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Complete Guide to Fix Google Maps Not Working on Android

Dec 19, 2023 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions


Navigation systems have a vivid history and a key place in the annals of civilization. Today, we have the ubiquitous GPS or Global Positioning System that is key to our everyday lives. There are few key players in the market, but Google Maps leads by far. So, when users find Google Maps down on their Android phones, it comes as a rude shock and life can literally come to a standstill – for those on the road depending on it to tell them when to make the next turn! If Google Maps is not working for you, read this guide for ways to resolve the issue.

google maps android

Part I: Why Is Google Maps Not Working?

There are a few reasons Google Maps could be classified as not working. These could include:

  • -a slow internet connection causing maps to load slowly or the app to not load altogether.
  • -weather could be such that the phone is unable to get a satellite fix.
  • -app not showing your accurate location.

It may be any reason, but the situation is extremely frustrating, and we need a solution right now. Below are the ways you can fix Google Maps not working on Android quickly.

Part II: 9 Ways To Fix Google Maps Not Working

Without keeping you any further, we present you ways you can fix your Google Maps not working issue quickly.

II.I: Restart The Phone

restart android phone

The first and the easiest way to resolve most issues is to restart the device. So, restart your Android device and see if that resolves the Maps not working issue. If it does not, proceed further.

II.II: Check For Updates

Sometimes, apps stop working in case there are some updates in the Play Store. Don’t ask us why this happens, anything is possible when it comes to software. With that in mind, check for software updates and you might just find that there is one for Google Maps!

Step 1: Launch Play Store on your device and tap your profile picture on the right corner. Then, tap Manage Apps And Device.

check play store for updates

Note that this process could be different for your specific Android version and skin.

Step 3: If there are updates available, they will show like this:

play store updates

Tap Update All to apply the updates available and open Google Maps again to see if that helps!

II.III: Check If Location Is Enabled

Let us check if Location access is enabled at all.

Step 1: Launch Settings.

Step 2: Go to Location.

set google location on

Step 3: Tap Location to On.

II.IV: Check Location Accuracy

Location Accuracy helps with getting a quick and precise fix up to the capabilities of the GPS chip inside your Android phone. Switch it on and see the difference! Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Go to Location.

google location accuracy settings

Step 3: Tap Google Location Accuracy.

google location accuracy toggle

Step 4: Toggle it On.

II.V: Check Location Permissions For Google Maps

Usually if there is an issue with permissions, the Maps app alerts you to it, so you know. However, in case it hasn’t, it is always a good idea to check again.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Apps and locate Google Maps (it might be labelled as just Maps).

google maps location permissions

Step 2: Tap Permissions.

google maps location settings

Step 3: Tap Location.

set google maps location permissions

Step 4: Allow All The Time for the most seamless experience.

II.VI: Clear Google Maps Cache

Sometimes, clearing data caches can help with apps stuck up with something that prevents them from functioning correctly.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Apps > Maps (Google Maps).

clear maps cache

Step 2: Tap Storage Usage.

google maps clear cache

Step 3: Tap Clear Cache. You may also tap Clear Data, but that would likely make you sign in to Maps again when you launch the app and any unsaved data in the Maps app could get lost.

II.VII: Reset Google Play Services Cache

You can also reset Google Play Service cache to help resolve issues, just in case. Doing this, however, will necessitate signing back in to Play Store.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Apps and locate Google Play Services.

reset play services cache

Step 2: Tap Storage Usage.

clear play services cache

Step 3: Tap Clear Cache.

II.VIII: Calibrate The Compass

If Google Maps is not showing your accurate location, your compass calibration might be low.

Step 1: Launch Maps and tap the location icon at the bottom right.

calibrating google maps compass

Step 2: If compass calibration is low, it will prompt you. Follow the directions onscreen and you’re done!

tilt device to calibrate compass

II.IX: Fix Google Maps Not Working Issue In One Click With Dr.Fone

Now, if all you are looking for is the fastest way to resolve Google Maps not working issue on your Android phone, we present you with a one-click solution to do just that!

Dr.Fone is an app developed by Wondershare and loved by millions of users around the world. Why? Because it makes lives easy whenever disaster strikes on your beloved smartphones and tablets. The app’s modular structure ensures that you are never lost in a maze of options, and everything is clear and easily understandable for everyone.

Today, we will use Dr.Fone’s System Repair (Android) to repair our Android firmware issues to fix Google Maps not working problem.

Download Dr.Fone here.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone app on your computer.

wondershare drfone

Step 2: Click System Repair module (and choose Android).

drfone system repair android

Step 3: On this screen as shown below, click Start to proceed.

drfone system repair android process

Step 4: Dr.Fone will detect your device software information and show it. Make changes if necessary, and click Next.

device detection android system repair

Step 5: The software will show you instructions for putting your phone in Download Mode. Most devices sold today are without the physical Home button, and instructions for that are shown below. Click Next.

set device in download mode

Step 6: Firmware will begin downloading automatically, and when done, you can review the information and click Fix Now to start the process.

fix google maps not working issue

Step 7: You will need to confirm firmware repair by entering a code (digit zero, six times – 000000).

confirm firmware repair

After successful repair, the following screen will be shown.

drfone google maps repair complete

Phone will restart and your Google Maps not working issue should be resolved.

safe Downloadsafe & secure


The importance of Google Maps on Android smartphones cannot be overstated. It is one of the most used navigational apps in the world. So, if Google Maps stopped working on Android, you need a quick fix and you need it now. This guide gives you 9 ways to fix Google Maps not working on Android issue and get your beloved Google Maps working again.

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