How to Download and Change the iTunes Skins

James Davis

Sep 01, 2023 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions

If you are like me and bored with the default itunes skin, then it's time to change it to your favorite style. This article will tell you how to modify iTunes skins in Windows and in Mac. But keep in mind that changing iTunes skin may decrease the stability of iTunes.

Many itunes skins for Windows and Mac are included on this page. Click the provided links to download itunes skins, or search internet for more so that you have more options.

Part 1. Download and Change iTunes Skins in Windows

Thanks to Davi's great work, so many iTunes skins are created by this designer on DeviantART website. And the last iTunes skin is designed by Masaliukas. Click the link to view more information about the itunes skin and click the button in the top right corner to download. All skins support iTunes 10.1 to iTunes 10.5.

itunes skin

Download and enjoy the iTunes Skins in Windows:

Before iTunes 7, there is a popular iTunes plugin called Multi-Plugin which empower the ease of changing itunes skins. However, this plugin develop team has stopped to work. If you are still using iTunes 7 or previous, Multi-Plugin is definitely what you want to change itunes skins. Good news is that now many itunes skins are provided in EXE package so that you could install a new itunes skin by simply clicking two on your mouse, and there you go.

Compared to the normal skin solution for iTunes, SkiniTunes is totally different. It provides standalone players which you can totally control the skins, hotkeys, lyrics and more, but it is still based on iTunes.

Part 2. Download and Change iTunes Skins in Mac

Mac users are not so lucky as Windows users. But there are still many designers who create their itunes skins for Mac and share on internet. You could download to change your itunes skin for a fresh feeling while listening to music. Among the itunes skins for Mac provided here, the iTunes 10.7 ones are already included.

iTunes skin compatible with 10.7:

iTunes skin compatible with 10.6:

iTunes skin for 10.1 to 10.6:

iTunes skin for 10.0.1 and 10.1 ONLY:

Part 3. More iTunes Skins

DeviantART is a place for designers who will also share their great itunes skin creations for iTunes. You can visit DeviantArt for the latest itunes skins. Here is the link to all itunes skins.

Part 4. How to Use iTunes Skins

Generally, double click on the EXE (Windows itunes skins) or DMG (Mac itunes skins) file to install. For some iTunes skins, you only need to replace the original iTunes.rsrc with the newly downloaded one. But you MUST backup the original file before replacement. Revert to the original iTunes.rsrc file before you update iTunes application. Here is the default path to iTunes.rsrc:


NOTICE: All copy rights belong to the original designers. Take your own risks to use these itunes skins. They are provided as-it-is.

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