloading issue from Chrome

While you were trying to download from internet, the file didn’t download properly or it might get stuck and eventually crashing Chrome occurs. In such instances, many times, uninstalling and installing helps. Therefore, follow the steps below to uninstall and install Chrome and fix Chrome keeps stopping

    • Go to “Settings” and tap on “Apps”.
    • Select “Chrome” and tap on “Uninstall Updates”.
fix Chrome crashing on Android by uninstalling updates
  • Now, you need to re-install it from Play Store. From the “My Apps” section, tap on Chrome and update it.

Part 7: Clashes between Chrome and system

Of still you are receiving “Unfortunately Chrome has stopped” pop-up, it might be because of the incompatibility between the Chrome and system. Maybe your device is not updated and therefore is at odds with the Chrome app. So, the last tip that we would like give you is to update your Android device. Following are the steps for it. Follow them and stop the Chrome crashing on Android issue.

  • Go to “Settings” and tap on “System”/”About Phone”/”About Device”.
  • Now, choose “Software Update”/”System Update” and your device will detect if there is any update present on your device. Proceed accordingly.
fix Chrome crashing by updating android

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