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How to Download WhatsApp on iPod/iPad/Tablet

Nov 23,2019 • Filed to: Manage Social Apps • Proven solutions


WhatsApp app with about billions of users worldwide is free messenger that allows you to be in touch with your friends and family through FREE Calls and text messages or even videos/clips sharing. But this wonderful app is available only on smartphone which means you can enjoy it on small screen of you iPhone.

How to download whatsapp on ipod ipad tablet

How about a bigger screen of your iPad, iPod or Tablet? Though official versions of WhatsApp doesn’t allow it. However if you are interested there is 3 ways to let you enjoy this great App on your iPad/iPod/Tablet via your smartphone.

Part 1. How to install WhatsApp on an iPad/iPod/tablet: WhatsApp Web

One way to access WhatsApp on iPad/iPod/Tablet is use it via WhatsApp Web which can be installed in the following way, using Safari. But first a word about WhatsApp Web.

About WhatsApp Web

It is a new web client allowing users to access WhatsApp on PC thereby facilitating save media to computers directly. Initially it was not available for iPhone and could be launched using Google Chrome only, however WhatsApp Web is enabled for iOS devices too which means that users of iPhone can also send/receive messages on PC or Mac. Accessing through browsers like Safari is also possible.

To install through Safari follow these steps:

Step 1. Load web.whatsapp.com with Safari browser which will take you to WhatsApp home page (instead of WhatsApp Web interface)

How to download whatsapp on ipod ipad tablet-WhatsApp Web

Step 2. Find and tap the option “Load desktop site” in the top drawer menu of favorites.

Step 3. Reloaded page will display WhatsApp Web interface with QR code which will establish link to your iPhone. Scan the code with iPhone that will pair the two devices.

Step 4. You will be able to see all recent messages/media or voice notes, now successfully.

Limitations. There are notably two limitations with this browser.

1. Voice notes cannot be sent (are playable though).

2. Incoming notification from web browser won’t be received as the browser is not supported on iOS.

Nonetheless you have:

  • WhatsApp for iPad
  • WhatsApp for iPod
  • WhatsApp for Tablets
  • Part 2. How to download WhatsApp on iPod/iPad/tablet: Alternatives to WhatsApp Web for the iPad/iPod/tablet

    To install WhatsApp on iPad/iPod or Tablet (without Jailbreak) you are required to have following as a pre-requisite. This is an alternate approach where WhatsApp can be downloaded without WhatsApp Web:

    • iTunes on your PC
    • SynciOS app for Windows PC, downloaded
    • iPad Touch or iPad
    • iPhone

    To install follow the steps:

    Step 1. Search WhatsApp.ipa in iTunes to get .ipa file.

    Step 2. Through default path C> User> Username> My Music> iTunes> iTunes Media> Mobile Applications>WhatsApp.ipad, navigate Media folder.

    How to download whatsapp on ipod ipad tablet-WhatsApp IPA File

    Step 3. Connect iPad or iPod to computer. Now run SynciOS. Click on ‘My device’ tab. On the left a 5 options menu will appear. Click on ‘Apps’. List of installed applications will appear. Select “install” as shown below, choose WhatsApp file (you copied from “iTunes”, Media Folder). WhatsApp will be installed smoothly on iPad / iPod Touch.

    Part 3. How to use WhatsApp on Tablet

    If you are snooping around to use WhatsApp on your bigger screen of Tablet your inquisitiveness is greatly answered as it is possible with the app Tablet for WhatsApp.

    How to download whatsapp on ipod ipad tablet

    Install Tablet for WhatsApp on tablet. Connect your smartphone with it via QR code. Your mobile and tablet got syncs and conveniently you will be able to use WhatsApp on both the devices simultaneously.

    How to download whatsapp on ipod ipad tablet

    As a result:

  •  Don’t need any interchange between mobile and tablet
  •  Enjoy bigger display and wider keyboard
  •  Both devices are addressable/contactable
  •  Your contacts are available of both devices
  •  Pics are secured at two different physical locations
  • You can easily enjoy both audio and video clips on smartphone and tablet at the same time with this wonderful app.


    WhatsApp which is wordwide popular messenger and being used by around one billion users to allow keep in touch with friends and families through chatting and sharing pics or videos is conveniently be installed on iPad, iPod or Tablets.

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