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Android Not Receiving Texts? 10 Hassle-Free Solutions Here

Feb 29, 2024 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions


It is very common that the Android messaging app is not working on many devices especially broken devices. People often encounter this issue in Samsung phones, even the latest ones.

You might find lots of people online stating I can't receive text messages on Android. And usually, people don’t find a legit solution for this issue. If you are also experiencing this sort of issue on your Android phones, then don’t panic. We have a series of methods that can supposedly fix the problem. But at first, we will learn what the main reasons this problem arises are and how do you know that it is consistent not some random error.

Take a look at the sections below, and you will learn all possible things regarding the messaging application on your phone.

Part 0. Symptoms and Causes of Android Not Receiving Texts

The most common symptoms that would clarify that your Android messaging service is not working right are given below:

  • You will stop receiving any texts all of a sudden.
  • You can’t send or receive a text message.
  • Whenever you try to text someone, the message sent failed notification pop up on the screen.

The reasons why your Android is not receiving texts are given below:

  • Network issue
  • Insufficient memory
  • Mis-configuration of device settings
  • Switching of devices
  • A glitch in the messaging app
  • Software issue
  • Carrier problem with the registered network.

Apart from all these reasons, some additional causes are also there that can lead to this issue.

Part 1: One-click to Fix Android not Receiving Texts by Android System Repair

If you are not willing to waste your precious time fixing the message problem, then you can switch to the top-rated Android repair tool, i.e., Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android). With this software, you can easily fix issues like the black screen of death, crashing apps, can't receive text messages on Android, or failed download. If you have no idea what is causing the message app problem, you can simply think of repairing the whole Android system.

You surely need to try the software as it can perform the following tasks:

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Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android)

Android repair tool to fix Android Not Receiving Texts

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  • Complete Android repair tool for all brands and models.
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You can download and install the software on your system and use it to fix any issue. Then follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Launch the application and choose the System Repair option from the main interface. Connect your Android device to the computer and choose the Android Repair mode, and hit the Start button to begin.

fix android not receiving texts with Dr.Fone

Step 2: You will have to provide information about your device, including the brand, name, model, country, and carrier. In between, you will be notified that your device repair might erase the existing data of your device.

android not receiving texts - provide info

Step 3: Agree with the conditions and hit the Next button. The software will download the firmware package automatically. It might take a while to finish the download, and when it is finished, the repair process will be initiated automatically.

android not receiving texts - download firmware

It won’t take long, and your Android phone will be repaired. Now you will be able to receive and send text messages without any hassle.

Part 2: Remove and Insert the SIM

The easiest thing that you can try if your Android phone is not receiving any text messages is because the SIM is not inserted right. If your SIM card is inserted wrong, then it is obvious you can't receive text messages on Android. Simply take out the SIM card, see how it must be inserted, and do it correctly. Once the SIM is inserted in the right way, you will receive the pending text messages immediately unless there is another issue preventing it.

Part 3: Check Network Connection

Another simple method that you can try if you are not receiving text messages on Samsung phone is to check your network connection. Usually, you can see the bar on the top of the screen. Maybe the problem exists because you have no signal strength at the moment.

android not receiving texts - check connection

Part 4: Consult your Carrier about the Data Plan

Maybe you are unable to get messages on your Android devices because your existing data plan has expired. You can directly contact your Carrier about the issues where your Android phone is not receiving texts. If your plan has expired, then you might have to renew it immediately. If not, then try out other fixes to resolve this issue.

Part 5: Try the SIM card in Another Phone or Slot

Sometimes, people complain that Samsung is not receiving texts from iPhone, and it might be because of the SIM card issue. So, the best thing you can try is to remove the SIM from your current phone and insert it into another phone.

When you are offline the message is saved on the server and just about when you get online, the text messages are delivered. If it is the SIM issue, then you will not get the message unless you contact your network operator.

Part 6: Clear the Cache of Messaging App

In smartphones, the memory space often gets filled up with cache. And not everyone remembers that they have to clear the cache from time to time. The accumulated cache can also lead to this issue. So, if your Android messaging app is not working, you have to clear the cache memory.

Step 1: Open the Settings and go to Apps. Find the Messages app from the list and tap to open it. There you will see the storage occupied by the app along with the cache.

android not receiving texts clear cache

Step 2: Click on the Clear Cache button and wait as the device free up the memory of your device.

Once the cache is cleared, you can also clear the data if you want to and you’ll instantly receive the text messages on your phone.

Part 7: Delete Useless Messages to Free Up Space

Sometimes, if you are not receiving text messages on Samsung, it means that you need to clean up the clutter of useless messages from your phone and SIM both. The phone messages can be deleted directly from your phone. But the SIM card messages needed to be deleted separately. The SIM cards don’t have enough memory to hold plenty of messages. Therefore, once the storage is full, you will stop receiving messages entirely.

Step 1: Open the messages app and open settings. Look for an option that says “Manage SIM Card Messages”. Sometimes, you can find this option under Advanced Settings.

android not receiving texts - free up space

Step 2: There, you will see the existing messages on the SIM. You can either delete all the messages or perform a selective deletion to free up space.

Part 8: Try a Third-party Messaging App

If you can’t receive messages on your default app, then you can try installing a third-party messaging app. Nowadays, most people use social media messaging apps like WhatsApp, Skype, etc. for messaging. So, if somehow, the Android is not receiving texts, then the new apps can help you to send and receive messages with a non-native network.

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Part 9: Ensure your Phone is Fully Charged

Another possible fix to this problem might be your phone’s battery percentage. Sometimes, when the Android is in power saving mode, it disables the default apps too. As a result, you can't even receive text messages on Android. So, when you plug in the charger, the power saving mode will be disabled, and you will get your text messages.

Part 10: Ensure It’s Not An iMessage From iPhone

If the Samsung phone is not receiving texts from iPhone, then this might be a different issue. Usually, there is an option on the iPhone where they can send texts as iMessage and simple messages. If the iPhone user sends the text as iMessage, then it will not show up on the Android device. To resolve this, you have to follow the steps below:

Taking the iPhone in hand makes sure that you are connected to a network. Open settings and scroll to look for the Message option. Toggle the bar next to the iMessage option to turn it off.

android not receiving texts - check iphone message

If the FaceTime option is also on, you might have to deactivate that too to send messages and calls as regular ones.

Part 11: Update Your Android

Updating the operating system to the latest Android version can fix some system errors which may cause the "Android not receiving texts" issue because the latest version always brings a better user experience and fix the know bugs.


Now you know several methods that can work if the Android messaging app is not working.  If you experience this kind of issue with your Android phone, then you are most likely to resolve them with these fixes. If none of the solutions seem to fix the issue, then you can take the help of Dr. Fone - System Repair (Android) feature. With this tool, you can resolve all kinds of working issues on your device.

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