iOS 16 Emojis: New Launches and Latest Choose

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Good news for all the emoji lovers is here. The new iOS 16 emojis are coming with a bang! With these amazing graphic utilities, you can level up your chats, social media posts, and ordinary messages. They are bound to make them more engaging and expressive. These elements are all set to make your normal texts pop up with emotions and connect better with the audience. These are an appealing way to and fun and engagement in your otherwise regular text-based communication.

iOS devices are known for their technical superiority and advanced functionality. So the list of new emojis for iOS 16 is certainly an added feather to their cap. As for the expression varieties, the most stunning and quirky emoji faces are at your disposal. To help you in selecting the best expression for your text, let us have a look at what the latest collection has to offer in what follows next:

some common emojis in ios 16

Part 1:A List of All the New iOS 16 Emojis

Listed below are the newest emoji symbols and faces introduced in 2022 for iOS 16:

Dotted outline face Melting face
Half saluting face Face with hands covering mouth
Peeking face Smiling face holding back tears
A pregnant person with short hair A pregnant person shoulder length of hair
Solid equals sign ID Card
Bubbles X-Ray
Crutch Battery low
Disco ball Hamsa
Life ring Wheel
Slide Empty jar
Pouring glass Kidney beans
Lotus Coral
Empty basket Basket with blue eggs
Troll A person wearing a crown
Biting lip Index finger points towards the user
Right-facing open hand Left-facing open hand
Left-facing palm-up hand Right-facing palm down hand
Thumb and index finger crossed hand Heart with hands

Part 2: How to Get the New iOS 16 Emojis on Your iPhone?

Look through the following stepwise guide to get all the latest and most tempting emojis on your iPhone in a few quick steps:

Step 1:Getting the new emojis will require a software update, and your iPhone should not shut down during the process. Plug the device to charging is hence advisable.

iphone kept in the charging mode

Step 2:Connect to a Wi-Fi facility to avoid unnecessary usage of your data plan.

establishing wi-fi connection for the iphone

Step 3:Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

launching the settings application in iphone

Step 4:In the opening window, click on the 'General' tab.

opening the general settings of iphone

Step 5:Click on the 'Software Update' option in the 'General Settings' expansion window.

software update option in iPhone settings

Step 6:If the software update is possible, there will be a Download and Install option. You can click on the same to update your iPhone. If you have already installed the latest updates, the "Your software is up to date" message will get displayed.

update installation option in iphone settings

Step 7:Wait for a successful download of the updates. According to the file size and connection speed, this may take around 20 to 60 minutes. After that, your device will reboot, and the Apple logo will appear during installation.

confirmation of the successful iphone update

Step 8:As the update finishes, open an app that involves keyboard usage to check on the newly added emojis.

opening keyboard compatible application in iphone

Step 9:When the keyboard appears, navigate to the bottom left and click on the 'Smiley Face'. If there are many keyboards on your device, long press the 'Globe' icon and select the 'Emoji' button.

emoji button on the app keyboard

Step 10:You can now access the newly added emojis on the keyboard. However, there is no separate category for them; hence, there is a mix of new and old emojis in the predefined categories.

updated emoji collection of ios 16

Part 3: Download and Install iOS 16 Emojis on Android Phones

When looking for effective means for iOS 16 emoji download on your Android smartphone, you can adhere to the following stepwise guide:

Step 1:Start with downloading the 'Emoji Replacer APK' from a preferred website.

Step 2:Proceed to install the 'Emoji Replacer' application on your Android smartphone. First, make sure your device is rooted.

Step 3:Launch the application and press 'Allow' on the 'Superuser Access' prompt.

Step 4:A list of emoji packs will be available to choose from. First, you should select the most recent iOS emoji pack.

Step 5:You can install the selected pack by selecting either the 'Change With Root' or 'Create a Magisk Module'.

Step 6:Wait for the device to reboot itself. The changes will be applicable when you restart your Android phone.

Part 4: How to Create an Emoji Lock Screen Background in iOS 16?

Want to be welcomed by your favorite iOS 16 new emojis every time you access your iPhone? Here's how you can make them the lock screen background of your iPhone 16:

Step 1:Open your iPhone's 'Settings' application and hit the 'Wallpaper' tab.

‘wallpaper’ tab in the iphone settings

Step 2:Click on 'Add New Wallpaper' in the tab expansion.

‘add new wallpaper’ option in iphone settings

Step 3:In the on-screen window that pops up next, you can do either of the following:

  • Click on the 'Emoji' screen under the 'Featured' section.
  • Scroll down the 'Emoji' section at the top and click on any of the displayed screens.

selecting the emoji screen in iphone

The aforesaid choices are default locked screen emoji backgrounds. You can customize the background color, pattern, and emoji selections for all such options.

Step 4:Navigate to the 'Smiley Face' at the bottom left corner and select the emoji you like. You can make a maximum of 6 choices in your preferred combination. When you finalize your choices, click away from the emoji window.

selecting the emojis for creating wallpaper

Step 5:You can choose a specific pattern by swiping right or left on the main editing screen and looking through the available options. You can select from the large, small, medium grids or spiral and ring patterns to decide the appearance of the chosen emojis on your iPhone's lock screen background.

Step 6:To change the background color of the selected iPhone emoji background, navigate to the bottom right corner of the screen and click on the 3 dots.

selecting the desired emoji background color

You can choose from 12 different colors and slide through the color grading scale to pick the exact shade. Click away from the color window when you have made your choice.

Step 7:You can now customize the widget, time, and date features if you want to. These options are not device specific and can be edited for any lock screen.

lock screen widget customization in iphone

Step 8:When you are happy with your work, click on 'Done' at the top right corner to apply the changes. Your iPhone will now greet you with the just created emoji wallpaper.

lock screen emoji wallpaper of iphone


Everyone loves the graphic creativity and funny appeal of emojis. Using them in conversations and messages can make them more expressive and eye-catching. You can get the new emojis iOS 16 on your iPhone by updating the device's version to the latest one. However, if your iPhone refuses to update, the issue can be fixed using the Dr.Fone- System Repair (iOS) tool. The app is your credible solution to address almost any problem or task related to iOS devices.

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