Newest 5 Tips: How To Transfer Voice Memos From iPhone to Computer

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Nowadays, voice memos have become ubiquitous on smartphones, making it easier than ever to record and share audio notes. While iPhones are known for their high-quality voice memo capabilities, many users struggle with transferring their recordings from their iPhones to their computers. Whether it's for personal or professional use, knowing how to transfer voice memos from iPhone to a computer can save you time and effort.

In this article, we will provide you with the newest and most effective tips to transfer voice memos from iPhone to PC. These tips are designed to work seamlessly with all iPhone devices and computers. So, regardless of what device you use, you can easily transfer your voice memos.

Part 1: How To Transfer Voice Memo From iPhone to PC Directly by Airdrop

AirDrop on iPhone devices is the quickest way to transfer a couple of files, but it is not available on Windows. The feature of AirDrop is only restricted to Apple devices, meaning you can only use it to transfer data to Mac, iPad, or another iPhone. If you are interested in transferring voice memos from iPhone to Mac, you can use these steps:

Step 1: Enable the AirDrop on your iPhone through Control Center and set its visibility to “Everyone.” Next, navigate to the Voice Memos app and open it. Here, select the voice memos you want to send and hit the “Three Dots” icon to choose the “Share” option.

choose the share option

Step 2: In the sharing options, choose AirDrop and select your Mac to transfer the voice memos. Before that, enable AirDrop on the Mac in “Finder” and set the visibility to everyone.

select your macbook

Supported Devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac


  • Since it is an in-built tool in Apple Devices, you don’t need any third-party app.
  • This method is completely wireless and faster than other wireless methods like Bluetooth.


  • It doesn’t work outside of the Apple ecosystem.
  • The devices need to be near each other for AirDrop to work.

Part 2: How To Copy Voice Memo From iPhone to PC With iTunes

iTunes is Apple’s official tool for managing an iPhone on a Windows computer. It is a complete iPhone manager which can transfer data like photos, video, and music from iPhone to PC and vice versa. Moreover, it allows you to back up your iPhone on a PC. Follow these steps to learn how to copy voice memos from iPhone to PC via iTunes:

Step 1: After installing the latest iTunes on the PC, launch it and connect the iPhone to the computer. Allow the computer to access the iPhone data by pressing “Trust” in “Trust This Computer.”

tap on the trust option

Step 2: Once the device is detected, click the “Device” icon and select “File Sharing.” Here, select the app you use for voice recording and find the recordings you want to share.

access the file sharing option

Step 3: Select all the targeted voice recordings and copy them into your PC using the drag-and-drop method. With it, the transfer process will be completed.

move the voice recordings

Supported Devices: Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad


  • This tool is an official tool of Apple that help ease security and privacy concerns.
  • Using iTunes, you can send large-sized files without damaging their quality.


  • It does not support iPhone’s “Voice Memos” app for transfer, so you will need to use a third-party app such as a file manager or voice recorder to transfer voice notes.
  • You need a cable to connect the iPhone to PC, and you can remove the cable during the process.

Part 3: How To Download Voice Memo From iPhone to PC via Email

Email on your iPhone is a great choice for transferring voice memos if you need to transfer a few files of small size. Nowadays, you need to email to use most devices and services, which makes this method easier. However, email attachments have a size restriction, and the files sent through emails are prone to virus attacks. Find out how to download voice memos from iPhone to PC using email:

Step 1: Launch the “Voice Memos” app on your iPhone and select the recordings you want to send. Now, hit the “Share” icon and select “Mail.”

choose the mail option

Step 2: It will create a new email with voice recordings as attachments. Now fill up the details like the targeted address and subject and hit the “Send” icon to send the email. On the receiving PC, access your mail and click the download icon on the attachment to download the files.

send the voice recording as mail

Supported Devices: Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux


  • You can use this method to send files anywhere in the world.
  • With this method, you can receive and download files on any device, regardless of platform.


  • The attachment size with an email is limited to 25 MB.
  • There are chances that the audio quality will be damaged during the transfer process.

Part 4: How To Get Voice Memos From iPhone to Computer by Cloud Service

Cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox are also great ways to transfer voice memos. It is especially useful if the person with the targeted device lives away and files are too large for email. In this scenario, a cloud service can be the way to go. You can follow these steps to discover how to get voice memos from iPhone to computer via Google Drive:

Step 1: Access the voice recordings you want to transfer through the “Voice Memos” app and select them. Afterward, tap the “Share” icon from the bottom left corner and select “Google Drive.”

proceed with the drive option

Step 2: On the next screen, tap “Upload” from the top right corner to upload the voice recordings. Once they are uploaded, move to the computer and open Google Drive in a browser.

tap on the upload

Step 3: Here, find the voice memo you uploaded, right-click and select “Download.” It will download the file on your PC.

download the uploaded voice memo

Supported Devices: Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux


  • It is a wireless method where you do not need to use any cable to transfer data.
  • This method can work even if the other device is on the other side of the globe.


  • You need powerful internet to use this method without interruptions.
  • The free storage offered by cloud services is very limited.

Part 5: Your Best Choice: Transfer Voice Memo With Dr.Fone

If you are looking for the best possible method to transfer voice memos from iPhone to a computer, you will need a professional tool. The best available tool to transfer iPhone data is Wondershare Dr.Fone. It is a complete toolbox with all the required features you might need when using an iPhone. This tool offers different transfer modes to ensure you can choose suitable options depending on your needs.

Dr.Fone has many more options to make the life of iPhone users easier, apart from allowing you to transfer voice memos from iPhone to PC. It is a complete phone manager and file manager at the same time. You can even transfer apps, podcasts, books, and contacts through this amazing tool.

Key Features of Dr.Fone 13

  • Using this tool, you can see the complete health report of your iPhone, including battery life, iOS version, IMEI, verification report, etc.
  • Fone allows you to transfer media from the iTunes library to other devices and vice versa.
  • Since iPhone takes and stores photos in HEIC format which is not commonly supported, this tool allows you to convert them to JPG format.
  • It also has a ringtone maker, which you can use to create ringtones quickly using the songs from your iPhone or computer.

Straightforward Steps To Transfer Voice Memos With Dr.Fone

You get a simple and easy-to-follow procedure when you use this tool to transfer data like voice memos to a computer. After downloading and installing Dr.Fone on your computer, here is how to transfer voice memos from iPhone to PC:

Step 1: Connect Your iPhone to the Computer

Connect the iPhone to your computer and select “Trust” in the “Trust This Computer” prompt on the iPhone. Once you do that, the Dr.Fone app will automatically detect the device and open it.

allow your iphone to connect

Step 2: Select Voice Memos to Transfer Them

On the main interface, you will be able to see all the details regarding your iPhone. Here, click “Export All Data,” and on the next screen, deselect all the options and select “Voice Memos.”

choose export all data option

Step 3: Complete the Transfer of Voice Memos

Now, hit the “Export” button, and the transfer of the voice memos to your computer will start. Depending on the size of the files, it can take a few moments to some seconds to complete the transfer.

press the export button

Why Wondershare Dr.Fone Is the Best Method To Transfer Voice Memos

It is the recommended method due to its ease and quick transfer speed. Unlike other methods, it works for iPhone models and computer devices. You can also transfer all types of data from iPhone to the computer, which is not possible with other methods. Moreover, it is also the safest method to transfer a large amount of data from an iPhone to a computer or vice versa.

safe Downloadsafe & secure


After considering everything, it is safe to say that transferring files like voice memos from the iPhone to the computer isn’t difficult. You can use any given method to transfer voice memos from your iPhone to your computer. Dr.Fone is the best tool when finding the best way to transfer voice memos from iPhone to PC. It offers many features to ensure your task is completed safely and securely.

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