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Quick Steps to Change Weather Location on iPad


Aug 30, 2023 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Checking the weather is extremely important if you live across any location with unpredictable weather conditions. In other cases, you prefer checking the temperature whenever you go for a recreational trip. Smart devices have made it effectively simple for their users to check the weather. What if you want to check the temperature of another location on your iPad?

This article provides you with a guide on how to change weather location on an iPad using practical techniques that efficiently change the location across your iPad. Go through the provided details to know more about the process.

You can watch the video below to change your location on iPad

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Part 1: How to Change Weather Location on iPad

Users can access the Weather widget across the iPad, which presents a compelling and unique interface for people who wish to know the weather conditions. However, before using the Weather widget on your device, you must understand that the user needs to allow access to their location.

It is necessary to give access to the widget to receive the proper updates about the location's weather. However, the question of how to change the weather location on the iPad is provided below in detail. Go through the steps to know more about how you can process it efficiently:

Step 1: Access the "Widget" menu by holding the screen of the homepage of the iPad. Find the "Forecast" widget in the provided list and click on "Add Widget" to include it on the iPad.

Step 2: Tap and hold the widget and click on the “Edit Widget” option when a small drop-down menu appears on the screen.

access edit widget

Step 3: Click on the location that appears on the widget to proceed to the following menu.

tap on location to edit

Step 4: Find the location on the menu that opens up to change the weather location on the iPad.

change weather location on ipad

Part 2: Fake Location on iPad to Fix Weather Location Stuck in Wrong Place

There are cases where the Weather widget on the iPad does not work for unknown reasons. For example, it usually shows the wrong location or gets stuck in the wrong place, preventing the user from seeing the right weather conditions of the location they want to check. To resolve such problems, you can consider going for an appropriate third-party tool to fake the location across your iPad to correct the problem across it.

Dr.Fone – Virtual Location – The Right Direction to Change Location

It is perfect to consider Dr.Fone – Virtual Location as the ideal solution that can change the weather location on your iPad. Furthermore, as the tool is perfect for teleporting you to another place, you can consider it for several other features.

For example, it can fake your location for using a social application without any hindrance or playing Pokemon Go without going outside. In addition, Dr.Fone – Virtual Location is the perfect solution to change the location of your iPad for observing the weather across your device when it is stuck across a location.

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Dr.Fone - Virtual Location

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Steps to Use Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) To Fake Location on iPad

The following guidelines provide you with appropriate information that can help you change weather location on your iPad with ease:

Step 1: Launch and Access Virtual Location

You have to download and install Dr. Fone's latest version on your computer. Then, launch and click on “Virtual Location” from the available options. Finally, connect your iPad to the computer using a USB cable.

open virtual location tool

Step 2: Center Yourselves in the Maps

Once connected, hit "Get Started" and find yourselves with the location updated under current coordinates. Next, click on the "Center On" icon on the right sidebar to lead you into your current location if the location is incorrect.

access your current location

Step 3: Start Teleport Mode

Click on “Teleport Mode” by clicking on the second icon to the right of the screen. Next, find the location in the search box where you wish to teleport and click “Go.”

tap on the go button

Step 4: Change Your Location on the iPad

Once you mark the position, click on “Move Here” to teleport to the position. The location of your iPad and weather widget would be changed to the mentioned location.

click on move here button

Part 3: [Bonus Tip] – Weather Widget and App for iPad

Apple has not yet created a Weather application for their iPad users. Unlike iPhone users, iPad users have a restricted experience with their devices while viewing weather conditions. Whenever the Weather widget is accessed across the iPad, the user is directed to the channel webpage across Safari.

Rather than going for any third-party application on the iPad, you can perform multiple functions across the device to make the widget look perfect for your screen. At first, you need to make sure that the widget size is the largest across the iPad to show the current weather, the real-time temperature, conditions, and the forecast of the weather conditions for the next five days.

  • You can do that by long-pressing the iPad home screen to access the widgets.
  • You have to select the “Weather” widget, and you will be provided with different sizes.
  • You have to swipe right or left to find the ideal size for your Weather widget.

To make changes across the widget's location, you can long-press it and edit the locations by adding more. This would help you enhance the experience with the Weather widget.

Part 4: FAQs about iPad Location

1. How does the iPad determine location?

iPad contains location services that utilize the data maintained and obtained from GPS, Bluetooth, crowd-sourced Wi-Fi, hotspots, and cellular towers present across different areas. Therefore, the accuracy of the location is solely based on the availability of these services.

2. How does the iPad know location without GPS?

iPad can still detect the present site through the hardware address without Wi-Fi or other cellular network services. The information is obtained through the Wi-Fi Node location database of Apple. This means that the iPad does not need to be connected to Wi-Fi to be aware of the location. It only needs to be near a secure node that helps transmit the hardware identifier.

3. Does my iPad have GPS navigation?

Yes, the iPad is an exceptional device that is accompanied by Apple Maps, a mapping service that combines its mapping system with that of the popular GPS service TomTom. As a result, it makes itself a perfect option for asking for directions and listening to directions called out by Siri.

4. What does “No Location Found on Find My iPad” means when displayed on your device?

This message usually appears when the person gets out of the bounds of network coverage. It may occur in cases when the device's GPS is turned off or their battery has run out, which leads to no location found across Find My.


This article has provided users with a detailed guide on how to change weather location on an iPad with the help of the right method. While using the Weather widget on your iPad, you can get hold of the ability to change the location of your device without putting yourself in a lot of mess.

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Selena Lee

chief Editor

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