9 Quick Fixes to Unfortunately TouchWiz has stopped

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“Unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped” is the talk of the town due to annoying TouchWiz UI, a front-end user interface developed by Samsung. Not to mention, the Samsung has borne a whole lot of heat from its agitated users over the years and the reason is pretty much obvious due to the pre-installed bloatware apps and the theme launch “TouchWiz home”. That not just brutally annoys users and eats up a heck of internal storage space but lags up too often due to low speed and stability. As a result users end up with “Unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped” and “Unfortunately, TouchWiz has stopped”. Apparently, there are several flaws in the design and functioning of this launcher and hence, Touchwiz keeps stopping or becomes unresponsive.

Part 1: Common scenarios when TouchWiz keeps stopping

Here in this section, we will introduce some scenarios that can be blamed for why TouchWiz is not working. Check out the following points:

  • More often than not, the TouchWiz keeps stopping after an Android update. When we update our Samsung device, the old data and cache usually conflicts with TouchWIz thereby cropping up this mess.
  • When you disable some built-in apps, you might get in trouble with TouchWiz. Doing this sometimes can hamper the TouchWiz operation and raise the “unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped” error message.
  • Many times installing some third-party apps and widgets can cause this problem. The apps like launchers can be conflicting with TouchWiz home launcher and therefore cease it to work. Also, a glitched widget is responsible for the same i.e. forces stop the TouchWiz.

Part 2: 9 Fixes to “Unfortunately TouchWiz has stopped”

Fix “TouchWiz keeps stopping” by repairing Android system

When your TouchWiz keeps stopping and you aren’t able to proceed further, the best way to handle the situation is to repair the Android system. And the best that can help you to serve the purpose is Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android). It has the ability to fix any sort of Android system issue without any complications. To fix this issue, the tool only takes few minutes of yours and performs smoothly. Moreover, you don’t have to worry if you aren’t tech pro. This tool requires no special technical know-how. Here are the advantages you get with this tool.

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Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android)

One click tool to fix "Unfortunately TouchWiz has stopped"

  • A very easy tool that fixes problems in just one click
  • Provides full support all day all night as well as offers 7 day money back challenge
  • Enjoys higher success rate and considered as first tool carrying such amazing functionalities
  • Able to fix wide variety of Android issues including app crashing, black/white screen of death
  • Fully secured and no harm regarding any virus infection
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Step 1: Download the Program

The one-click repairing process begins with downloading Dr.Fone from its official website. When it is downloaded, follow the installation steps. Upon successful installation, launch the tool on your PC.

Step 2: Connect your Samsung Device

After you open the software, hit on the “System Repair” button from the main interface. With the help of a genuine USB cable, get your Samsung phone and connect it with the computer.

fix touchwiz home stopping

Step 3: Choose the Tab

Now, from the next screen, you are supposed to choose “Android Repair” tab. It is given on the left panel.

repair android to fix touchwiz home stopping

Step 4: Enter Right Information

Please keep your mobile details handy as you will need them in the next window. You will need to enter the correct brand, model, and country name etc. for better detection of your device.

enter device info

Step 5: Confirm Actions

This process may result in removing your data hence we strongly recommend you to keep a backup of your data.

Tip: You can use Dr.Fone – Phone Backup (Android) to backup your Samsung device in case you’re wondering how.

Step 6: Take your Device in Download mode

You will get some instructions on your screen to keep your device in Download mode. Follow them according to the device you own and hit “Next”. When you do this, the program will detect your device and let you download the latest firmware.

download mode to fix touchwiz home stopping
download mode to fix touchwiz home stopping

Step 7: Repair Device

Now, when the firmware is downloaded, the program will itself begin to repair your device. Wait and keep the device connected until you get the notification for process completion.

get android device repaired

Clear the cache data the TouchWiz

Maximum Android devices are designed to deleted cache data upon getting updated to the newest Android system. However, Samsung stands as an exception in such case. And therefore, many times TouchWiz starts stopping right after upgrading. Thus, due to the collection of cache data, TouchWiz can display error. This calls for removing the cache from TouchWiz and run things smoothly. Here is how to do this:

  • Tap on “Apps” from the Home screen firstly.
  • Launch “Settings” afterwards
  • Look for “Applications” and tap on it followed by “Application Manager”.
  • When Application Manager gets opened, swipe towards right to get into the “All” screen.
  • Now, choose “TouchWiz” and tap “Clear Cache”.
  • Now, tap “Clear Data” followed by “OK”.
  • Now restart your device.
  • clear cache to fix touchwiz home stopping

Please note that this will delete all your Home screens post this method.

Disable Motion & gesture settings

The functions regarding Motions and Gestures can be responsible for why TouchWiz home has stopped in your device. Usually the Samsung devices running on Android version less than Marshmallow are prone to encountering this issue. Or the devices having modest specs often fall prey to the issue. When you disable these settings, you might get out of the problem.

  • Head to the “Settings” simply.
  • Choose “Motions and Gestures” from the menu.
  • motions and gestures
  • Followed by this, turn off the entire motion and gesture functionalities.
  • turn off motions and gestures

Change the Animation Scale

When you use TouchWiz, it may consume higher memory usage for high amount of graphic maintenance. As a result, the “unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped” error might crop up. Taking this into consideration, you should try reconfiguring the animation scale and get rid of the error. Here’s how:

  • Open “Settings” to begin and you will need to use “Developer Options”.
  • You will not easily notice this option. For this, firstly you need to tap “About Device” followed by “Software info”.
  • change Animation Scale -step 1
  • Look for the “Build number” and tap on it 6-7 times.
  • change Animation Scale -step 2
  • You will now notice “You are a developer” message.
  • Return to “Settings” and now tap “Developer Options”.
  • Start altering the Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animator duration scale values.
  • change Animation Scale -step 3
  • Lastly, restart your device.

Clear Cache Partition

In case the above steps didn’t figure out the problem, here is the next tip. This method can be counted as one of the most effective one. Because it is able to fix minor issues in Android devices, we recommend you for “TouchWiz home has stopped” issue too. Let us know how you can do it:

  • Turn off your Samsung device.
  • Start pressing and holding “Volume Up” and “Power” buttons simultaneously.
  • Keep doing this until you see the Android screen. This will take your device into recovery mode.
  • You will observe some options on the screen. Take help of Volume buttons, scroll down to choose “Wipe Cache Partition”. Press Power button to confirm and the device will be rebooted.
  • clear cache partition

Check now if the error is eliminated. If unfortunately not, please try the following solution.

Enable the easy mode

For some users, enabling Easy Mode has been of great assistance. This feature aims to make the user experience more efficient by simply eliminating complex features. The Easy Mode removes those features that confuse the users by messing up the screen. Hence, we suggest you to switch to this mode in order to remove “TouchWiz not working” problem. The steps are:

  • Open “Settings” and go to “Personalization”.
  • Hit on “Easy Mode” now.
  • easy mode to fix TouchWiz stopping

Hope the TouchWiz won’t keep stopping error does not pop up anymore!

Boot your phone to safe mode

Here is the next solution to be followed when TouchWiz keeps stopping. As we already said, third-party apps can cause this issue, booting your device in the Safe mode will disable those apps temporarily. Hence you need to boot your Samsung device to Safe mode and check if the reason is any third-party app.

  • Switch off your device to initiate.
  • Press “Power” button and keep doing this until device’s logo appears on the screen.
  • When you see logo appearing, instantly release the button and start holding “Volume Down” button.
  • Keep holding until rebooting finishes.
  • You will now witness “Safe mode” on the bottom screen. You can now release the button.
  • safe mode

Reset Factory settings

If the above method went futile and you’re still at the same place, then factory reset is the next logical step to be taken. We suggest this method because it will take your device to its factory state. As a result, TouchWiz will probably get normal and work perfectly.

Along with this, we would also suggest you go take backup of your data so that you won’t lose any of the personal information from your device after performing factory reset. For your convenience, we have stated the backup steps too in the following guide. Have a look:

  • Run “Settings’ in your device and go to “Backup & Reset”.
  • Notice if “Back up my data” is enabled or not. If not, turn it on and create backup.
  • Now, scroll for “Factory Data reset” option and confirm it by clicking “Reset Phone”.
  • reset factory settings
  • Wait a few minutes and your device will reboot.

Install a new launcher to replace TouchWiz

We believe that you will find the above methods helpful. However, if still in case your TouchWiz is not working, we advice you that you should install a new theme launcher in your device. It will be a wise option to ditch TouchWiz in such scenario rather than tolerating the problem. Hope this advice will help you.

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