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[2024]Get the Banned Tiktok Account Back Like Pro

Alice MJ

May 29, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

Part 1: Why Are TikTok Accounts Banned? Types Of TikTok Bans Explained

There are a handful of reasons why TikTok might have banned your account. As with any other service, TikTok has rules and regulations to follow, failing which the company is free to take punitive action against your account, which includes banning it temporarily or even permanently.

1.1: Shadow Ban

Shadow banning is the practice of banning user accounts in such a way that the user cannot readily tell if a ban has been enforced on their account. Shadow banning usually comprises limiting the account’s public exposure so that the account’s audience cannot see the content posted by the account. Shadow bans are among the most common bans enforced by social media platforms on their users.

If you feel that your audience has been less responsive and engaged with your content lately, it might be that your TikTok account is shadow banned.

1.2: Ban On Commenting And Streaming

If you find that you cannot comment or live-stream, TikTok might have restricted your account from doing so, enforcing a ban on commenting and live-streaming. This is done when an account violates content policies. For example, your account is likely to be banned from commenting and live-streaming if a comment of yours was found offensive by the algorithms or was reported as offensive by users, or if you spoke, showed, or did something in your live-stream that was found offensive by people or the algorithms.

1.3: Temporary TikTok Ban

tiktok account temporary ban

It might seem futile until you are forced to, but it always pays to read the community guidelines laid out by social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Spending some time reading the guidelines, and, in general, using the account for maximum benefit without abusing the platform should keep your account in good standing. Platform abuse means using the account to propagate hate speech, comment rudely or in a manner that could be offensive, saying and doing things on live stream that could incite and anger the viewers, etc.

In case you have propagated in your comments or in your live stream something that is against the TikTok community guidelines, TikTok will take it as a serious violation of guidelines and will enforce a temporary ban on your account.

1.4: Underage TikTok Ban

TikTok is the new ‘it’ platform for people. Over time, with regulatory oversight, TikTok now has a minimum age for users to be able to post content. This has caused a flood of account bans on TikTok, due to their underage status. Now, users who chose to provide incorrect details at the time of signing up for the service do not readily know the date of birth they gave to TikTok, and it is possible it falls in the underage category, leaving TikTok with no choice but to ban their accounts.

1.5: Permanent TikTok Account Ban

tiktok account permanent ban

This is the most serious of all TikTok account ban types, and, as the name suggests, this is a permanent ban. "Why is my TikTok account permanently banned?" You may ask. This happens when users fail to pay heed to several warnings issued for violating rules repeatedly, or when a single violation itself was of such severity that it demanded such action.

Part 2: The Impact Of TikTok Bans

TikTok is one of the most happening social media platforms in the world today, and its recent spate of run-ins with the law has only made people more curious to figure out what the governmental fuss is all about. There are accounts on TikTok with a few followers, and there are accounts with followers by the millions.

Loss Of Followers: Naturally, if you have been on TikTok for a while and have amassed a decent fan following, a ban of any form is a cause of great concern, and you would wonder if a TikTok ban would impact your account and cause you to lose a chunk of your followers.

As it so happens, the ramifications of a TikTok ban of any sort run deeper than the mere loss of some followers.

Loss Of Income: Did you know that TikTok accounts for 1% of In-App Purchases on the iOS platform? That means that Apple users are spending a lot inside TikTok. It stands to reason, as reports suggest that brands promoting their products on TikTok have seen sales increase by 100%. A ban on your account could imply a loss of such business if you are selling digitally on TikTok.

Loss Of Visibility And Reach: Did you know that out of all users of TikTok, 74% use the app as a search engine, with 28% of those users accounting for over 100 searches a month? A TikTok ban on your account could mean that your account would not show up in those searches or show up less. Out of sight? Out of mind.

If you are a user with a very small number of followers, a ban on your account would likely not be a cause of worry for you. But, if you are using the platform to the hilt as a business opportunity, then there is every reason to worry about your TikTok account getting banned. So, how to unban tiktok account?

Part 3: How to Get Your Tiktok Account Unbanned?

Coming to the question of every user banned from TikTok – is it possible to get the banned TikTok account unbanned? Short answer – it depends. It depends on the type of ban enforced on your account.

1. Unban TikTok Shadow Bans And Commenting/ Streaming Bans

If your account is banned from commenting or streaming, or you discover that your account is shadow banned, one of the first recourses available to you is to wait for anything from a few days to up to two weeks. These types of bans are usually lifted after a period, and you will be able to resume activity.

2. Unban TikTok Temporary Bans

Temporary suspensions of TikTok accounts last anywhere between 24 to 48 hours, depending on the gravity of the offense TikTok deemed you guilty of. During this period, you will not be able to do anything with your account. These bans get lifted automatically after the period. However, if you keep encountering these bans, TikTok will ban your account permanently.

3. Unban Permanently Banned TikTok Account

  • Contact TikTok Customer Support

Now, if you managed to ruffle more than a few feathers, you will be awarded a permanently banned TikTok account for all your efforts. It seems like the end of the road for a nuisance maker and rightly so, but in case you feel your TikTok account was permanently banned in error, you do have a way out. You can use the Report A Problem option user Settings and Privacy to appeal against the ban. Now, let's get permanently banned Tiktok account back:

Step 1: Tap Settings and Privacy in the app’s hamburger menu:

settings and privacy option in tiktok

Step 2: Tap Report a Problem under Support:

appealing a ban using tiktok app

Here, you can send a message to TikTok and appeal against the ban. There is also an option to add supporting pictures and videos, if required. In general, the official customer support takes 6-8 hours to reach out to the customer for queries.

  • Email an appeal to TikTok

If you are harried up to get your banned Tiktok account back or you don't get a response from customer support after 6-8 hours, you can try to email an appeal to Tiktok. But you need to make sure that you don't violate the Tiktok guidelines, you think the ban is just a misunderstanding. In this case, you can just explain your claims in detail, povide as much information as possible, and tell them why you think your account banning is unfair. Don't use hateful speech and be polite. Here are some primary operational emails of TikTok for reference:

  1. Business-supportservices@tiktok.com
  2. Legal@tiktok.com
  3. Creators@tiktok.com
  4. Info@tiktok.com
  5. Privacy@tiktok.com

4. Unban Underage TikTok Bans

This one is easy. If you were handed a ban due to your account being underage, all you need to do is contact customer service through the app itself and provide them with your ID that shows your date of birth. They will rectify the age in the account and lift the ban.

Part 4: How To Avoid A TikTok Ban

With all the hassle associated with unbanning a banned TikTok account, wouldn’t it be nice if we were to avoid having our account banned again? What might we do to that effect? Instead of giving out a list of what not to do on TikTok, it would be easier to give you a list of what to do to avoid getting banned from TikTok.

All you need to do is be mindful of everyone while posting, be respectful towards other users and the community, and then, when you have time, go through the full community guidelines if you plan on using TikTok more seriously.

Still, this is a short list of what will get you banned on TikTok sooner than later:

  • -threatening public safety in any way through the promotion or dissipation of content,
  • -sharing sexual content,
  • -sharing content that is graphic or violent in nature,
  • -sharing content that promotes illegal activities,
  • -using the platform to spam, impersonate, misinform, or blackmail, etc.

Part 5: FAQs On TikTok Account Bans

Below are some frequently asked questions by users when their TikTok accounts get banned.

FAQ 1: What happens to my data if my account is permanently banned?

Your data is safe even if your account is permanently banned. By safe, we mean that you can download the data to your computer. However, it is recommended to download your data at the earliest as TikTok will delete user data after the legally required timeframe has passed.

FAQ 2: Where to appeal a wrongful TikTok ban?

TikTok allows users to appeal a ban, regardless of whether the ban is being enforced for genuine violations or in error. Simply log in to your account and submit an appeal.

FAQ 3: Can I create a new account on TikTok to work around the ban?

TikTok does allow users to have several accounts, but it does not allow you to create a new account to subvert the restrictions enforced on your previous account. If your account was banned for a severe violation, your best bet would be to file an appeal first. Just in case you do create a new account, follow all guidelines to the letter and hope that TikTok does not see this new account as a workaround for your previous account.

FAQ 4: What are TikTok Strikes and do they expire?

For every violation of community guidelines, your TikTok account is awarded a strike. If the threshold for strikes is reached, the account is permanently banned. Each strike expires after 90 days, and this expiry does not matter if the account is banned permanently.

FAQ 5: I am unable to use TikTok in my country. Can I use a location spoofer to gain access to TikTok?

In countries where TikTok is banned, you might be tempted to use a location spoofer app such as Wondershare Dr.Fone Virtual Location to gain access to TikTok. However, there are several factors that go into location spoofing and some apps do not work with location spoofers. TikTok is one such app that does not work with location spoofers. That said, you can use a location spoofer such as Dr.Fone Virtual Location for several other apps, including Pokémon, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to spoof your location and show yourself in some other location than you are in. This app also works in dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and MeetMe so you do not have to pay these dating services to enjoy worldwide searches.

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So, that’s how to get a banned TikTok account back. TikTok is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms right now. You can share short clips and gain a massive following on TikTok. In fact, many people have even made their careers on TikTok itself. Having such importance in today’s world, it would be extremely frustrating for anyone to hear the news of their account getting banned. If the same has happened to you, make sure to follow the above-mentioned methods to recover your banned TikTok account. Now that you are well-versed with what to do and have an idea about the whole situation, we would be glad if you could share your views on this post. If you want more such topics, stay tuned with us and we promise to provide you with more knowledge.
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