How to Permanently Delete All Content Before Selling Your iPad

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When you are selling your iPad, you need to be very careful that you are deleting the content on your iPad. If you fail to do so, not only will the new user be able to access your personal information but at the same time, it can sometime be very difficult for new user to use the iPad, too.

Owing to the ‘Find My iPad’ feature, an iPad can be locked for subsequent use and this is certainly a very unfavorable situation. This is why we will take a look at the different ways by which you can permanently delete the content prior to selling it.

Part 1. Turning off ‘Find My iPad’

When you are looking to sell your device, one of the first things which you need to do is to turn off Find My iPad. Following are the easy steps which need to be followed.

  • Move to the ‘Settings’ app on your iPad.
  • Hover to the ‘iCloud’.
  • You will find the option, ‘Find My iPad’.
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  • Turn it off.
  • You will be prompted to enter your iCloud password.
  • Enter the password to confirm action.
  • ‘Find My iPad’ will now be successfully disabled.
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    Part 2. Erase all content and settings

    Merely turning off ‘Find My iPad’ is not enough as you should also make sure that you are deleting all content from your device. In order to do that, follow these steps.

  • Move to the ‘Settings’ option on your iPad.
  • From the left-hand column, select ‘General’.
  • In the list that is displayed, scroll to the very bottom and click on ‘Reset’
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  • You will find a new window where in you need to choose ‘Erase All Content And Settings’.
  • A new dialog box will open and you should click ‘Erase' to confirm your choice.
  • If you have a password enabled, you will be prompted to enter it.
  • Enter the password and your iPad will soon be wiped and all data shall be deleted.
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    Part 3. Permanently and safely erase all data

    While the above steps are pretty simple and useful, you need to know that the data deleted using the above method can still be recovered. If hackers want, they can recover the deleted data and then use it for their own needs. If you want to permanently erase all data and leave no trace of it whatsoever, you should make it a point to use Dr.Fone - iOS Full Data Eraser. It is by far one of the most effective tools.

    Dr.Fone - iOS Full Data Eraser

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    If you are looking to permanently wipe all data from your iPad with easy-to-follow steps, here are the things you need to do.

  • Download and install the program on your computer.
  • Launch the software and then connect your iPad by using a USB cable.
  • The software will recognize your iPad.
  • On the primary window, you will find an option called "More Tools". Click it.
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  • Choose "iOS Full Data Eraser" from the window above and click it. Then click "Erase" to start to clear your iPad.
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  • You will find a new window where you need to enter "Delete" in the text box to confirm your action. Then click "Erase now" to continue.
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  • Wait until the process is completed.
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  • When the deletion has been done, you will find a message saying that the task has been completed.
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  • The iPad has been permanently wiped and all the data present in it ahs been successfully deleted permanently.
  • They're downloading

    Dr.Fone - iOS Full Data Eraser

    Dr.Fone - iOS Full Data Eraser

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    Dr.Fone - iOS Private Data Eraser

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