How To Manage iPad Remotely: A Step-by-Step Guide


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Managing iPads can be essential in various scenarios to ensure security, efficiency, and proper functionality. In large organizations, IT administrators may need to deploy and configure multiple iPads with standardized settings and applications. In educational settings, teachers or IT administrators can control and monitor iPads, ensuring students are focused on educational content and preventing distractions.

Since managing iPads offers several benefits, is it possible for the administrator to manage iPads remotely? Let's find out in the following section.

Part 1: Can iPads Be Managed Remotely?

Yes. Managing iPads remotely is entirely feasible. There are various methods to achieve this. One approach is through Switch Controls, which is suitable for personal use, allowing you to control an iPad from other devices. However, for broader and more organizational purposes, remote management solutions or Mobile Device Management (MDM) come into play.

MDM is a comprehensive solution designed for efficiently managing and controlling multiple devices, including iPads, from a centralized platform. It provides administrators with the tools needed to set up, configure, monitor, and secure iPads remotely.

By managing iPads remotely through MDM, administrators can implement strong security measures in tandem with other security practices. They include encryption, passcode policies, and remote data removal in case of device loss or theft.

Organizations and companies use MDM to maximize security and address various needs, such as removing, reassigning, or retiring devices that are no longer in use. This proactive approach ensures not only the safeguarding of sensitive information but also streamlines device management processes within the organization.

ipad remote management

Part 2: How Remote Management on iPad Works

The process of iPad remote management includes two essential components: the MDM server, typically located in a data center, and the MDM agent, situated on the iPad or mobile device.

  1. Initiating policy changes

When an IT administrator needs to apply policies or configurations to a mobile device connected to the company network, they access the MDM server's management console. Here, they input the desired policies or changes.

  1. Communication process

The MDM server then starts communication with the MDM agent on the mobile device, leveraging the device's built-in APIs. This connection allows the server to push the configured policies to the MDM agent, implementing the changes on the mobile device seamlessly. Additionally, the MDM server-agent connection facilitates the deployment and control of applications on the managed devices.

  1. Configure MDM solution on iPad

You can use either Apple's built-in or third-party MDM solutions. Apple's own solution is Apple Business Manager. It's a web-based portal that lets IT admins handle device settings and content distribution for iPad or other iOS all in one place.

Once you've configured remote management on your iPad, you will need to set up MDM credentials before using it.

Part 3: How to Manage iPad Remotely

Managing your iPad remotely is a way to ensure you can access and control the device wherever you want. There are three ways to manage an iPad remotely: from an iPhone, from a Mac, and with a VNC server.

Method 1. How to manage an iPad remotely from an iPhone

You can handle your iPad from your iPhone by logging in with your Apple ID. You can set a password for added safety, so only people who know the password can use it.

The Remote App is a paid app on iOS and Android that lets you control another device's screen wirelessly through a local network or the internet. Although there are some limits, like not being able to mirror certain app screens, some features can still work, like on-screen touch.

Manage iPad remotely from iPhone

Method 2. How to manage iPad remotely from a Mac

You can use this method to log in to your iPad and access all the iPad features from any other computer with an internet connection. The only downside is that there might be delays, especially for things like email or browsing over the network. But for most tasks, it should work well enough.

This feature is particularly advantageous for businesses managing multiple iPads. It offers the ability to remotely configure settings, install apps, and monitor device usage. To manage your iPad remotely from Mac, make sure it runs the latest iOS version.

Manage iPad remotely from Mac

Method 3. How to manage iPad remotely from the VNC server

For those without an iOS device or Mac computer readily available, an alternative option involves installing a VNC server on your computer. This facilitates wireless control of your iPad from any global location. Connecting to a VNC server requires a VNC client, which should be installed on your iPad. Subsequently, establish a connection between the server and the iPad for seamless control.

Manage iPad remotely from the VNC server

Part 4: How to Remove Remote Management on iPad Safely

Sometimes, when you get a used phone or an old iPad from work, it might still have this MDM on it, which limits what you can do. That's why a lot of people want to get rid of it.

To remove remote management on iPad easily, you can use the Screen Unlock feature on Dr.Fone. Dr.Fone Screen Unlock is a simple and trustworthy software made to unlock different types of locks on mobile devices, including MDM. You can choose to either bypass MDM restrictions or completely remove MDM from your iPad.

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Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

Unlock iPhone/iPad Lock Screen Without Hassle.

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How to remove MDM on iPad using Dr.Fone’s Screen Unlock feature:

  • Step 1: Open Dr.Fone Software
  • Initiate the process by launching the Wondershare Dr.Fone application on your computer. Navigate to the Toolbox section and select Screen Unlock > iOS.

    Launch Screen Unlock Tool

  • Step 2: Choose the Remove MDM Option
  • Within the Unlock MDM iPhone feature, select the Remove MDM option.

    Choose the Remove MDM option

  • Step 3: Initiate Removal
  • You will find the option to eliminate the MDM lock from your iPhone and click "Start to Remove."

    Start the MDM removal process

  • Step 4: Disable Find My Feature
  • You'll receive a prompt to disable the Find My feature. Once disabled, proceed by clicking "OK" to continue with the removal.

    Deactivate the Find My feature

  • Step 5: Monitor Removal Progress
  • Keep a close eye on the progress bar to monitor the advancement of the removal process.

    Check the MDM removal progress

    A message will appear on the following screen after successfully removing the lock, then click "Done." It's important to note that the device may re-lock in certain situations if it undergoes a reset or its firmware is flashed.

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    iPad remote management is essential for organizations and businesses that deploy iPads in their operations. Remote management refers to the ability to control and configure iPads from a centralized location without physical access to the devices.

    In case you want to remove MDM on iPad, Dr.Fone offers a Screen Unlock feature for this purpose. Dr.Fone Screen Unlock is a reliable software designed to unlock various types of locks on mobile devices, including MDM. You have the option to bypass MDM restrictions or entirely remove the MDM from your iPad.

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