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How to Restore iPad Without iTunes


Mar 31, 2022 • Filed to: Backup Data between Phone & PC • Proven solutions

Many people, at times, find themselves without vital data on their services. This includes Apple devices like iPads, iPods, and iPhones. This data may be very important to you, and you may be frustrated once you lose it. The data may have been lost accidentally, or among various ways listed below. You should not despair. There is an excellent software that will help you restore iPad without iTunes. This means that you can selectively reclaim all that you had lost, without a big fuss. This is not limited to photos only, but also includes call logs, messages, videos, and other important files. The following is a user-friendly guide on how to restore iPad without iTunes. We hope it will be of help to you. Enjoy!

Part 1: One click to restore iPad without iTunes by Dr.Fone

Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS) is a world-renowned expert in restoring iPads without iTunes. The software is able to retrieve lost data on iPhone/iPad that is important, but that was accidentally wiped out. This may not be of your own making. Files may have been lost due to accidental deletion, iPhone crashing, forgotten iPad passcode, viruses, damage, or even theft. Data may equally be lost in scenarios like iOS updates gone wrong or when restoring factory settings. Another way is when the iPad gets stuck or unresponsive and when the device fails to synchronize. The easiest way out, therefore, is to restore the iPad without iTunes.

The software will follow a series of steps and restore the iPad without iTunes. This should leave you satisfied since you will be able to recover your documents, pictures, and messages. You will also recover your call logs and other things that are important to you. Indeed, what better ways to achieve this than to iPad restore without iTunes.

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Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS)

Selectively Restore iPad Without iTunes in 3 steps!

  • World's 1st data recovery software with the highest recovery rate in the industry.
  • Preview and Restore iPad data from iCloud backup and iTunes backup.
  • Recover data lost due to deletion, device loss, jailbreak, iOS 13 upgrade, etc.
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10 or Mac 10.15.
Available on: Windows Mac
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How to restore iPad without iTunes?

1. Select a recovery mode

This is the first step to follow in order to do an iPad restore without iTunes. Start the Dr.Fone on your computer, choose Data Recovery among all the functions.

select recovery mode to restore iPad without iTunes

Connect your iPhone and then choose "Recover from iTunes Backup File". The iTunes backup recovery tool will then automatically detect all the files that you have backed up. Choose the backup file from the list which contains the data you need and click Start Scan.

select recovery mode to restore iPad without iTunes

2. Scan the Data

This is where the software sifts through all the data that has been backed up. After doing this, the data is categorized into photos and videos, messages and call logs, and memos, and others. This process normally takes some time, and the best thing to do is to be patient as the scan runs.

scan datt to restore iPad without iTunes

After all the data has been synthesized and categorized, you may now begin to preview the files. This will allows you to see what exactly you need. If you have a precise file in mind, there is a search box that you can use to navigate. It should be able to guide you directly to your file choice. Once you have determined them, you may click a button at the bottom of the screen indicated as "Recover." At this point, the selected files will be transferred directly to your computer. For data like Contacts, Messages, Notes, etc., you can also choose to restore them to your iPad. Ensure you maintain its connection to the computer via a USB cable. You will have successfully made an iPad restore without iTunes.

Part 2: Selectively restore iPad without iTunes via iCloud

This is another method that the software applies for an iPad restore without iTunes. In order to succeed with this method, three easy steps should be followed.

1. Select a Recovery Mode

Start Dr.Fone on your computer and choose to Recover. Among the various recovery modes, choose "Recover from iCloud Backup Files" instead. This command normally appears at the top part of the screen. A window will then appear below it. You will be required to provide your iCloud credentials for a login - that is, your account name and password. Dr.Fone is programmed in such a way that none of this information is recorded at any time. This applies during all sessions.

select iCloud to restore iPad without iTunes

2. Download the Backup File

Once a successful login is achieved into your iCloud account, the software will start working. It will be able to collect all the files that are backed up there. Trace whatever files you need to recover and then select them. Here, you may once again use the search box for quick access to your preferred files. Click upon the "Download" button.

download backup file

In the pop-up that will appear after that, you may choose whatever files you wish to extract. This will save on the time required to acquire the iCloud backup file, as it may be huge. Once this is accomplished, you may then proceed to scan the files. It will equally take a while, but it is necessary if you want an iPad to restore without iTunes.

start to restore iPad without iTunes

3. Selectively restore iPad without via iCloud backup

This is the step to apply once the scan is through. Once all the data has been availed, you may preview it in the different categories. These include photos and videos, messages, and call logs, among others. Select your preferred files then click on the "Recover to your Computer" button. This button may alternatively show as "Recover to your device". At this point, your iPad will restore without iTunes. All your crucial data will be stored on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Ensure your device remains connected to the computer via the USB cable. This is all thanks to the wonderful software which is, Dr.Fone, that allows for your iPad restore without iTunes.

restore iPad without iTunes

All this happens in a secure background that protects your vital information while achieving the core business. It can be done for free if you use the software for recovering files during the thirty-day trial period. The software can also be bought. This version allows you to do more than just allowing your iPad to restore without iTunes.

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