iPad Mirror to PC? Top Apps You Must Know

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Technology has not only provided people with effective solutions but developed a ground that would enable innovators to make these solutions more robust and appropriate for global use. Screen mirroring might be considered a very simple feature that is utilized for covering the basic needs of connecting your devices onto larger screens, allowing you to enjoy the view with your family or share the presentation or graphical reports with your colleagues during an office meeting. iPads might be referred to as smarter versions of laptops, which usually leads you to such a position where you cannot display your screens to a larger crowd at the same time. This leads us to the need for screen sharing iPad's screen onto a PC. This article discusses various methods that can be consumed to mirror the iPad screen to the PC.

Part 1: Is there any free solution to mirror the iPad screen to PC?

We might be aware of many paid solutions that are available both on the Internet and the App Store aiding users into mirroring their iPad screen to PC. Conversely, there is a sea of different options that are available for free when discovering the best application to serve for screen sharing iPad to PC. If you look for the perfect solution that helps you mirror iPad's screen to the computer for free, iTools is one impressive software developed by ThinkSky that provides its consumers with a wired screen mirroring opportunity by connecting the Apple Device with the help of the simple cable.

The wireless mirroring solutions that we have encountered through lack of the quality that iTools possesses with its wired explication. With the requirement of iTools to be tethered with the computer, it cast outs all the discrepancies leading due to incompatibility through Wi-Fi. Along with providing impressive iPad mirroring to PC features, iTools comes up with its screenshot and recording capabilities. The screen that is being shared on the PC can be recorded or captured in the way it is being displayed for keeping a record of the mirroring. Along with that, iTools allows us to connect with the microphone, leading to a voiceover feature that is covered primarily with the external microphones instead of the built-in audio systems.

Conclusively, there is no obligation for you to have the software installed on your device. Instead, iTools deals with all the mirroring opportunities by being installed on your Windows or Mac. This freeware provides compatibility to many older versions of the iPad, making it quite a platform to have your screen mirrored on.

Part 2: iPad Mirror to PC using Zoom Screen Share

Zoom has developed its stature as a video calling software, connecting multiple users in real-time. It also provides impressive additional features of screen sharing in loads of different methods, providing you with the ability to share almost anything on the screen. Along with sharing screen through different means, the Zoom desktop client provides the liberty to screen share iPad to PC by following a series of simple and exquisite steps. To get a hold of the procedures and the guide on how to mirror the iPad screen to PC on Zoom Screen Share, you need to follow the steps provided as declared.

Method 1: Sharing Screen through Wired Connections

Step 1: You need to initiate a meeting and have a few members added into the meeting to look over the proceedings and the screen share that is to be practiced.

Step 2: Tap on the green button showing the option of "Share Screen." A new window opens upfront.

Step 3: Select the option of “iPhone/iPad via Cable” from the list provided on the window. You can also share the computer sounds upon your discretion.

select iphone ipad via cable option

Step 4: Tap on ‘Share Screen’ and proceed to observe the screen of your iPad.

Step 5: You need to have your iPad connected to the PC through a wire after that follow the on-screen instructions to mirror your iPad on PC.

allow the device

Method 2: Share Screen through Screen Mirroring

Step 1: Open up a meeting and have a few members added to observe the screen shared.

Step 2: Tap on the "Share Screen" button and select the option of "iPhone/iPad" from the list provided in the next window.

select the iphone ipad via airplay option

Step 3: Tap on “Share Screen” and move towards the iPad to connect it to the computer.

Step 4: Open the Control Center of your iPad and select the option of “Screen Mirroring” to access the “Zoom-your computer” option.

select the device

Part 3: iPad to Mac mirroring using 5kPlayer

Another application that can be considered to cover the case of mirroring the iPad screen on PC is 5kPlayer. It is one impressive wireless mirroring and streaming receiver application that mirrors iPad to PC by following a series of simple and straightforward steps that can guide you to screen share iPad to the PC screen.

Step 1: Download and Launch

Initially, it is significant to have the application on the desktop. Download install and launch the 5k Player application to initiate the screen mirroring.

download the software

Step 2: Access the Options

Take your iPad and swipe up on its home screen to open the Control Center from below. It is important for your tap on the “Airplay” button present on the list. Another list of devices opens on the front with whom you can share the screen of your iPad.

tap on airplay

Step 3: Select the Computer

Select the computer to mirror the screen of the iPad onto the PC and enjoy the larger screen with your loved ones.


This article has presented you with different impressive platforms that can provide you the autonomy to share the screen of your iPad to the PC without a charge. There are many different applications available throughout the market, out of which the selection usually gets quite strenuous. In this case, this article presented you with the best options that can be considered while screening sharing iPad to PC.

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